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  1. Me and My GFs cut - pics before and during

    I'll give you change bud
  2. Hi All, Thought this may be of interest, me and the mrs decided to do what will be 14 weeks of dieting before our holiday, we have 4 weeks left. When i say 14 weeks diet, i spent the first few weeks actually upping my cals, up to 5k, then came down. At the start Then some contrast to 7 weeks in and recent (5 weeks out) and the GF, 7 week effort.
  3. D4net

    Got Tren Ace 115/mg to use soon
  4. New clothing line for the UK

    Prices mate.... any need for that mark up
  5. CJC 1295 DAC and material

    @Ivan85 - re injecting, can you inject into quads subQ also? easier for me than stomache - been doing for some time, but think there is any loss of effectiveness?
  6. can steroids affect divorce outcome?

    Hi, I am actually your wife, i moved the bag because i was out of Test E. I won't use it against you, i'm a raging roid head. Tea is ready in 5 - love you x
  7. My Fertility Log

    Thoughts with you mate...
  8. Liver scan and eating

    6 hours without food, mate you need to get yah sen over to Africa for a week
  9. Liver scan and eating

    Diff exp for me, as i say, prob who you get or issue dependent.
  10. Liver scan and eating

    Incorrect maybe mate, usually they will pass it to a GP... who should break the news. Depends who you get i suppose.
  11. Liver scan and eating

    call it intermittent fasting lol
  12. Liver scan and eating

    if you eat, especially fat, they can't see s**t on the scan, they will think you've got a tumar when its a fu**ing lump a food haha. I had a liver scan after getting the dreaded yellow eyes, i was son AAS but not orals. it came and went. Scan was fine but u have to drink loads so i was just dying for a piss all day.