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  1. My gift to the starving!

    Nice gesture, if not a bit noncey
  2. IPTV

    Necro. Not the cheapest. About £70 for the year with 2 simultaneous connections. But very very reliable

    So what about pubs that sell meals and are allowed to stay open? Are they to stop serving alcohol so it's fair on those that had to shut because they don't sell meals? It's all complete and utter inconsistent, incoherent BS at this stage. Wish they'd just fk off and let us get on with living our lives again.
  4. Anyone else been in this position?

    Yep the first one is the worst. Mine I was 18/19 . 1st real serious GF. I lived with her at her mum's house for about 9 months, then we managed to rent a flat together. Within about a week she moved back in with her mum! Lol. Tried all sorts of stupid sh1t to get her back. Still banging her here and there but she was playing silly buggers and didn't want to get back together properly. One thing it taught me, never to chase after women. The more you chase the more needy you look and less attractive you become. Never made that mistake again. It's all part of growing up I guess. We've all been there and done that. But it toughens you up emotionally. Either that or you become a life long doormat.
  5. UKM Poetry challenge!

    Did you carry on fapping?
  6. Anyone else been in this position?

    Everyone been in this position at least once in their life. No easy remedy . Just got to man the fook up and move on with your life. If she's been shagging you and the new fella at the same time, then shes really not worth the grief. Once your emotions die down a bit and rational thought returns, you'll realise that.

    The only business that will be helped by this sh1te is Amazon. Same as during the national lockdown.
  8. The amount of money that's been chucked about like confetti by the government so far during this scamdemic, I don't see why they don't just give the kids free meals in the holidays. It's a drop in the ocean. The way they're wrecking businesses, keep locking down, opening up, locking down again. We're all going to be financially dependent on the state in the not too distant future anyway. If that's not a deliberate aim.
  9. Grime music is sh1t

    That's a bit harsh @Kazza61 and Vetran put a lot of work into producing that track!
  10. Grime music is sh1t

    Here's a nice one for you lads!
  11. Grime music is sh1t

    Nah by these guys are legends
  12. Grime music is sh1t

    Wut! Try this one then. Dancehall/UK rap.
  13. Grime music is sh1t

    US/UK collab . You guys will like this one. Well Drake Canadian but same thing
  14. Grime music is sh1t

    Bit more mellow