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  1. Beer on cycle

    Watch ronnie Coleman the king on Netflix. He went to Kevin leverone night before his first Olympia win struggling coming around 5th in every show and says how you doing it kev. Kevin leverone gives him some vodka and pizza and says in the morning he wishes he didn't as it dried him out a little more and relaxed him enough to notice and he knew he had lost to him in the Olympia. Now I know that's guys at the very top but anything In moderation is fine.
  2. Depends on goal Anadrol strength Winstrol look Test just all round feel better on test imo
  3. If you go straight in to a deficit you are going to loose all of your hard work. Imo I would stay slightly above maintenance or at maintenance until you have your pct out of the way and another few weeks and hold on to what you have managed to get so far. Your abs are visible and it if you keep in the same condition it doesn't look like you have 10kg to shred it's hard to say off 1 picture and I can't see the bottom half. Imo stay slightly above maintenance or at maintenance until your hormones balance and then re evaluate where your at
  4. Forced to stop cycle

    It has to be more than what we are lead to believe as its killing the hospitality sector and the government just keep pumping money into keeping jobs etc so there had to be and end to it somewhere. The track and trace system is joke and the testing itself when you need a test you have to drive a minimum of 60 miles to a testing centre even though there is one down road when you feel like death but you can't see a doc until you've had a test its madness mate
  5. That's not very good then. They obviously do a lot of tests but mixing up results is definitely not what you want when trying to keep things in range etc. Have you spoken to them at all I wonder what the customer service is like as some of the testing maybe outsourced as mentioned further down the thread. So it could be a 3rd party mistake they don't know of? Let us know if you get anywhere with them bud
  6. Extra hassle I know but at least it will be accurate and that's the main thing when it comes to hormones and then you can adjust accordingly in confidence bud
  7. Novice physique/bodybuilding

    You was in decent shape in the photos. What sort of shape are you in computed to that at the moment as I would you may want to look at adding a few more lbs of mass before the cutting stack. Then I believe you could do well I the class you mentioned
  8. Novice physique/bodybuilding

    Will be hard to answer this without more info. What are you current stats Where do you aim to be And what's your cycle history etc With those it will be easier for others to chime in and give you sound advice buddy
  9. As above which or what high frequency training programs have given you the best results.
  10. Forced to stop cycle

    It seems to me there is something else going on behind the scenes as why so much collateral damage to our economy it makes no sense mate as you say I had a test never even hit the results.
  11. I think the tbol is way to strong for experienced users like yourself and if your mate wont give you an amp you may die so you should plot to f**k his mum amd kill the people who took away your illegal vials. You will need to teach your mum a lesson for that. Honestly i have seen some nonsense on many a forum but this about tops them all. Stay of the meth and the steds and stick to eating billy bear cobs made by your mum.
  12. Androchem Lab

    Cheers buddy
  13. Androchem Lab

    I fancy giving it a go aswell lol
  14. Androchem Lab

    What is it you want to use mate
  15. Androchem Lab

    Ive used the rip 200 test 400 winstrol 10mg oxy 25mg and superdrol all gtg imo i also use sg along with others they all do as they should