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  1. Remortgage and extension

    Couple years ago I took some equity out of 2 investment properties to use for some work I did on my own house. Worked out pretty well. Even after adding 40k to mortgages (split between 2 ) my mortgage payments are considerably lower than they were before, as I moved from standard variable rate with one mortgage co to a much lower 5 year fixed rate with another. 2 bits of advice I would give. Shop around for best rates you can find, speak to mortgage brokers as they can get some deals that are not available to general public. One I ended up using after speaking with several are called London and Country mortgage brokers. They had all best offers available and don't themselves add any extra fees to end user. 2nd, Tell the mortgage company you want the money for a new car/luxury holiday (both) much easier and no more questions asked. If you tell them you want it for building work they will(or did in my case) start asking to see detailed quotes for the work you have planned. This was a pain in the @ss for me , as I had a ball park figure of what I needed but wasn't at the stage of getting quotes. I wanted to secure the funds first and then do the rest in my own time. I ended up scrapping first application due to this and starting a new one saying I wanted money for a new car and holiday. Didn't get asked for any other supporting data going that route. Anyways good luck with whatever you do.
  2. Zero deposit rental

    The only zero deposit rental you're likely to find is a shop doorway on the high street. Added bonus, it'll be zero rent too. If you're extremely lucky you'll find yourself a nice "filthy roider" to share it with!
  3. People talking about how "stupid" and "moronic" Iran are for misidentifying and shooting down a civilian passenger plane but they're not the first to make that mistake. The US themselves shot down an Iranian airbus (flight 655) killing 290 civilians at the end of the 80s. Talking about stupidity, I doubt anything will ever come close to matching the military incompetence of invading a sovereign nation, overthrowing it's regime, occupying it and plunging it into a decade + perpetual state of civil war that has led to hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths on mistaken intelligence that said nation possessed "weapons of mass destruction" and were planning an "imminent attack". Everything the US gets involved in militarily turns into a giant clusterfuck. Iran now being painted as the bogeyman. This latest US offensive was apparently to "protect US lives". What a load of bollox. Iran poses no threat to western civilians. In fact they've probably done more to safeguard western civilians in the last decade or so than all of our own governments put together. Iran has been/are instrumental in fighting against the Wahhabi Sunni militant groups in Syria, Iraq and the wider region. Those groups are the threat to US and western civilians. 9/11, the 7/7 bombers , the Manchester concert bomber, London Bridge attackers, San Bernadino mass shooting, 2015 Paris attacks (138 killed) and countless others all perpetrated by individuals either connected to or inspired by Isis, Al Qaeada or other Sunni extremist groups. If Iran is such a threat to the west where are all the attacks carried out on the west by groups connected/backed or inspired by Iran ?? The country in the Middle East that is by far the biggest threat to western civilians is Saudi Arabia. The country responsible for spreading the extreme Salafi-Wahhabi ideology across the region and around the world and backing and funding the above groups to destabilise it's neighbouring countries. 15 of the 19 9/11 plane hijackers were Saudi nationals. Yet somehow the Saudis are the west's greatest ally in the region
  4. Dapoxetine

    I've used it. First time was amazing. Going like the clappers for ages . Made me feel a bit nauseous after taking and a bit fuzzy headed but very aphrodisiac in its effects. Never been as good as the 1st time. Still use it very occasionally, definitely still has some effect but nothing that amazing. I don't suffer from PE just done it recreationally in an attempt to go into porn star mode. LOL. But have seen peer reviewed studies of people using it . Judging by those it definitely improves things for people with PE.
  5. Great post. The majority of sheeple are too comatose to see the obvious. The US as a country is the world's greatest threat to peace. Not Iran, N Korea or any other random bogeyman. You only have to look at US military action/interventions since the end of WW2 for clear evidence. And it's "allies" are all sh1t scared of it. It's like friends of the playground bully. They all know it's a horrible *unt but would rather stay on its good side.
  6. Favourite aftershave?

    Don't usually wear after shaves as have problems with sinuses but in the run up to christmas was out shopping and decided to have a look at this Creed as heard loads of people saying how great it is. Tried the original one that the shop assistant said was the best but preferred the smell of the one she said was the new one (aventus) so decided to take it thinking it would be about 70-100 quid...turned out it's £210 ! Nearly fell over , but thought you only live once and probably on my 4th or 5th mid life crisis now. so fk it , bought it. Spent the rest of the day thinking why the fk did I just spend over 200 quid on cologne I probably won't even be able to wear, a thought confirmed when my missus went in the bag and found the receipt! But TBH i've had it on every day since, it's a very nice, natural smell more citrusy than perfumy and hasn't caused any problems with my sinuses as yet. Could see myself getting another bottle when this one done.
  7. Joshua is a disgrace

    AJ has won all but 2 of his victories by knock out, knocking out the likes of Klitschko, Povetkin, Whyte....Yet after only his 2nd ever points win he's now a boring fighter. People talk so much sh1t. He fought the right fight. too much at stake to take risks, had he got caught and lost again his career would have been in tatters. AJs natural style is to let his hands go and end fights not win on points and he has a better knockout ratio than any other top 10 HW even Wilder and against better opposition. But it pays to be smart. Ruiz style is really not good for him. But he outclassed him and got his belts back without having to break a sweat.
  8. AJ v Ruiz who wins?

    Good points. Fury is definitely more fluid and naturally gifted as a boxer than AJ but I think AJ's technical ability is very underrated. He won the first 4 rounds of the Klitscho fight and was ahead on the scorecards at the time it finished. You have to be technically pretty good (at least!) to do that against Klit. I think an AJ/Fury fight can end with a points win either way or an AJ knockout. I also agree that Fury won't ever get hit harder than he did against Wilder but Wilder only throws single shots(right hand). AJ has power in both hands and throws combinations , he also has a very good jab. I actually think Fury's style may be perfect for AJ, as AJ's real vulnerability is his ability to absorb/recover from a punch . Against Fury not sure whether there will be enough threat of any power coming back to keep AJ at bay. Very interesting times in HW boxing though. Just hope these big fights Wilder/Fury/AJ actually happen while they're all still in their prime.
  9. AJ v Ruiz who wins?

    Fury is pillow fisted. If he did beat AJ it would be on points. Fury probably carries less power than any current top 10 HW. He isn't knocking out anyone half decent.
  10. AJ v Ruiz who wins?

    Think AJ wins comfortably this time. Ruiz is really only Joe Parker, Dillian Whyte level. Something was off with AJ last time whether it was a temple shot that he just couldn't recover from or whatever. But Ruiz really doesn't have the devastating power people are crediting him with now due to last fight. I think he will struggle to get near AJ this time around. AJ will control the fight and I see it going a similar way to the Povetkin fight with AJ wearing him down and it ending between 7-10.
  11. Yep, would be the perfect finishing touch!
  12. Good for you. Whatever you're doing seems to be working just fine. Cracking physique in your avi. Great width!
  13. Nah; the "hue" is probably down to blood pumping to muscle, as pic was taken during a back workout. Judging from your avi (or lack of) I doubt that's something you would be familiar with!
  14. Central heating? Sounds like faggotry. I'll just shut the bedroom window if it drops below -10
  15. Iptv provider

    As someone who had full Sky package for probably +15 years unbroken I wouldn't swap IPTV for SKY now, not even at the same price. Too much more content , all the 3pms, all the PPV boxing and all it costs me is £6 per month. All I really watched on SKY (that's not on freeview) was sports anyway and I get way, way more now at a 10th of the price. Even less if you include all the money I used to spend on PPVs. Horses for courses though I guess.