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  1. Keep being sick

    Don't go to bed before 1130.
  2. Throwing Up BCAA

    If you lifted the weight without injury then and with good form then it wasn't too much. As above could never superset deadlifts as I'd probably pass out. Try stopping the protein bars and bcaa If you train early just have some water maybe half a glass of fruit juice.
  3. Cycle

    You've gained 30kg in 2 years ... What was the one cycle you did ? What are your stats hight /body fat ?
  4. What sick children. . Like the one's the NHS need funds to look after
  5. Might be worth the investment in booking to talk to the mens health clinic and see if Dr Stevens will right a letter to bupa for you. Once he diagnoses that someone needs trt he will regularly do a letter for the NHS gp to try to get them to do blood tests and prescribed the actual testosterone. Would cost a couple of hundred pounds but would get you sorted.
  6. If you've got bupa can't you call them direct
  7. Wrote off 2 cars in 1 week

    So that's the side you f[email protected]# up what's the damage from were the other car hit you You did say it was called. A poor man bent it.
  8. Gym in Hanoi

    The gym was a little basic. But the squat rack was free. Dip station over the water was funny
  9. Kobe Brynt.....

    Sounds like he insisted on using the helicopter against aviation warnings for bad weather that had grounded all other flights in the area.
  10. HS2

    Was that on a borris bike ?
  11. Mine gets a touchy and flirty. But as soon as her ass touches the bed / sofa she falls asleep. And snors like f**k
  12. Greta Thunberg without a script to read from

    "Male money off the public " Isn't that the whole point of the movie business pretty much all businesses?
  13. Wrote off 2 cars in 1 week

    When you don't even post a picture on here
  14. HS2

    How can the government keep doing this. Accept a quote for a job then happily pay huge amount more. I'd like to see them go into a shop pick up something with a £10 price tag then pay £15 of their own money at the till. And be happy with the deal.
  15. Wrote off 2 cars in 1 week

    Were you on the way to or from the latest conquest ? Or was the fact she was blowing you at the time cause the crash