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    larus got a reaction from gavzilla in Cialis ED   
    Havent done bloods after the injection....locked in the house with children...not sure whats worse covid19 or being stuck with a 3 and 6.5yo!  But I dont think this Nebido is great. I felt estrogen was high about 5/6 days after (felt bloated , water weight and a bit off..) so didnt feel great. Took some adex and felt better. Now i feel OKsh but i prefer 125mg Sustanon e5d. Its a bit higher than Nivido but def an OK dose and who cares if i feel that much better than on Nebido. I am only week 4 post nevido injection but starting next Monday i will supplement it with abit more test shorter ester. As i said... Its not a great drug in.my opinion if you are used to other esters ( and admittedly to a bit more generous type of trt doses)...too much of a peak and then goes down quickly. This is all empirical, i have no blood tests to prove but i have been doing this for 5 years almost and used to do bloods every 2/3 months so I think i know wht my body and hormones are telling me and they dont like Nebido. 
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    larus reacted to Tricky in Cialis ED   
    No I noticed no difference that said if I’m meeting a new girl I’ll drop 20 just for that night 
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    larus reacted to Tricky in Cialis ED   
    I used to take 5mg per day but have since reduced to 5mg eod 
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    larus got a reaction from gavzilla in Cialis ED   
    So little by little I got sucked in by this pill. I started to use it a couple of years ago while on PCT...and then after PCT...and then on cycle ...and now I basically take it every day,  the 5mg pill. I had no big problem with erections without Cilias...but with it it's really the hell of a lot ..stronger, better and i mean its just a lot better. As a reference Im on Nebido now, 44yo, with a 37yo yummy wife and with no existing conditions. I cant find any long term serious side effect with the 5mg ED pill (read stuff from Harward medical etc ) but would interested to hear any strong thoughts from the forum? In terms of long term health issues this habit may cause?  Thanks in advance
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    larus reacted to Sasnak in Cialis ED   
    I supplement with it too although at 5mg eod. My experience is the same as yours and I also don’t suffer at all with ed.
    When I researched it I also couldn’t find anything detrimental with regards to long term supplementation at low dose. Plenty of positives though.
    The only thing I did find was one instance where a lawsuit was issued in America where a skin cancer victim had attributed Viagra to his condition. When I dug down into this there’s no evidence of actual causation.
    I take it for the positive effects on endothelial health. I’m 47 y/o
    Ultimately the drug is still relatively new in the grand scheme of things so the benefits or risks of long term supplementation are unknown.
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    larus reacted to kruz in Cialis ED   
    It's an FDA approved medication for benign prostate hyperplasia. It has a small positive effect on blood pressure. It reduces C-reactive protein which in turn reduces plaque build up in your arteries. There are many new study's showing it has many positive effects on a wide array of heart/cardiovascular health, including prevention of myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury, Doxorubicin and post-MI , heart failure, cardiac hypertrophy. 
    There's also a study that showed it increased lean mass in healthy aging males. 
    So, all in all, it's a pretty good drug, one that I and many guys take on a regular basis. Whether this is everyday or every 3 days or whatever. 
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    larus got a reaction from TALBOTL in Peoples idea of a 'cruise'   
    I think your problem is that you have never tried what you preach even if you say you did.  Im a very moderate AAS user and have done blast and TRT, blast and cruise and also like currently, nothing just good diet and training. 
    Read this: When I went fron full cycle to 100mg  test, I lose quite a bit. If i stay at 200sh, I lose almost nothing only some vascularity and perhaps a bit of strenght. This is the same for 95% of us. Perhaps you fall in the 5% of those who can keep the gain with nothing..lucky you! 
    Also first of all if i inject 100mg of test E i really inject 75/80sh at best. The half life concept is a good guideline but Im one of those who doesnt guess what I can test and probably do ( sometimes also for paranoia) 7+ bloods per year. And 6 days after a 125mg injection of pharma test my Test level is s**t. Mid point is at about 24/25sh nmol. 
    As far as your second point, keeping the gains is easier than making them and you need less. Also its not forever it's for a few months. If I stay at 200mg for 1 years (i havent tried this) but I bet I will start losing more. And by your same logic if you can keep all of your gains with only 100mg well...you are on cycle too? Clearly not.. 
    Look...you have made your point and I have made mine: Cruising is not TRT and is not healthy but healthier. And ..no you dont get to keep your gains at 100mg week.
