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  1. Space station

    It was visible tonight but Does it go past us or do we go past it?
  2. What’s everyone training today?

    One arm lat pull down Chin up Bent over row Straight arm front pull down One arm row 2 arm hammer curl (tricep bar) Inclined seated 1 arm curl Face pull using band Shrugs All at 5151 tempo
  3. Aliens

    In that movie wasn't it a virus that saved humanity
  4. Lockdown lark

    Monday and Wednesday sorting out the loft. Tuesday work at mates garage . Yesterday getting old weights out of shed and sorting home gym. Today sorting out the loft in the garage. So hard to wheel the bikes out in the sunshine and resistgoing for a ride.
  5. Road cycling

    I got a couple of the cheep chinky lights for my mtb one on the bike one on the helmet. Very good and last a couple of hours per charge. Cree led always get good feedback. Mine were sold as Cree but maybe fake
  6. Sunshine

    No planes No vapour trails No clouds. If we stopped flying off to the sunshine would we get more blue sky's and sunshine here ??
  7. 2. Spent 54 years as a guy. 40 years chasing pussy in getting old it would be easier to just have my own.
  8. Day 5

    On the 5th day. The old equipment gets dragged out of the shed. The multi gym is small but it's stack weight is the same as my body weight.
  9. Day 5

    Is the shape due to burnt bits being cut off ?
  10. It's difficult to stain metal tubes. But they are easily wiped down so no worries.
  11. So I'm helping out in a mate's garage while he has staff off. I find it anoying that ask soon as I walk in the Mrs starts talking and has dinner nearly ready. I'm trying to be patient but ffs let me sit down and be quite for a while.
  12. Day 2

    Plan was get old weight set out of shed. So moved mtb from shed into garage. Looked at motorbike while in garage. Closed shed went out on motorbike.
  13. I'm not a gamer but

    Still getting out on motorbikes at the moment. Like yesterday few hours out ripping about. One fuel stop paid at pump and only talked to myself. So self isolated but out enjoin the sunshine Fifa ent that football ? That's a s**t sport live let alone as a game
  14. A hypothetical question...

    Year's ago my then fat brother got locked up for 18 months. Spent 5 days a week loading concrete slabs on pallets. Came out buffed. 3 month later fat [email protected]# again.
  15. One step closer to Martial Law

    Martial arts club was a disappointment