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  1. Have you ever thumped anyone

    From a kid through to mid 20s used to fight quite a lot from school to pubs and clubs. But then started martial arts and tried hard to keep it in the gym /ring. Got hit in the nose with a beer bottle at about 24 still can't breath through it 30 years later. Apart from in gym. Last threw a punch in anger about 5 years ago.
  2. You could do full blood panel before and the cheaper trt /hormone check midway
  3. Have you ever thumped anyone

    Go to a boxing gym.
  4. Have you also seen the same question over that same 20 year's ? Um same question same answer what does that tell you ?
  5. Blood Tests- UK

    Look at Medicheck's They do every blood test you could want
  6. Penis Reduction Operation

    Wait till your women is 40 plus years old and had a couple of baby's heads pushed out then it'll feel different
  7. I've read a lot about how important this is. But as soon as I get anywhere to lifting heavy ( for me heavy isn't very heavy ) its just feels like pushing or pulling I can't feel the individual muscle. So any suggestions on getting this feeling of connection?
  8. Mind muscle connection

    I've tried light slow reps. And can feel the moment better but don't make any progress. And adding a little weight each session trying to keep the feeling but as soon as it feels heavy the mind /muscle like changes to just push or pull.
  9. Supermarket delivery driver

    He didn't say it was a girl. ..
  10. Entitled. . That word sums up so much thats [email protected]#ed up in society.
  11. You should factor the cost of blood tests into the decision of doing steroids. And leave the NHS funds for saving lives.
  12. Medichecks and similar providers

    Medicheck mhc20 20% off
  13. Peanut butter

    Lots of people add peanut butter to their diet. Why not just eat nuts ?
  14. Melatonin

    I have some and find it helps me drop off if I'm fairly relaxed. But if agitated even slightly it doesn't help at all. Also find that hay fever tablet can help. But I miss at least one whole nights sleep each week. And have Zoplicone for when I've not slept at all for 2 nights in a row. On "good " nights I only sleep about 4 or 5 hours.
  15. Low cal sweet tooth treat options

    Have you tried flavours of rice cakes. Snacker Jack caramel are really good
  16. I think when gyms reopen maybe a good start would be. Only. 2 or 3 visits per week. Max time each visit 90 minutes. Limited amount of people at a time. Possible have to book day / morning or afternoon / actual time slot. Have your temperature checked on way in. Compulsory hand sanitizer. Must bring a towel to put on benches. And if your seen not wiping down equipment after use you get a month ban.
  17. Pure gum . Put DD on hold as soon asthey closed. They did start asking if people would restart their DD for a garenty of no price hike when they reopen and some discounts on up grading membership. I guess no one did it as they stopped discussing it after a couple of weeks. They are doing free online group sessions and workout plans. While closed.
  18. Oh 5hit

  19. Oh 5hit

    So I try to help motivate a out of shape guy I sometimes trained with before the gyms shut. So chest day. Over messenger sending what exercises /sets/reps. Halfway through this morning he stopped replying . Hour after I finished so 2 hours after last message. His wife rings. He's had a hart attack and has died. Early 40s very over weight. But still a shock.
  20. I thought you just got the phone out to film it.
  21. Sunak taking Piss Now

    I'm not saying it's wrong or that anyone has chosen to be furlonghed. But it's gota bite for the people who have had to work through it being at greater risk. And then probably still get stung by higher taxes. It's a bit like I feel a pissed that when I started with a mortgage it was up to around 16% and now my savings and (some of) investments are struggling to make anything . And this last few years /months are knocking chunks out of my pension funds.
  22. Boxing bag gains?

    Instead of a heavy bag get one of the punch balls that attach to both floor and ceiling ... Always funny as when someone gets hit back by the ball..
  23. Boxing bag gains?

    Too fat for body weight exercises. Thinking of going on cycle. Stop eating so much and go for a jog.
  24. Sunak taking Piss Now

    When the unavoidable tax rises come in I'd like to see big tax brakes for the people that have worked through this period. As a small pay back for not taking the 80% sit on your ass payments.