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  1. derek chauvin Is going...

    Yeh the lack of guns is definitely a problem in the US! Looking it a bit fishy with this latest police shooting in N Carolina, police holding out on releasing the body cam footage.
  2. derek chauvin Is going...

    Another police shooting yesterday in N Carolina. Will be interesting to see the body cam footage when police release it Andrew Brown Jr: Black man fatally shot by police in his car as he was served with search warrant in North Carolina Protesters have gathered in North Carolina, calling on the police to release bodycam footage of the incident https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/andrew-brown-jr-black-man-fatally-shot-by-police-in-his-car-as-he-was-served-with-search-warrant-in-north-carolina-12283729
  3. European Super League

    Just watching Andy Burnham on Sky news banging on about the government need to do this and that with football. Football clubs are private enterprises , what the fuk does it have to do with politicians , the majority have never done an honest day's work in their lives and everything they touch turns to dog sh1t. The last thing football needs is government interference. They should fuk off and sort out the hospitals, education, policing. The things they're supposed to be doing, which are generally a pile of sh1t. Before they go sticking their noses into private business. These kunts have become so emboldened by the extra powers they've given themselves in the name of "covid".
  4. Take out a personal loan or car finance

    Fair enough but you can get a personal loan at present with a half decent credit rating at under 3% Apr. So let's say you take a new car for 25k on your PCP deal 2-5% apr The same motor 6 months old with 2 or 3k miles on the clock will probably be around 16k. With a personal loan you're gonna be on a similar or better % apr than the new car on your PCP deal and the motor costs 9k less. It's a no brainer for me but I guess we all work out thing differently.
  5. Take out a personal loan or car finance

    Getting a brand new car makes no financial sense, whether it's by way of lease, PCP or whatever else. As pointed out already in the thread as soon as you drive the car off the forecourt it's depreciated hugely. And if you think the lease/finance company are taking this hit rather than you, you're simply deluding yourself. I'm sure you can get used cars on lease /PCP. To my mind it makes much more sense, if you want something very new, to get an ex demo or something, maybe 6 months old, with a few thousand miles on the clock. You're really not gonna notice the difference between that and something brand new and it's probably gonna save 30% or so on payments. But as said people are entitled to do what they like with their own money. If it makes sense in your own mind that's all that matters really.
  6. derek chauvin Is going...

    Dunno, think they're going on about systemic or institutional racism or some other mumbo jumbo. It's all bllx. You only have to look at the history of the state's to see it's always been a bastion of meritocracy and colour blindness. And this Chauvin fella...He kneels on one neck of one unconscious fella just for a few minutes, just to take the weight off his feet after a long day's work. And there's all this all this fuss and furore?! I dunno I blame the kids and their pesky camera phones. Should all be banned. Kids and camera phones.
  7. Brainwashed sheep

    I remember reading about this, "only 32 vaccinated people out of 74k hospitalizations" or whatever. If I remember correctly they counted hospitalisations between Sep 20 and March 21 . And those vaccinated equalled people who'd had their first jab At least 3 weeks previously. Since the vaccine roll out didn't start till mid Dec and started out quite slowly. That automatically made it physically impossible for a good number of those hospitalisations to qualify as "vaccinated" When you then take into account that up to half of Covid hospital patients caught the virus in hospital while already poorly. Of those we have no idea how many would have been in a position to be vaccinated. As I'm sure they don't administer it to people that are presently sick. So it's a bit like saying out of 74k hospitalizations none were over 7ft tall. Not because being tall stops you getting covid, just because there's not really that many people around that qualify.
  8. derek chauvin Is going...

    The most serious charge and the one carrying the longest sentence Chauvin was found guilty of was 2nd degree "unintentional murder." There was never any contention from the prosecution that he intended to kill GF. It was accepted the homicide was not intentional.
  9. derek chauvin Is going...

