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  1. Cruising

    I think if you are young and don't compete, personally i would cycle (and assuming you have a normal endogenous test production). I'm 44 in December, started to do AAS 4 years ago and cycled for three years. I PCT in January for the last time and I have done B&C since a new cycle in April (cycle). I have done also 7/8 months of Blast and literally TRT dose (150sh) in 2018 for 7/8 months than I PCT in January 2019. After PCT this year I never felt great, I think all the prior years cycles and my age took a toll on my HPTA and ability to recover. I'm cruising on 250/300 of Sustanon ...much better than 150/200 !! I could easily maintain and feel probably about the same with less as suggested (150-200) and planning to do so...but thats proposition for 2020. I think you have to try. If you decide to B&C, 150mg weekly is a good start. You could do 100 E5D which on a monthly basis it works out at 150mg per week. I think if you use Test E or C (but even Sust tbh) injecting every 5 days will give you a more stable level of Test.
  2. ALT @ 500

    I'm assuming you are / were running orals. How much and for how long? or maybe you got a form of hepatitis? In terms of liver supports, I think most have been mentioned. best is probably NAC. A few I haven't seen mentioned here are choline, inositol and gluthatione.
  3. hit and miss. I started this about 4 years ago and I think I have tried them all AP, NP, Rhom. Sphinx, Pharmacom, Taylor (before he stopped) Cooper Pharma, Dimension, SIS, AS Labs ....my first one was a UGL called Cyber Labs, their test prop was unbelievable (i think perhaps overdosed, the seller also had that feeling) but their Test E was absolute bunk. Admittedly 3 months later but was absolute crap. Same for all the others. UGL are what they are.. as per what the acronym stands for....UNDERGROUND labs!!! no six sigma there
  4. I just tossed two AP test prop 10ml vials. its a short ester and could not feel a f**k so I bought some Labmax and turns out it was absolute bunk (despite the fact the code checked as authentic). But expirantion data was 4 years vs normally 3years for ap? So much bad luck lately....i had bloods done a couple of months ago while on some Sphinx and Organon...unfortunately being on both, I could not tell which one but one or both were massively underdosed (55nmol on 500mg of test) . I tossed the Sphinx and ket the Organon and tested it on Labmax...turnes out there is test though clearly could be underdosed. Honestly ..there is so much s**t around i cant wait to to another trip to Turkey or Thailand.
  5. Sorry wasnt meant to you ..I chose the wrong post on error.....i was replying to you and did that teice. That was meant for @MM84
  6. Prob bc you have only injected crap ..
  7. Say i inject 250mg of test E every monday, i do a test on a friday here you go., 50 nmol. I do the test on wednesday the reading would likely be higher. So when i do 500mg week, i inject twice weekly so i dont remember which day i ran the test but clealry there is 1) a compounding effect and 2) might have been closer to the last injection . Look I dont know what to say, dont care tbh if you think im lying (which reason?) but to go back to my first point, 50nmol on 500mg of test isnt right (independently from how each of us metabolizes the test) I care about my health (im almost 44 and only started this 4y ago and on proper TrT prescribed from a Mens Health Center in London...and then switched to the dark side and took it on my hands...did some cycles and now mostly B&moderate C), i run bloods every 3 months or so or when needed to assess estrogen or when i feel something isnt right). On 500mg od real stuff i was on 330. Unless Medichecks and Blue Horizon are both wrong on my test readings.
  8. Yes clealry the timing ie when you take the sample (and the ester type etc etc) will influence the readings especially if you jnject once weekly or at the very beginning of a cycle, less so later in the cycle (or if you inject e2d or so ) when your test plasma level are stable ...but look on 500mg weekly of pharma Bayer testoviron i was on 330nmol. A 50nmol on 500 of test...that test is severely underdosed thus bunk (if you cant trust the dose i would not even trust how / the conditions has been made and no way id inject it again). In fact i just tossed some Sust Sphinx (and will never buy that UGL again along with a couple lore UGLs and fake Organon...the latter being a source issue)
  9. Whatever you are injecting is bunk. Your test level on 500mg weekly of Teat E should be like 300/400!!! Actually had the same issue lately...lots of crap around Normally i get 50sh nmol when i cruise on 200/250mg...
  10. So I have been "cruising" for a couple of months at 250mg/week of Sustanon on some really good stuff. I wasn't sure about some new Sustanon from two different UGLs/Labs - Sphinx ande "allegedly" pharma i.e Organon - so I "overdid" it ans I pinned 1ml of each alternating last Monday, then Thursday then three days ago and last was this morning when I woke up. Then I went to the lab mid morning to do bloods and I just got the results back. So 1g of Test over the last 11 days. The Test level came back at 54.5 nmol. One of the two is severely under-dosed? Thoughts?
