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  1. after reading what you wrote about aromatise I did some googling it hit me on the days I consume a good few apples I have less issues with the erections... I also look less water bloated never thought much of it till now but they say apples contain resveratrol which is an aromatase inhibitor, I've been to my gp and they did the test results and told me they were above the normal but they don't do estrogen testing... but im guessing water retention is got to be one of the other indicators.. I seem to hold on to ridiculous amounts at times.. until I get the wooooosh.
  2. I ask because I gain muscle very easily... however I get weak erections and low sperm amounts TMI sorry guys. So I'm confused as these are usually symptoms of low t, but my gains contradict this.. as anyone that knows me I make monster gains without any supps.. so I'd imagine my test is through the roof.. lifting heavy every session.
  3. Can someone possibly explain whats happening ?

    I think you may be right, it must be the fact that my muscles are full 24/7 despite losing fat that's playing tricks with my mind... because I've never been used to having full muscles on cut, I know I should be tracking but the new job is hammering me right now once I settle ill get back on it, but i'd imagine my spit is more 70/15/15 as apart from a few breasts of chicken a day the rest is carbs and fat. So the fact im keeping muscle despite cutting on very little protein is confusing the hell out of me as I was taught to consume more protein on a cut than when bulking, unless I am actually losing muscle but the constant fuller looking muscles is hiding this fact as I've always been used to deflated ones on a cut.. but my strength is increasing so im lifting heavier.. maybe the stimulus is keeping it ?
  4. So in the past I've always counted calories and macros.. to make sure I get the required amount of protein whether bulking or cutting. When I bulked I put on good size and strength but when I cut I lost fat but muscles would lose some size and felt soft and I would gradually lose more and more strength, this is the way I've always done it as it was how I read it was best. In the last few months with a new job I've not had/made the time to be so good with my diet so I've just been eating whatever I want when I want it and listening to my cravings on top of this I'm sure my protein intake isn't near the required amount or it's on the lower acceptable side... but my carb intake must be crazy high. What I've noticed recently is my waist is going in...my muscles remain fuller and my strength increases every session... and I'm full of energy so working out harder and longer. So by that I would imagine I'm losing fat as the waist is going in.. but I'm also either putting on muscle or at least remaining the same whilst getting stronger... I mean the only way I can rationalize it is I'm in a slight deficit with my eating, I'm eating very high carbs which is 1) controlling cortisol 2) keeping muscles full and at the same time losing fat... but the lack of or eating under the usual recommended protein part is what's throwing me. I've honestly never felt so energetic ,good mood, strong and slim all at that same time and I cant even put it down to being a newbie as I've been lifting for 5 years now. I'm going to continue eating like a horse... with all my carbs and lift heavy and run and see if I can continue to see the waist go in whilst remaining fuller looking. Anyone fancy a stab at what's going on here ? I have a theory but don't wanna get shot down.
  5. Dehydrated or overhydrated?

    I've been going low carb to prevent the bloating also and it seems to help I had tried gluten free and still got it bad, I then tried grain free and noticed a big difference... mainly getting carbs from greens/veg and wherever else it pops up in my diet like in greek yoghurt... juggling around the 60-80g per day... I had used up my carbs pre workout to fuel the workout. I take vit c post workout to blunt the cortisol response in place of the carbs, i'm also cutting at the moment. So i'm getting around 230g of protein, 150g fat and the rest in carbs occasionally going slightly more carbs on workout day and either the protein or fat takes a slight dip I guess the big trade off has been losing muscle fullness for less overall bloat and definition... it is a hard pill to swallow seeing such a big shift in size as I was usually bursting out of tops and now they hang off me but on the flipside I don't look as pear shaped when I retained.
  6. Dehydrated or overhydrated?

    thanks guys im in no way sub 10 percent body fat but im fairly lean to the point I can see ab definition and indents around my muscles when the issue hasn't arisen, and when it happens I lose all definition all over face, abs chest etc.... and my jeans can sometimes get so tight around the waist I need to undo the button as it digs in. Tonight I took on board the comments and ate right after working out, was eggs and cheese with homemade tomato ketchup as it was easy to throw together... I also limited my water intake as I had drank enough at the gym... and I noticed a massive improvement... I only had to go to the toilet once and didn't bloat back up right afterwards like usual... so it would seem the replenishing electrolytes is the culprit. I will continue to go the route of eating to keep it at bay and if worse comes to worst I always have the tabs I ordered on hand just for when I've lost a load more through sweat than usual. thanks for all the input, as someones said the answer was right there just needed it pointed out as I was fixated on the drink more to lose more I had kept reading everywhere.. guess everybody's body reacts differently and as I have had adrenal issues in the past I probably have a weakened response causing cortisol issues and salt wasting.
  7. Dehydrated or overhydrated?

    Yeah that's not the problem it's after I've peed a lot instead of removing the excess water, my body begins to bloat up all over despite removing a lot of it.. so wasn't sure if im still overhydrated or dehydrated as its conflicting.. clear urine and lots of it.. but still retaining which is usually a dehydrated symptom.
  8. Dehydrated or overhydrated?

    This all makes sense I was once adrenal insufficient and was told was salt wasting but adrenals are working now but they could still be having slight issues under stress which is causing me to have an electrolyte imbalance. I'm gonna order some electrolyte tabs and try sneak a meal in during work will keep posted on results Cheers guys
  9. Dehydrated or overhydrated?

