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  1. Mixed grill for lunch £7 105 gr protein good. 1430 kcal not so good . But didn't eat the chips or onion rings so maybe only 1000
  2. Deadlift tempo

    Aim is 3sets of 10reps. Is it better to stop and reset every rep on the floor. Or touch ( no bounce)and go so 10 reps non stop .
  3. How much whey protein do I need for atrophy of quads?

    Aim for 1gr of protein. Per Lb of bodyweight. Pick one . weight loss or building strength . Most drug free people can't do both at the same time. Work out your calories target and use my fitness pal to track your food.
  4. Tell the Dr all low T symptoms and your be offered anti depressants and tadafil
  5. Gross veins

    A lass I was seeing loved squishing the blood out of the veins then watching it refill.
  6. Do you know aprox what your body fat is?
  7. Anyone know wtf this is?

    Looks like the beak (mouth /jaw) from either a squid or octopus.
  8. Lump on forearm when tensed.

    Post up a picture
  9. Download "my fitness pal" onto your phone. The first couple of weeks are a drag but you can just scan in the bar code on any packaged foods and type in then surch for anything else. If you eat roughly the same things after a week it's all in the memory. If you have the same meal regularly type it in once as a meal then it remembers it. Like spag bog first time type in all the ingredients name it spag bog then next time the whole meal comes up as one click.
  10. I put my details into 4 different online calculators and they all came out within about 100kcals. But the easiest way that comes out around the same is your body weight in lbs x 10 . That gives your basic stay alive sat doing nothing amount.
  11. cholesterol on cycle

    Never done a cycle (on trt). My levels 8.6 Brother died of severalstokes. Mother has pace maker Sister on loads of Hart meds. But statin causes me bad joint pain.
  12. Protein dessert

    Anyone had any that you would recommend ? Preferably toffee / caramel.
  13. Trt plus check £143

    It's a new service. Only been available a couple of months. They can arrange a home visit to take the blood
  14. Trt plus check £143

    The men's health clinic. (Trt clinic ). Are now offering blood tests for non patients and I'm fairly sure they are cheeper. Have a look on their website