  11. Underdosed Test?

    thanks, tbh I suspect that too but with long esters is a bit more tricky to tell. So I think I just will toss both Sphinx and Organon. I was going through my bloods from a cruise I did last year on 250sh mg of Test E (Bayer testoviron I had gotten from a business trip in Bangkok) and Test came back at 110. So tbh one - the sphinx - could be just oil and the other one under dosed anyway. So many counterfeits of Organon.
  12. Good luck!! Whatever it is/was...it seems you are leaving it behind. On a parallel note, Deca above 400mg gives me some temper issues, nothing I cant control but my level of patience drops dramatically ...something I dont really like as I have small children all under 6yo and i want to try to "enjoy" every minute with them. Its not really messing with my head though just low level of tolerance...lets call it like that. I think that is true also on a 1g of test!!! But when i use it i keep it at 75mg on a EOD regiment and I get zero sides.
  13. yes of course I cant disagree to that. But that is when statistics / probability comes into play. Statistically, the probability of NPP giving those issues (mental "disorders" and belly ache) is low. It's a relatively mild drug, nandrolone has been around for over half of a century and it's well tolerated. I know you weren't comparing NPP to Tren, but Tren is there up on a complete other level than Deca. They may have a similar 19-nor molecular structure (actually i think Tren is a derivative of Nandrolone) but as you pointed out, the probability of finding someone on 500mg oof Tren Ace with ZERO sides is...very low. And so in my opinion the prob of finding someone who gets those sides from NPP. My point is to also explore other possibilities. One could be E2 management (bloods will tell) or could be bunk Test Gavzilla is taking..
  14. don't think what you are going through has anything to do with NPP, been using it for the last 4 years on and off and never had that issue nor heard anybody having that issue specifically from NPP. I do get occasionally some heartburn when Im on a lot of AAS but not NPP specific, I got that with Equi, primo, Mast etc. Also NPP doesnt affect your libido or erection at a moderate dose. At higher doses take some Caber, it will keep prolactin under control and if anything you'll get even an harder dick! Also I never ever heard that NPP messes up with your Test or E readings.
  15. Complete nonsense

    just started to read this thread, and yeah i would agree with Cypionate. I would not wanna mix two 19nor and also would not wanna run those doses of those compounds for 1 year (Tren and Deca for 1 year ...that I think is worse than the dose in itself...) and definitely not as a beginner cycle...but i consider myself a moderate AAS user (Im 43 and have started B&C and/or cycling "only" 4 years ago) and have definitely injected up to 10ml per week on a blast, its not that stretched to go to 750 Test and 300 NPP and 300 masteron for a few weeks blast and here you go 9ml done...... I have read and have seen with my own eyes a lot but the hell of a lot worse!!! In fact I just injected 3ml.....and this was the first of the week...so i expect that to become a 9 by week end but I was off for the first three months of the year and just starting a new cycle. I PCT in January and was off Feb and March. Plan was to stay off until May but oh well...
  16. I think your problem is that you have never tried what you preach even if you say you did. Im a very moderate AAS user and have done blast and TRT, blast and cruise and also like currently, nothing just good diet and training. Read this: When I went fron full cycle to 100mg test, I lose quite a bit. If i stay at 200sh, I lose almost nothing only some vascularity and perhaps a bit of strenght. This is the same for 95% of us. Perhaps you fall in the 5% of those who can keep the gain with nothing..lucky you! Also first of all if i inject 100mg of test E i really inject 75/80sh at best. The half life concept is a good guideline but Im one of those who doesnt guess what I can test and probably do ( sometimes also for paranoia) 7+ bloods per year. And 6 days after a 125mg injection of pharma test my Test level is s**t. Mid point is at about 24/25sh nmol. As far as your second point, keeping the gains is easier than making them and you need less. Also its not forever it's for a few months. If I stay at 200mg for 1 years (i havent tried this) but I bet I will start losing more. And by your same logic if you can keep all of your gains with only 100mg well...you are on cycle too? Clearly not.. Look...you have made your point and I have made mine: Cruising is not TRT and is not healthy but healthier. And ..no you dont get to keep your gains at 100mg week. Lets agree to disagree.
