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  1. Hair Transplant members here

    If you don't wash your hair before going to bed does it leave a mark on the pillow? Really didn't know that using this was fairly common
  2. Hair Transplant members here

    When using this and your partner runs their fingers through your hair do they end up with hairy hands? ( didn't see similar questions until after id posted)
  3. Fat meaty swole vascular pumped heads

    The only 19 inch arms at pure gym are on the fat lass sat reading on the recumbent bike feet not even on the pedals. ( I use pure gym).
  4. Any Whippet owners?

    Was a genuine question as when picking my previous dogs i had a list of caricture i was looking for in the animal. Then picked one i liked the look of out of the list.
  5. Who can do a muscle up?

    Could be 4 sets of 5reps . Was just clarification.
  6. Who can do a muscle up?

    Is that 20 nonstop ?
  7. Any Whippet owners?

    Why pick a breed that is known to do something that you don't want it to.
  8. Who can do a muscle up?

    Was trying to learn how last year. Pull up bit no problem. Dip bit easy. Little tip over point couldn't quite get it. So tried with a fairly strong band. Full hang - hard fast Pull up - cracked head on cross beam . Made such a clang lot's of people looked around. To see me drop to the floor having nearly knocked myself out. Big ridge across my forehead for a week. Not tried since.
  9. Nothing stopping you from always wearing a mask. But why should everyone else.
  10. Could of been a drug dealer. Or assault due to roid rage.
  11. Better to feel silly with a mask than be the t**t without one
  12. Nobody realised that a computer could count above 2000 they all thought 1999 was the limit.
  13. My first couple of tests results were 10.1 and 10.6 so NHS said range was 10-32 within range have some antidepressants. This went on for year's. I was amazed at how against self medication my partner was. Definitely just thought any testosterone jabs =steroids. So I chose to go private clinic route. It's expensive but good to have a Dr who specialises in trt/male hrt to guide the way. Personally I think it's much harder adjusting smaller amounts of testosterone/hcg to find a higher end within normal range than it would be to blast up to getting swol in the gym levels. My partner is still sceptical even though she's been on various hrt protocol for over 20 years due to a historectomy
  14. The BBC Lied!

    When it was announced that they count deaths from any cause within 28 days of a positive test (test reliability is a whole different thread). It instantly makes the figures irrelevant in real terms. Positive test day one recovered feeling ok day 25. Killed in car crash /heart attack/ whatever day 26 .Gets counted as a covid death. So if someone you don't like tests positive go murder them. Covid will take the blame.
  15. Athlean X

    Anyone follow this ?