    You probably did watch more of it than me but as I said your comprehension skills are obviously not great. How else would you understand this : “And in my opinion, the law enforcement subdual, restraint and the neck compression was just more than Mr. Floyd could take by virtue of that, those heart conditions,” the medical examiner said. to mean this "they also said that 90% occlusion of an artery would have no effect" I don't trust MSM commentary because I'm not still 6 and more often than not their commentary doesn't align with the facts or data in the majority of instances. But I'm pretty sure they're not going to falsify the transcripts from a murder trial that was beamed live around the globe.
  10. derek chauvin Is going...

    Well if you watched the whole trial, your comprehension skills are just bot really up to much. Dr. Andrew Baker, the Hennepin County medical examiner, took the stand at the murder trial of former Officer Derek Chauvin for pressing his knee on or close to Floyd’s neck for what prosecutors said was as much as 9 1/2 minutes as the 46-year-old Black man lay on the pavement last May. "Asked about his finding that police “subdual, restraint and neck compression” led to Floyd’s death, Baker said that Floyd had severe underlying heart disease and an enlarged heart that needed more oxygen than normal to function, as well as narrowing of two heart arteries. Baker said being involved in a scuffle raises adrenaline, which asks the heart to beat even faster and supply more oxygen. “And in my opinion, the law enforcement subdual, restraint and the neck compression was just more than Mr. Floyd could take by virtue of that, those heart conditions,” the medical examiner said. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.kcbd.com/2021/04/09/expert-lack-oxygen-killed-george-floyd-not-drugs/%3foutputType=amp How does that equate to "they also said that 90% occlusion of an artery would have no effect" All of the medical experts testified that GFs heart condition and drugs in his system were "contributing factors" in his death. You sure you weren't watching with the sound turned down? If you had listened and understood what was going on, you'd have realised that what an "average person" with no underlying health conditions may be able to withstand, had no legal bearing on the case. Ps. No I didn't miss the part where it was stated that a much smaller amount of fentanyl had proved lethal in some case previously. I just chose not to ignore the rest ,where it also said that there was no figure that could be specified as a "lethal dose" as it varied too much from person to person. And that GF showed no typical signs of someone ODing from opiods
  11. derek chauvin Is going...

    I gotta admit I did actually feel a bit sorry for Chauvin when the verdict was passed as it's just a waste of another life. Looking at him it was as if what the judge was saying didn't register at all, as if he was talking about someone else. But at the end of the day what he did was ridiculous. He had plenty of opportunity to get off of GF. All the bystanders were telling him GF was not conscious, the female fire fighter pleaded with him to let her check for a pulse and he ignored it all and made the decision to stay on his neck long after he'd lost consciousness. And when you read into Chauvin's past it doesn't look like it was the first time he'd done something like that. If that hadn't have happened then, who knows, he may have ended up killing a kid. You clearly didn't watch the whole trial as you say, as I only watched snippets and the medical experts I saw testify, said GF showed no characteristics of someone overdosing on opiods. At one stage they even pulled up evidence from previous drug driving prosecutions showing that plenty who'd been convicted of driving under the influence had higher blood concentrations of fentanyl than GF did and none of them died. It was explained several times that a lethal dose of opiods varies hugely from one person to another, dependent on size, acquired tolerance and other variables. On balance I think justice was served. Possibly touch and go with the 2nd degree murder, as not sure Chauvin actually did intend to cause bodily harm. But any reasonable person should know if you continue to pin someone face down with your knee on their neck for several minutes after they've stopped moving, there's a good chance you're gonna cause them harm.
  12. derek chauvin Is going...

    The jury were already sequestered by that time. So Impossible for them to hear that.
  13. derek chauvin Is going...

    Think it's gotta be guilty. Sure the jury would have taken longer in this case if not guilty. I reckon at least guilty of 3rd degree murder and manslaughter. If not the 2nd degree murder too.
  14. derek chauvin Is going...

    Yeh I wasn't talking about the judge advising them to find either way, but he will have requested that they return a unanimous verdict if at all possible.
  15. Take out a personal loan or car finance

    Loan all day long. Go on a comparison website , with a decent credit rating you can get a 10k loan at present over 5 years and only pay £10700 back total. about £12 a month interest Car finance you'd probably pay back about 14k on 10k . Absolute mug's game, nearly as stupid as using credit cards outside of their interest free period unless paying full balance monthly.