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  1. How does a variable rate mortgage work?

    Just tell the mrs you've [email protected]#ed your girlfriend in every room ,she won't want to be in the house.
  2. Females gym clothing

    Nipps showing through the sports bra is the best thing, especially when they stiffen while your chatting to the lass, Even if its only because your training under the air-conditioning vent. There's a girl who trains same time as her partner, in my gym I've known for a few year's in 2 different gym's, every time we chat she " adjusts " her boobs and her nipps go rock hard, within seconds her partner rushes over to interrupt.
  3. Take out a personal loan or car finance

    Maybe fix the old car, as moving into a new house will have loads of expensive stuff needed.
  4. More look at this massive cycle im doing against lots of advice. Then progress log and pictures. Either getting huge and lifting massive. OR Got massive tits, a back like the surface of the moon, cant get it up and cry every time he sees a puppy. But I'd follow it Either way
  5. Harry You should do a daily members journal.
  6. Trt bloods results

    From my understanding, low shbg will give you higher free testosterone levels for the same amount injected, but will also mean the body will clear out the testosterone quicker, so smaller more regular doses are required to keep blood levels stable.
  7. Honourable mention from TMHC

    Tmhc seams to quite regularly have no name people report them to the medical Council, so have ended up having to go through full investigation about their procedures. The last thing Dr Stevens would need is to be seen publicly advising on "illegal " drug use.
  8. How does a variable rate mortgage work?

    But at 44 and mortgage free, I'd be looking more at early retirement plan's not another mortgage.
  9. How does a variable rate mortgage work?

    I bought my first house at 18, at 20 my partner wanted to get a joint house but had no deposit. So i paid 25% deposit and had legal contract (much like a prenuptial) that at any point we separate/sell the house i take out 25% of the sale value before the remainder is split between us. She really wasn't happy, but I said either that's the deal or we don't get a joint mortgage.
  10. How does a variable rate mortgage work?

    Just like the feeling and simplicity of having the cash available. Then if I do leave either buy another or just go rent somewhere hot near a warm ocean are both easy options, Just looking into the amount needed in the bank for retirement visa in Oz / New Zealand
  11. How does a variable rate mortgage work?

    Recently sold a 2nd property as want to be in the financial position to walk away from current relationship with the cash available to buy another house, without the delay of selling the one we share.
  12. How does a variable rate mortgage work?

    Been there, endowment mortgage will pay off the house, and provide new car / big holiday. Changed to will only cover half the value of the house. But the banks offer a "top up endowment ".. [email protected]# right off with that.
  13. How does a variable rate mortgage work?

    £30k sound's cheap but the wage of the day was just as low. It's just a [email protected]# that those of us who paid that level of interest now get 0.1% on our savings, [email protected]#ed at both ends .
  14. Brexit was launched

    A invoice for illegal drug's from a "underground " lab .. It's not the same as the prescription from a Dr or clinic, the border control are looking for.
  15. You may well find the 2 you already have will get worse as well