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  1. I know....but 1) donating blood is related to the section. Experiences on how to go through the process more smoothly without looking like an idiot and more...is "indirectly" but still related; 2) I only post here....by now I feel this is "family" ahahaha
  2. I hope you are right...that guy though looked like a "spy" how could he remembered me and even the details of what we spoke about? I think it was about 7/8 months ago and he really did it his best to give me an hard time after that but hopefully he'll find better things to do than come after me in some ways... If not I'll have to teach myself how to self bleed..
  3. there isnt one time i dont think about that. For what is worth, i NEVER go.while on cycle. Right now i have been off for almoat three months and my bloods were great the HCT was only top of range. I dont drink, dont smoke and ..clearly...dont do drugs (recreational).
  4. im screwed. It got worse. The guy who came to take the needle off when i was done recognized me. I said i have a twin brother only thing i couls come up with given i used my real last name but only changed the forename. now im f**ked...he even remembered i told him my wife was pregnant...it was like 8 months ago. He said....jigglling...im gonna write you have a twin so we dont get confused ...
  5. no its a different center. Also, no dont think they do that I have donated two times at this particular center under my real and another name and no "phone calls"..or emails other than thank younplease come back type of stuff..dont scare me!
  6. Im at the blood donation center, this is the 2nd time after only two weeks as after the first time from a blood test the HCT was still a bit toppy so im here under my alter ego ...the guy asks me "do you have an appointment, whats your name?" me...i answer with my real name.......soooooo embarassing...i started to cough and make noises pretending i said something else and immediatly gave the name under which i made the appointment....he let it go but i turned RED and im 100pc sure he figured it out. They must have a clue athletes and Bbuilders do that occasionally... now the next test is when they call the name.....i bet im not going to answer....
  7. Cruise time

    you can blast with short esters you know that? for example test prop, NPP and Mast Prop is one of thr best blast i have ever done and you are clear +/- within a week .....or you can use orals i suppose though personally I dont do orals
  8. I used Deca for four cycles now for tha exact reason, i f**ked myself up when i fell in love with crossfit and years and years of kipping pull ups, muscle ups and loads of overheard activities (ie olympic lifting) left me with a pretty bad shoulder. It's the AC Joint, I had a grade 2 tear so a bit different from your issue nonetheless it doesn't change what Im gonna say: deca - in my experience - fixes the problem only temporarily and afterwards once you are done with it it could even get worse if you're not careful managing the transition. deca (likewise Equi or HGH) increases collagen production and has also a decent anti-inflammatory effect. however it wont' cure the problem and if you just keep training (hard) over it and dont address the real problem chances are you will make it worse. In my case, I first tried everything to make cure it I tried "sugar" injections, "ostenil plus" injections (all under the supervision of a sport doctor), physio etc and nothing. Then two years ago during the last month of my first cycle I tried NPP, fast acting. My shoulder was "almost" brand new within two weeks. I did another three cycles with NPP and always the same pattern: i'm like a lion when on and within 3/4 weeks from the moment I stopped the cycle (blast)...back to square 1.
  9. do this!!!!!!! (great summary @Russian_88 On a parallel note, I also take Hawthorne extract tablets, tbh not sure if they work but i also do all of the above (your list). On TRT my blood pressure is pretty normal at about 125 over 75/70, on any blast it goes to a range of 135/150 over 80/ 90 ( I know its a wide range but it's not always the same....), not sure where it would be If I did nothing about it. A blast for me would be 500mg of test prop, 350 of Deca (NPP) and as mast of MAsteron Prop, that was my last blast. It's high on blast, but i figured 6 weeks of high blood pressure for a total of 12 or 18 weeks a year for a few years wont kill me...I hope.. Check you blood though, high BP can be caused by a variety of factors while on cycle, but if you see your HCT level is high, well above range, go donate some blood I personally would not just rely on aspirin and cialis alone. If HCT is fine and high BP it comes from water retention, do cardio make sure your AI is spot on and eat well and drink a sghit load of water
  10. Am i allergic to AAS ?

    ah 5/8 orange? I did not ask because you said your injection technique is out of discussion. And I consider the selection of syringes and needles as part of it. The oil is likely to remain in the surface and not go deep in the muscle with an orange one and that is VERY likely to cause a lump and pain at the injection site. I use orange only for my chest and I'm sub 5% BF!!!!
  11. Am i allergic to AAS ?

    I guess if you haven't tried before, you could try to dilute it with your own sterile oil. It will not make it worse so you have only upside. You only need some grapeseed oil, a beaker and some whatman filters. And a 10ml syringe. One difficulty is you are injecting multiple compounds at high doses, in that case diluting with sterile oil might be difficult and also the benefits are reduced (as you will have to inject a s**t load of ml!!!) But I'm assuming you're not injecting 3ml of stuff ED....!!!!
  12. Am i allergic to AAS ?

    At par ester, it's the amount of hormone per ml: the higher it is, the worse is the PIP. I dont even know how they can squeeze 400mg of test in one ml. I suppose also they will need to use more ancilliaries as in BA or BB solvents which are likely to make the pip worse too. I've never used anything higher than 250 for test, but I have heard people complaining about the horrible pip from t400 for example ALL THE TIMe. You are not allergic, it's normal. For what's matter, I used NPP 200 from RHOM too and hurts a lot more than the 100 from any other lab.
  13. Am i allergic to AAS ?

    Does the ester make any difference? or test prop same as Test E? I'm asking because I tend to get bad pip too from short esters like Test prop, NPP and even Mast prop, like most people tbh. Sometime yes, to the point i cant even ttrain the part where I injected. So I started to do my own sterile oil using grapeseed oil as a base, I dilute the prop with that and no PIP whatsoever. If ester is not the issue, in that I case I'll let others take this....
  14. Wildcat

    I used NP too and still have some which will start using next week when I do a small pre xmass blast. I've used Deca (NPP) which is absolutely excellent and also Test Prop, also very good. I've also used NP Primobolan as I wanted to "extend" a test / primo cycle and was out of Bayer. Honestly, I didn't think there was Primo there but it's tough with long esters, and particularly with a relatively light one like Primo, to really tell. However test prop and NPP are fast acting and can def tell. Never done bloods while on that Test prop but was def good. I also have quite a bit of WC in my personal reserve, glad I bought extra!!!
  15. Cruise time

    I follow a 6 weeks blast on short esters (favorite is Test prop, NPP and sometimes Masteron prop) followed by 3 months at 150mg of Test/weekly roughly. For example the last two months I've been on 125mg and might have underdone it, my last blood the test level was 18nmol and in mid August was 24nmol.. clearly depends on compounds and timing of bloods but without going into details I know I've been light.... I do bloods when im done blasting and before starting a new blast. Right now finished the blast on 1st August, planning to start another one next week. I wanted to wait till 2018 but I've been losing strength and weight this time, more than usually (likely because of lack of sleep and busier life as we just had another baby) so want to put an end. I have done bloods, the HCT was just above top of range, rest all very good. Will donate this Friday and starting next Monday. It will be a "moderate" blast, only 225sh NPP and 450sh test prop.