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  1. Cialis ED

    Happy to help if my answer helps you anyway. If you have it yes try it.. remember to inject it very very slowly like take 2/3 minutes.. 4y ago the doc didnt and my butt hurted like hell for a week!!! If you dont like it ..it will be for only 5/6 weeks then go back to test E or sust. Btw ...you take HCG as well? Im taking it now 250iu eod and have upped AI 0.25mg Adex eod (lets say 1/3 -1/4 of a pill as .when you have to split such small pills is not a perfect science) Probably should not bother with HCG already have kids im 44 and happily married...
  2. Cialis ED

    Havent done bloods after the injection....locked in the house with children...not sure whats worse covid19 or being stuck with a 3 and 6.5yo! But I dont think this Nebido is great. I felt estrogen was high about 5/6 days after (felt bloated , water weight and a bit off..) so didnt feel great. Took some adex and felt better. Now i feel OKsh but i prefer 125mg Sustanon e5d. Its a bit higher than Nivido but def an OK dose and who cares if i feel that much better than on Nebido. I am only week 4 post nevido injection but starting next Monday i will supplement it with abit more test shorter ester. As i said... Its not a great drug in.my opinion if you are used to other esters ( and admittedly to a bit more generous type of trt doses)...too much of a peak and then goes down quickly. This is all empirical, i have no blood tests to prove but i have been doing this for 5 years almost and used to do bloods every 2/3 months so I think i know wht my body and hormones are telling me and they dont like Nebido.
  3. Cycles during quarantine???

    I dont think you can make that statement, you could 100% run a cycle during quarantine if you know what you are doing and have some basic weights and some basic equipment (rack, bench, pull ups bar etc) at home. I feel lucky, I have a fully equipped home gym and have been trained at home for the last 4 years ... I like it better than at Virgin Active where most of those machines are absolutely USELESS and just for beginners and pussies. ..........that said I'm cruising now (actually proper TRT on Nebido).
  4. Cialis ED

    Think im gonna donthe same and move to EOD. So you noticed no difference? Ed vs eod?
  5. Private prescription, UK. No multiple blood tests just paid some ££££ for consultation, bloods and injection. All sorted within a week. Did the same thing about 4 years ago. My test level was slightly under and at bottom of the normal range. Up to age 39 never done any AAS. But when I went the first time to this center for mans health i was just done with some ostarine whichncan be a bit suppressive. After cycling and PCT my bloods were nnot great in terms of test level just a few points above bottom or at bottom. Life is better when test > 20nmol. That said...i have to say..not exactly sure why but on 150/175mg week of sustanon i feel better than with Nebido righ now.
  6. Im on Nebido now but best TRT protocol for me is c.a 50 Test Prop EOD which works out about 175mg per week (clearly higher than typical TRT and even more so when adjuated by the weight of ester given propionate ester). I know.....lots of injections hence why i have done it "only" for maybe it was about four months but never felt better in my life really never. No AI and on two bloods test came one time 27sh and second 33sh nmol.
  7. Cialis ED

    Well yes...there might be an element of it (withdrawal) ..but from what I read it isnt physical its more psychological. One thing i conssistently read is about some loss of vision over time (blood vessels dilatation) and hearing too. Not sure. I think my vision has gotten worse over the last 7/8 months but I'm also aging and spend a lot of time over four screens at work...
  8. So little by little I got sucked in by this pill. I started to use it a couple of years ago while on PCT...and then after PCT...and then on cycle ...and now I basically take it every day, the 5mg pill. I had no big problem with erections without Cilias...but with it it's really the hell of a lot ..stronger, better and i mean its just a lot better. As a reference Im on Nebido now, 44yo, with a 37yo yummy wife and with no existing conditions. I cant find any long term serious side effect with the 5mg ED pill (read stuff from Harward medical etc ) but would interested to hear any strong thoughts from the forum? In terms of long term health issues this habit may cause? Thanks in advance
  9. Cruising

    I think if you are young and don't compete, personally i would cycle (and assuming you have a normal endogenous test production). I'm 44 in December, started to do AAS 4 years ago and cycled for three years. I PCT in January for the last time and I have done B&C since a new cycle in April (cycle). I have done also 7/8 months of Blast and literally TRT dose (150sh) in 2018 for 7/8 months than I PCT in January 2019. After PCT this year I never felt great, I think all the prior years cycles and my age took a toll on my HPTA and ability to recover. I'm cruising on 250/300 of Sustanon ...much better than 150/200 !! I could easily maintain and feel probably about the same with less as suggested (150-200) and planning to do so...but thats proposition for 2020. I think you have to try. If you decide to B&C, 150mg weekly is a good start. You could do 100 E5D which on a monthly basis it works out at 150mg per week. I think if you use Test E or C (but even Sust tbh) injecting every 5 days will give you a more stable level of Test.
  10. ALT @ 500

    I'm assuming you are / were running orals. How much and for how long? or maybe you got a form of hepatitis? In terms of liver supports, I think most have been mentioned. best is probably NAC. A few I haven't seen mentioned here are choline, inositol and gluthatione.
  11. hit and miss. I started this about 4 years ago and I think I have tried them all AP, NP, Rhom. Sphinx, Pharmacom, Taylor (before he stopped) Cooper Pharma, Dimension, SIS, AS Labs ....my first one was a UGL called Cyber Labs, their test prop was unbelievable (i think perhaps overdosed, the seller also had that feeling) but their Test E was absolute bunk. Admittedly 3 months later but was absolute crap. Same for all the others. UGL are what they are.. as per what the acronym stands for....UNDERGROUND labs!!! no six sigma there
  12. I just tossed two AP test prop 10ml vials. its a short ester and could not feel a f**k so I bought some Labmax and turns out it was absolute bunk (despite the fact the code checked as authentic). But expirantion data was 4 years vs normally 3years for ap? So much bad luck lately....i had bloods done a couple of months ago while on some Sphinx and Organon...unfortunately being on both, I could not tell which one but one or both were massively underdosed (55nmol on 500mg of test) . I tossed the Sphinx and ket the Organon and tested it on Labmax...turnes out there is test though clearly could be underdosed. Honestly ..there is so much s**t around i cant wait to to another trip to Turkey or Thailand.
  13. Sorry wasnt meant to you ..I chose the wrong post on error.....i was replying to you and did that teice. That was meant for @MM84
  14. Prob bc you have only injected crap ..
  15. Say i inject 250mg of test E every monday, i do a test on a friday here you go., 50 nmol. I do the test on wednesday the reading would likely be higher. So when i do 500mg week, i inject twice weekly so i dont remember which day i ran the test but clealry there is 1) a compounding effect and 2) might have been closer to the last injection . Look I dont know what to say, dont care tbh if you think im lying (which reason?) but to go back to my first point, 50nmol on 500mg of test isnt right (independently from how each of us metabolizes the test) I care about my health (im almost 44 and only started this 4y ago and on proper TrT prescribed from a Mens Health Center in London...and then switched to the dark side and took it on my hands...did some cycles and now mostly B&moderate C), i run bloods every 3 months or so or when needed to assess estrogen or when i feel something isnt right). On 500mg od real stuff i was on 330. Unless Medichecks and Blue Horizon are both wrong on my test readings.