    I think you may be into something there guys. It's not just on lifting days... It happens on off days also, I can be looking lean and not retaining all day but at some point during work I begin to bloated and I believe it is due to lack of food as some of you have mentioned, as once I've eaten the issue resolves very fast.. tonight I decided to trial this after reading what you said and by the end of my meal my bloated face and nipples had came down .. which is crazy!! I have done everything to get to the bottom of this from going Low carb below 50g a day avoiding all grains high protein high fat Uppingg water intake so my body will release the excess... And numerous other things... But it seems th food input is the culprit just wonder what's going on as I would have thought fasting and lots of water would have done the opposite of bloating.. But I can confirm once I ate my dinner after work my belly bloat came down.. face also and my puffy nipples that stick out like cones went flat.. As for the electrolyte thing again it's very possible as I don't get the issue when I'm at home eating meals or drinking tea etc... only at work where all I take is water.. it's only one small bottle the whole shift but must be enough without any electrolytes or food with it to cause this isseue Totally bizarre..
  10. Hey guys looking for a bit of advice on water weight. I seem to hold a lot of water all the time and I'm confused by it. For example.. Go to gym train hard sweat a ton and consume 2/3 small bottles of water. Leave gym looking lean/ripped with muscle fullness. Go home shower and have a cuppa or coffee and go to work.(While at work I don't eat and fast.. only sipping on water during the 9 hour shift). Within an hour of starting work I am bursting to urinate and when I go it's clear and a lot. Within another 30 mins need to go again.. and again clear and a lot. And I may need to go another 2 times before finishing work.. By the time I get home I am bloated all over and retaining a lot of water.. So I'm confused.. if I'm going so often and it's clear I'm hydrated right? But retaining so much water despite going to the toilet constantly and sipping water all day. Could it be an electrolyte thing?
  11. help with water retention/bloating

    right now just cutting and i've been slack with my counting due to focusing on the glycemix thing... as i wake up lean and by bedtime im bloated like i've gained 2 stone.
  12. help with water retention/bloating

    ill have to add that to my list of things to try... better get a discount from these vit stores with the amiunt of stuff i order lol
  13. help with water retention/bloating

    ive actually figured out it is due to insulin resistance having gone low carb the issue has resolved quite a bit... So my next step is counting calories like usual and tracking macros but the hard part im adding is Glycemic index and loads... my lifesum app takes care of the former but i cant find a decent app for the latter any ideas ? things like coconut milk or dresssings seem impossoble to fine the index of along with things like oats(gluten free ) etc... i wanna tune in my glycemic load for the day to under 100 however i also have conflicting things going on, for example after dinner i go to work and due to the job ( driving long distance and refusal to stop at mcdonalds etc) i go fasted for 8-10 hours only drinking water... i dont mind this as i am busy and not hungry however i noticed once i get home i am bloated all over... so the insulin thing isn't the only issue i believe as fasting is meant to improve insulin resistance... i could be water weight i drink a bottle or two of water through the shift but i also piss like a racehorse so i'm definitely passing a low of water. but the low gi/l thing works through the day to prevent the bloat/water retention... maybe my gi/l isnt as tuned as it could be and that bloat during work is what i ate hours before. Side question = tumeric/curcumin yay or nay ? good for insulin resitance but raises estrogen if ive read right ?
  14. help with water retention/bloating

    hey guys thanks for the replies, I have tried a few different water intake methods one being drinking mass amounts in one sitting to flush out the water/salt... and it works temporarily after about 4/5 pisses I am lean however I think the body then goes into slightly dehydrated mode and begins to retain more than before... I have tried sipping all day long making sure water is going in regularly it doesn't work as well as the before method on getting rid but helps aa little on preventing massive amounts storing... As for the carbs I did a close version of paleo a while back got lean as hell but I lost a good bit of muscle while doing it due to losing strength and not being able to lift my usual max when I visited the gym... I currently hit the gym 3 times a week taking a day off between each one and when im there I work my ass of also doing some cardio at the end to get rid of any extra water weight but again an hour or so later it starts to build back up... and that's even without eating anything post workout.. I would like to go back to the paleo thing but don't want to lose strength/muscle like before.. I went from big to calvin klein model toned looking due to it. regarding the carbs around workouts that would be a good idea but im wondering can I just take carbs in pre workout ? and skip them post reason being whatever water weight the carbs would cause taking pre workout I will sweat out during the workout and I would also be able to take in a higher amount to fuel the workout... then by not taking it post workout I don't get the water weight going back on.. the only carb sources I have are potatoes and rice and fruit/veg, I've swayed away from all wheat etc.. cheers for the input.
  15. hey folks looking for a little advice on water retention/bloating it seems my gut is pretty crap at digesting and I get severe bloating/water retention all the time. I have tried going diary and gluten free but even then I struggle with it, the gluten free products still cause a lot of water retention as does rice/potatoes and it also seems i'm unable to digest steaks is there anything I can take to aid digestion and the thought of cutting carbs out fully bar green veg seems counterproductive when I want to workout and lift to the max, I went on a really low carb before and got ripped however I lost all strength in my lifts and had to lower quite significantly that wasn't too much of an issue as I was cutting but when I went back to bulking it was hopeless thanks for any advice.