    Lets agree to disagree.
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    larus got a reaction from Jake6 in Cruising   
    I think if you are young and don't compete, personally i would cycle (and assuming you have a normal endogenous test production).
    I'm 44 in December, started to do AAS 4 years ago and cycled for three years.  I PCT in January for the last time and I have done B&C since a new cycle in  April (cycle).  I have done also 7/8 months of Blast and literally TRT dose (150sh) in 2018 for 7/8 months than I PCT in January 2019. After PCT this year I never felt great, I think all the prior years cycles and my age took a toll on my HPTA and ability to recover.  I'm cruising on  250/300 of Sustanon ...much better than 150/200 !!  I could easily maintain and feel probably about the same  with less as suggested (150-200) and planning to do so...but thats proposition for 2020. 
    I think you have to try. If you decide to B&C,  150mg weekly is a good start. You could do 100 E5D which on a monthly basis it works out at 150mg per week. I think if you use Test E or C (but even Sust tbh) injecting every 5 days will give you a more stable level of Test. 
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    larus reacted to Mingster in Steroids are bad for your health :)   
    Anyone who thinks that there won't be negative consequences because of their long term steroid use is living in cloud cuckoo land. Yes, you can minimize those consequences by monitoring your health regularly, but, eventually, there will be negative effects nonetheless.
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    larus got a reaction from Lloyd H in Fever after the injection   
    Sorry wasnt meant to you ..I chose the wrong post on error.....i was replying to you and did that teice. That was meant for @MM84
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    larus reacted to Lloyd H in Fever after the injection   
    I agree with you that on 500mg test e should definitely have a higher test level than bloods 50nmol, not once I have disagreed with you on that. I also agree with you on timings and trough readings as that plays roles too.
    The bit I dont agree with you is you saying on your first reply to the OP in this topic about he should have atleast 300-400 testosterone levels on 500mg test e when everyone metabolizes test differently. I've seen a few experienced members on here saying that 100mg test administered should roughly give 20nmol like I mentioned in my first reply.
    I'm not the one who originally said your talking s**t or using different compounds that could effect your blood readings. Maybe you should quote the member in question and have this debate with him.
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    larus reacted to Bensif in Underdosed Test?   
    I had (still have 1) some Sphinx sustanon  and to be honest I’m pretty sure it was just oil.
    I was on a lower amount at the time, 400mg per week I think, and once I swapped from my own cyp to that sust I saw all the signs that I was off.
    Ive used other Sphinx gear and it’s been ok. But that sustanon wasn’t.
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    larus got a reaction from gavzilla in What blood tests for Npp   
    Good luck!! Whatever it is/was...it seems you are leaving it behind.
    On a parallel note, Deca above 400mg gives me some temper issues, nothing I cant control but my level of patience drops dramatically ...something I dont really like  as I have small children all under 6yo and i want to try to "enjoy" every minute with them.  Its not really messing with my head though just low level of tolerance...lets call it like that. I think that is true also on a 1g of test!!! But when i use it i keep it at 75mg on a EOD regiment and I get zero sides. 
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    larus reacted to gavzilla in What blood tests for Npp   
    I don’t think Npp has give me the stomach issues but I do believe it had something to do with the mind games as things are getting better since I’ve stopped.  I have spoke to others who’s had the similar issues with Npp and deca. I have used up to a gram of test with less mental sides. However I won’t rule out what your saying but I’m glad I’ve stopped. Great sex drive on it though but has dropped since I’ve come off.  I think my sex drive is related to my bad stomach which seems to be clearing. 
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    larus got a reaction from gavzilla in What blood tests for Npp   
    yes of course I cant disagree to that.
    But that is when statistics / probability comes into play. Statistically, the probability of NPP giving those issues (mental "disorders" and belly ache) is low. It's a relatively mild drug, nandrolone has been around for over half of a century and it's well tolerated. 
    I know you weren't comparing NPP to Tren,  but Tren is there up on a complete other level than Deca. They may have a similar 19-nor molecular structure (actually i think Tren is a derivative of Nandrolone) but as you pointed out, the probability of finding someone on 500mg oof Tren Ace with ZERO sides is...very low.  And so in my opinion the prob of finding someone who gets those sides from NPP.
    My point is to also explore other possibilities. One could be E2 management (bloods will tell) or could be bunk Test Gavzilla is taking..
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    larus got a reaction from Cypionate in Complete nonsense   
    just started to read this thread, and yeah i would agree with Cypionate.
