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  1. I didnt read it properly mate. I wouldnt personally blast and cruise before completing 1 full cycle but it's down to you.
  2. 2021 Competitions

    I know its weird I'm a shy bloke so hate it when people look at me in gym as I'm normally strongest in there but dont like it when everyone looks at me like a weirdo lol. But wouldnt do a comp too light I'd want a challenge
  3. 2021 Competitions

    Same age mate and I know what your saying about feeling it
  4. 2021 Competitions

    6,3 20 stone tattoos beard and pretty strong and working on mobility as snapped my ACL a while back and didnt want the op due to being self employed floor layer couldn't afford time off but seem to have full stability back now I'm statically as strong as I've been 140 ohp 260 squat 300deadlift for reps can walk with a 370 frame decent now farmers is fine loading medley are my best event
  5. 2021 Competitions

    Ain't that the truth lol. U90 That is a pipe dream for me lol I sit at 120kg plus all the time these days
  6. 1st strongman comp completed

    I dont think many comps will run until next summer with Covid to be fair
  7. 2021 Competitions

    I know what your saying that's why I was looking at the Blackpool one as its end of summer so gives it a good chance to go ahead.
  8. 1st strongman comp completed

    Plus it doesn't matter where you place it's like when people box etc someone always criticises but very few get off there arses and have done it. If you come dead last which I'm sure you wont at least you can say I've competed in a strongman comp. It takes time dedication and above all else balls as no man wants to fail but as I say very few actually do it
  9. 1st strongman comp completed

    I was thinking Blackpool's to be honest I saw that yesterday.
  10. 2021 Competitions

    I dont know had a look at a couple but I came off facebook and all details seem to be on there lol went on rebel strength site and a lot are all to be confirmed due to the Corona stuff
  11. 2021 Competitions

    Which one your going for I might jump on it too good to have some friendly competition lol.
  12. 2021 Competitions

    Get one booked
  13. 1st strongman comp completed

    Roughly what date are they looking at for that one mate
  14. Adding Tren to TRT?

    It would be a defo on the tren