  17. I understand your point but its wrong. A cruise is NOT trt. Cruise is not a medical term, it comes from the BB community and granted involves higher mg than TRT. Every where, every forum I have been in the last 4 years cruise is defined as the least amount of Test (to keep it simple but some cruise on anavar or either lighter aas) you need to mantain your body weight. If I go from 500mg of test and 300 of Deca to 100mg of Test weekly...i will lose quite a bit, not everything but enougth to annoy me. If I go to 200 per week....i keep all of it pretty much including strenght. I won't gain anything but I will keep 95% of what i gained. That is the purpose of cruising, not keeping you somewhat in the normal Teststosterone range (which at 100 would be quite in the lower part of the range for half of the week assuming one weekly injection of test e) but letting you keep the gains at a mucb more moderate dose. I agree its not healthy but its healthier than a full cycle or blast.
  18. Yes apologies i misread it ....i have the reading comprehension of a child... Admityedly there are some who go up double digit IU daily on GH..i crossed quite a few posts
  19. I've been on 2.3iu of HGH daily pretty much for the last 3.5 years (though I experimented a bit at the very beginning). I do take decent times off AAS off for 5/6 months every year and I'm still about 30 pounds heavier at 5%BF than before I started AAS in the first place 4 years ago....I think a decent chunk of that - ie maintaining the gains- has gotta be from the GH 14iu is ridiculous and assuming its real Gh you will get sides I get CTS after a week at 5iu!! rather than IUs I would be more worried about securing some real stuff...
  20. That!!! Admittedly it's a public forum but Im not sure why some people start a topic pretending to educate others when - doctor degree or not - they don't have a clue in the first place!!!! 49mg of test per week is ridiculous, and so its 75. 125mg of Test weekly, yes that is TRT and bring my level at mid range about 2nd or 3rd day post injection (Test E). Same results with Test prop 40mg every 2 days but that is a real pain. been off for 3 months (of which January was PCT so technically doesnt count...)...I feel like a loser as I wanted to stay off till summer but wtf Im gonna go back on tomorrow.
  21. They are talking about Primo Acetate in that research. Come on man! Independently, if you had used that drug (Injectable Primo E and NOT oral) you'd know what you wrote makes no sense.
  22. "Almost" all of these posts are non sense. For a start Primo half life is 10 days, the first injection will peak after 5 days so it will take a while for you to reach a stable plasma level which is why you should run Primo only in long cycles 14-16 weeks at least so it wont hit you and you wont' feel it (for whatever that means) straight away. Secondly, this is a weak drug so you wont' notice anything / much earlier in the cycle. Clearly this is not rocket science results are driven by training and diet but for this drug (like for Masteron) if you are >8% BF dont even bother in my opinion because you wont see much. Visually, adding extra 2kg of lean mass on a 15% BF is a complete different story than the same Kg on a 5% BF. It's also a pain in the ass (literally) to inject as you need a lot of ml and it's very very thick oil/drug. I have done a 16 weeks cycle on it about 2 years ago just for the sake of trying it and never touched it again. I did test E and Primo and was really not impressed. Masteron is also weak but it's cheaper, easier to inject and I actually & personally felt it a lot more on less mg. But likewise Primo dont bother if you are high single / double digits BF.
  23. HIIT and Cardio, try that. When I was doing Crossfit my BP has always been pretty good cycle or no cycle. After I stopped Crossfit, it started to creep up to your level while on (decent) cycles . I started to do (following the advice from a member here) regularly 15/20min of cardio every day and once a week on Saturday I take my nice Cannondale (road bike) out for 60km (about 2.5 hours). BP back to 125/70sh even lower sometimes. It may take a few weeks for the positives to show up but it will make a difference for sure. Also, Im assuming you dont drink or smoke, if you do stop now bc it's stupid. On a parallel note, I have tried Hibiscus tea, celery extract and home made juice, garlic pills, Hawthorne extract of my god I spent so much money on thsoe and did absolutely nothing, nada, nichts... Im not on anything now and still on the same cardio regimen and tbh there are positives beyond BP... and you'll drop to single digit BF if you keep the diet clean.
  24. NPP (short deca) doesn't bloat me at all and it's a great compound for adding strength and size. It also acts fast so it's perfect for a 8-12 weeks blast. You could try that...
  25. I'm 43 and have been cycling on and off for the last 4 years. After every cycle and proper PCT my test has always come back to baseline (actually a bit better) which stands at low double digits /nmol. At 12nmol I feel great, I have decent libido, more energy than on gear and I feel much more relaxed and serene. The best part is NOT having to deal with sides (estro management) That said....I just finished PCT (last week) and this time I think something isnt right....will see next month when I do bloods but i think I f**ked something up this time. So as a caveat, the older you get the higher the chance you'll shut yourself down for good if you take gear.