    I would not wanna mix two 19nor and also would not wanna run those doses of those compounds for 1 year (Tren and Deca for 1 year ...that I think is worse than the dose in itself...) and definitely not as a beginner cycle...but i consider myself a moderate AAS user (Im 43 and have started B&C and/or cycling "only" 4 years ago) and have definitely injected up to 10ml per week on a blast, its not that stretched to go to 750 Test and 300 NPP and 300 masteron for a few weeks blast and here you go 9ml done...... I have read and have seen with my own eyes a lot but the hell of a lot worse!!!
    In fact I just injected 3ml.....and this was the first of the week...so i expect that to become a 9 by week end but I was off for the first three months of the year and just starting a new cycle. I PCT in January and was off Feb and March.  Plan was to stay off until May but oh well...
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    larus got a reaction from energize17 in Peoples idea of a 'cruise'   
    I understand your point but its wrong. A cruise is NOT trt.  Cruise is not a medical term, it comes from the BB community and granted involves higher mg than TRT. Every where, every forum I have been in the last 4 years cruise is defined as the least amount of Test (to keep it simple but some cruise on anavar or either lighter aas) you need to mantain your body weight. 
    If I go from 500mg of test and 300 of Deca  to 100mg of Test weekly...i will lose quite a bit, not everything but enougth to annoy me. If I go to 200 per week....i keep all of it pretty much  including strenght. I won't gain anything but I will keep 95% of what i gained. That is the purpose of cruising, not keeping you somewhat in the normal Teststosterone range (which at 100 would be quite in the lower part of the range for half of the week assuming one weekly injection of test e) but letting you keep the gains at a mucb more moderate dose. I agree its not healthy but its healthier than a full cycle or blast. 
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    larus got a reaction from GTT in 14iu HGH a week worth it?   
    Yes apologies i misread it ....i have the reading comprehension of a child...
    Admityedly there are some who go up double digit IU daily on GH..i crossed quite a few posts
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    larus reacted to dtmiscool in Peoples idea of a 'cruise'   
    A cruise is a higher than your normal production dose of testosterone on your ‘downtime’. Something like 150-300mg a week. 
    TRT is much lower. It’s called blast and cruising not blast and TRTing. 
    It also depends on how you metabolise test. Some genuinely need more and some need less to keep them within range.
    most cruise doses will keep people just above the higher end of what’s considered to be ‘normal’.
    This allows blood work etc to recover whilst still being in a slightly elevated range. People get confused like you have between a cruise and TRT. 
    A blast would be more than the average person does as a cycle and a cruise would be a little more than the average person would do on TRT. 
    I personally find 200mg E10D puts me around 30-35nmol. So that works for me. Keeps me feeling good and allows everything to come back to baseline after a blast. 
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    larus got a reaction from Sam R in How long to see effects - Primobolan   
    They are talking about Primo Acetate in that research. Come on man!
    Independently, if you had used that drug (Injectable Primo E and NOT oral) you'd know what you wrote makes no sense. 
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    larus got a reaction from Sam R in How long to see effects - Primobolan   
    They are talking about Primo Acetate in that research. Come on man!
    Independently, if you had used that drug (Injectable Primo E and NOT oral) you'd know what you wrote makes no sense. 
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    larus reacted to Mountain of Muscle in NPP 200mg/ml   
    I wouldn’t call that arrogance. 
    A hplc test would be a better gauge don’t you think?
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    larus reacted to stuey99 in NPP 200mg/ml   
    I doubt the npp would keep crashing if it was only 120mg/ml mate
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    larus got a reaction from gavzilla in I want to pay private to donate   
    it was me then!!! i got somewhat busted....my luck....i ended up with the same nurse though was a diff place....and he recognized me... the best I could say....I said I have a twin!!!!!  and then I immediately posted the story here on the board, I felt so humiliated! oh well....at least I did bring HCT down. I havent done it since then. 
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    larus got a reaction from gavzilla in I want to pay private to donate   
    I cant add value ie I dont have an answer for your query as I always donate through NHS but I 100% understand you, im in your same situation (kids, work etc) and Id be very happy to pay to donate at my convenience. If you find something please share on the board. Also I have been in the situation where I had to donate a couple of times to bring my hct down in range and I had to use aliases which really stressed me out. If there was a place I pay and go whenever it suits me it would be great. Not sure why I never thought about it....