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  1. Sage advise Gyms close again

    Yes I agree with this. Since the government has seen its way clear to giving my business 50k over 6 years with a total repayable interest of around 2.5k, I've come on board with all of these measures. I wonder how many limited companies that have also received these "loans" will be dead and gone (along with the loan) within a couple of years. Wrecking thousands of jobs, ruining a generation of kid's educations, paying millions of fit and healthy people to stay cooped up in their homes till the majority have some form of mental illness. For a disease with an average fatality age of 80 when the national average was 81 anyway, has been completely justified and worthwhile. The great Covid bonanza and give away. I just feel sorry for the folk that didn't get any free money during these tragic times.
  2. HAHAHA! That post is so obviously fictional, you should have really started it with... "Once upon a time" Very active imagination some of you faggots display! LOL
  3. HAHAHAHA! Britain First calling for other groups to be banned. LMAO Britain First is a racist group that's mission is to drum up racism and division. So a group that promotes racism is campaigning for a group that opposes racism to be banned. Make your choice faggots... Good or evil!!
  4. Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.

    Have no idea who will win this fight as they were both completely shot to pieces 15 years ago. Probably go with Tyson just due to the size advantage. I really don't have much interest in it though TBH. This is more a fight for the folk that thought Mccreggor/FMJ was going to be a decent fight.
  5. Mortgage application & gambling?

    Not sure how much it would affect an application but I wouldn't take the risk. I would try not to have any gambling transactions on bank statements being submitted. As above just use PayPal or some other vehicle that doesn't make gambling visible on bank statements. Not difficult to do and will give you peace of mind.
  6. ITV - WTF?

    Love that statue! Hopefully they'll keep it there permantly just to wind up the phaggots. If they do end up removing it hopefully replace it with Lewis Hamilton.
  7. Eddie halls new house

    Saw this video a few days ago. Amazing house. Will be ridiculous when he finishes everything he's planning to have done to it. Comes across as a really decent fella, very down to earth. Fair play to the guy, has done absolutely incredibly.
  8. Millionaires of UKM

    Citreon Berlingo LWB crew van. Doubles as work and family vehicle. Most expensive motor I've ever owned , 4.4L petrol ex demo X5 , 6 months old. Unless you're absolutely minted and money is literally no object, expensive motors are a mug's game IMO and experience! . May as well just get your money stick it in a bin liner and tip it straight down the nearest drain. Cut out the middle man.
  9. White lives matter

    Making Britain great again! (one phaggot at a time)
  10. White lives matter

    Making Britain great again! (never mind the phaggots)
  11. White lives matter

    Good on Lewis! You can tell just by the type of people he's upsetting that he must be doing something right. Bring on the knighthood!
  12. Fragrance

    Day Evening
  13. Who can incline bench 100kg+

    I guess it's all relative. If he was say lifting 90kg before he went to 95kg, jumping from 90kg straight to 100 may be a bit too big a jump. Its been quite a long time since I lifted anywhere close to max. I tend to lift in higher rep range these days. So can't really remember what increments I used to go up in when my goal was to try and lift as much as poss.
  14. Who can incline bench 100kg+

    Yes retracting shoulder blades definitely helps too with taking load off of shoulders. The BB style , elbows flared , bar down to neck is a complete shoulder wrecker unless you're very lucky genetically.