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  1. Old enough for first cycle

    Trouble is you can't just add a bit of test. When you add a bit your body goes NO! And reduces it's own production. So you have to replace the whole lot . Hcg keeps some natural production but it's a ball ake (literally ) to get your body /extra test/hcg/estrogen to settle at a constant level.
  2. Old enough for first cycle

    100mg is what the Dr has advised and last bloods was mid 20s so probably slightly high for my age but still within guidelines. Had gone just aboveguidelines previously but reduced hcg to bring levels down as have problems with aromatizing so estrogen was too high as well . Still need Ai or nipples are permanently rock hard

    No access to a washing machine?
  4. Anyone else been in this position?

    Am I on mumsnet ? No one taking the pi55 Talking about feelings No pin a G of tren advise. Guess it shows we've all felt this crap at some point. And all got through it . Op it feels $#it but will get better. Think lots of people who train tend not to have a big social circle. That's why cross fit is so popular it's a very social way to train.
  5. Old enough for first cycle

    Is that instead of a little silver cocane spoon
  6. Old enough for first cycle

    Punched a door. .. a fridge maybe. .?
  7. Old enough for first cycle

    Thanks for the compliment. My trt is around 100mg/ week Tempted to try 200 but going by comments on here 300 is what seams to be the minimum to get a worthwhile amount of gains. Not wanting to get that roided up look but I'd like to add 5 maybe 10kg of lean mass as I've been around 70kg since I was a teenager.
  8. Any cyclists?

    Are you set on a road bike? A mtb opens so much more choice of were to go and way more fun. Road bikes cover more miles easier but if your aiming for cardio and leg training off road will give a better workout.
  9. Can a house be too big?

    Not that time . But I could understand her point of view.
  10. Old enough for first cycle

    Training has been going well. For small guy that never going to be strong I'm doing OK. Lock down training at home and lots of mtb has worked quite well. Fitter and leaner than I've ever been.
  11. Can a house be too big?

    Only used the washing machine once. Did my gym kit and gym towels. Mrs was as suspicious as £uck that I was removing the smell or stains from another woman.
  12. So I'm 54 always been interested in being fit and HEALTHY. so now I'm thinking well I'm quite old now so don't really have to worry about long-term health implications. Been on low dose Dr pescribed TRT for 18 months. Some small benefits.
  13. How do you date girls in the UK?

    If you never normally get to see boobs any boobs would be great. Some times you see a picture that just shows the girls eyes and that's enough to think uummm I would. That little twinkle that some girls have.
  14. Your gyms still quiet?

    Just backfrom gym was the only one in there for a hour.
  15. Shift work

    I used to work a rolling shift pattern that would start a hour later each day of a 5 or 6day run. Was a nightmare never getting to really adjust to starting times or when you got to sleep. Was working between 60 to 65 hours weeks.