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  1. So they say it shouldn’t have hot temperature exposure yet my hcg was shipped. Surely getting warm. Shouldn’t fit have included dry ice or something and doesn’t this go for drugs like hgh that require a fridge?
  2. Got cystic fibrosis so this quarantine without working out and proper eating for a month has caused me to lose 15 lb. almost. was doing a cycle before this so now I feel like it’s money down the drain. Oh well. whats the rate or regaining the muscle lost? Say it took me 25 weeks to gain 10 lb. would it reduce the time by half would you ESTIMATE? If not what? CF does this to me. It sucks when this happens. Getting sick bad once will cause me to lose 6 months of Gains in as little as a month or so of no exercise and not enough enough due to sickness. Can you give me some words of encouragement on how regaining it back may be easier lol whenever times like this happen? Maybe even links to official studies or what not I love the science behind how it may be easier and how long it takes still feel like utter s**t for a month. May go to urgent care if it keeps getting bad. Perhaps marijuana toxicity. Idk. Help with the main questions tho?
  3. Cheap alternative to hgh?

    So I’m not very educated on proposed or pro hormones etc. Can someone help me or on what they Are generally speaking and what’s something with similar effects to hgh but cheaper?
  4. I meant amino acids can’t be stored like how carbs is stored as glucose then glycogen then fat.
  5. you shouldn’t take offense. If you’re the type who’s offended by someone correcting you then you need to grow up. They’re doing it to help out. It’s like if you had a booger and no one pointed it out. This was learned while going to school to become a registered nurse, from my Anatomy and Physiology professor. When you eat too much protein your body works harder so then your kidneys go into overdrive causing an increase of albumin
  6. This helps a lot thanks. I do want to correct you with one thing though, protein cannot be stored. Excess protein is excreted via urine. Not trying to act like a know it all when I’m the one asking the question but I did wanna throw that in there. the point you made with protein being diverted for energy instead makes a lot of sense.
  7. So what exactly prevents excess Cals from turning to fat? I’m not talking about the obvious being sugar. But if you have a well rounded diet what prevents those excess from turning to fat? Surely not all those excess calories are used for muscle and some must be used for fat even if you workout. Last question, if someone has enough protein in their diet yet not enough calories will they still be able to gain good muscle or do you need all the macronutrients equally in order to gain?
  8. Every chest workout I feel a really nice chest pump which leads me to believe I’m doing good at targeting the chest. 4-5 exercises at 4x8-12. By the end of the workout I can’t always do more exercises cause my chest is fatigued. I’ll do 2-3 press exercises one lower chest exercise and a flyes movement.
  9. I drink Whole milk instead of water to help get in the extra calories and I usually have a protein shake before bed and a oats/milk/pb/whey/banana protein shake at some point in the day, along with either 12 oz of chicken or steak and some source of carb like protein special k cereal and one or two Greek yogurts.
  10. Or when a muscle lags behind? That’s my chest for me i do one workout a week and it’s 4-5 exercises at 4x8-12 per exercise. I still don’t have a developed chest yet I notice my strength is better than some others who are insanely muscular. I get enough protein usually but my calories are an issue I have getting enough of.
  11. So my other muscles are growing better than my chest and I’m stuck asking myself why. I was under the assumption that as long as your protein intake is good, the amount of calories you eat is a bit irrelevant. I’m currently aiming at a 4x8-12 workout involving 4-5 chest exercises once a week. I know you need food to grow, but technically just amino acids constantly being fed correct? My biggest struggle is getting enough calories since I have cachexia and low aepptite. Most days I do good with protein intake but my calorie intake is the struggle for me.
  12. I’ve never been able to find a clear answer, I’ve asked people on Instagram and some say high reps while others say low reps build size. However to my recollection (which I’m not too sure of) I seemed to weigh more and have more size when I was doing 8-9 exercises at 10-15 reps. Or it seems to be that way when I look back at progress pics I have.
  13. How does my progress look?

    I have one vein on my lower ab area
  14. How does my progress look?

    I’ve had it tested by two different trainers and they both came up with similar estimations of bodyfat. 200 mg or so each. Sometimes ill go days eating only 1000 calories a day, not realising till I look at the scale. Other days I eat maybe 200 above maintenance. DB underhand flyes - 32.5 lb. - 3x12 Hoist (Weights) Chest Press - 115 lb on each side - 4x10 (max. 135 each side 2x5) Hoist decline Press - 90 lb - 3x12/Hoist dips - lvl 11 - 4x8 Pec flye machine - 4x8 - 175 lb. Hoist Selectorized Chest Press - lvl. 11 - 4x8 *dropset to complete reps Hoist shoulder press - lvl 11 - 4x8 DB shoulder press - 50 lb. - 3x8 Machine preacher Biceps Curl - 165 lb - 4x10 *slow Single arm Spider Machine Curl - 90 lb. - 4x8 Machine lateral raise - 115 lb. - 3x8 Free motion tricep extension - 120 lb. - 4x8 Smith machine behind back shrug- 70 lb. - 3x20 DB Shoulder shrugs - 65 lb. - 3x20 Day 2 Back, Legs, Calves Reverse grip cable pull down - 165 lb. - 4x8 Machine chin-ups - 4x8 - lvl 4 (slow) Seated underhand grip rows machine - 125 lb. 4x10 Standing Cable long bar lat pull down - 140 lb. - 4x8 Wide handle bar feet high cable rows- 120 lb. - 4x8 here’s part of the routine above.
  15. How does my progress look?

    So I did a low dose cycle of eq/test e for about 20 weeks. I did it to see if it would allow weight gain to be easier due to cachexia and I found that it did, although it seems that if I go lax on eating (as in eating enough) I easily lose weight. So so when I started the cycle, I was 15% or so bodyfat at 164 lb. now, I’m at 167 lb. and according to the caliper test I’m at around 9% bodyfat. (Two of the pictures I was bloated in for the recent pics) Does it seem like I’ve gained any muscle from this? All of them are a week new except the one below, this was taken about a week after starting the low dose cycle in January 1 Also, it sounds stupid but I’m not too keen on flexing the back so it’s my attempt at doing a back pose ??‍♂️ I’ve been getting described as “thick” which leads me to believe it’s a nice way of saying chunky lol