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  1. Hospitals and NHS Care.

    When I see them start employing some of the qualified medic volunteers and opening the £220 million quids worth of field hospitals. That's when I'll start believing the hospitals are stretched to the unprecedented levels the MSM are trying to ram down our necks daily.
  2. Hospitals and NHS Care.

    You're listening to the narrative/commentary rather than looking at the data. I've posted here NHS own figures up to a couple weeks ago that show hospitals are generally not any busier than they usually are at this time of year. Probably slightly less. If you Google NHS overwhelmed you'll find articles with headlines "NHS overwhelmed" from probably every year for the last 10 or more. Think logically. If the NHS really was at absolute breaking point due to Covid. You really think they wouldn't take on some of the tens of thousands of qualified volunteers eagerly waiting to help out. And they wouldn't bother opening up the Nightingale field hospitals? In the absence of those events, surely it's just common sense that they can't be that stretched.
  3. National Lockdown

    I never tire of listening to all the brain dead idiots that queue up to mock and ridicule Wylde. When they offer absolutely fook all of any note or consequence themselves. But hey ho, that's another story. You know I'm always prepared to debate /defend any point or information I put forward. But what are you actually disputing here? My original point was it makes no difference if I end getting ill from Covid or not, it won't change the statistics and therefore my opinion won't change either. I've seen and can comprehend the data. The average age for a Covid hospital admission is 72 , the average age of death with Covid is 83 and with 2.6 existing chronic illnesses. Less than 2000 people of any age with no underlying conditions have died with Covid. With that and other information in mind I know I'm at very little risk from Covid . But there's always exceptions to every rule. I'm just saying even if I was to be one of the unlucky exceptions it wouldn't change my overall perception of the threat. In the same way if I get struck by lightning, I won't all of a sudden think it's a huge threat. If you'll tell me what point I've made here (or anywhere for that matter) that you disagree with, I'll gladly explain/clarify.
  4. National Lockdown

    Did I hit a nerve! You take a dig at my "occupation" and claim to have "way more skills" than me. Yet instead of answering what those skills are or say what it is you do...you start frothing at the mouth and go into a tirade of childish name calling. Is that behaviour you've learn't from the nutters you look after?
  5. National Lockdown

    I can tell from your posts here you're not very bright. And why do people keep picking on my occupation? Lol I have no academic qualifications, not even a single GCSE. I stopped going to school at 14. I now run my own courier business. I previously owned a timeshare marketing company. In between these 2 ventures I won hundreds of thousands of pounds playing online poker. I live in a house worth around a million £ (I own more of it than the bank) and I own 2 more properties that I rent out. I'm no brain of Britain but from where I started to where I am now , I'm pretty confident in terms of natural intelligence i'm smarter than your average pea brain. So come on then, Where are you in life and what are all these "way more skills" than me you reckon you possess? PS a car accident was actually quite a good comparison. As the number of people who die each year in road accidents is very similar to the number of people (of all ages) with no pre existing conditions that have so far died with Covid in the UK.
  6. Hospitals and NHS Care.

    So anecdotal evidence trumps NHS empirical data? We're supposed to take the word of one doctor or nurse that works in one hospital who comes on the TV and says "hospitals are busier than they've ever been" , over the NHS's own official data that encompasses every hospital in the UK, that says hospitals are less busy than this time last year? It's funny how you then rubbish anecdotal accounts from retired doctors and nurses that say NHS red tape is preventing them from helping out in the "overwhelmed" hospitals. I mean we're all biased to some extent. But you're in danger of just coming off like a government/MSM stooge at this point.
  7. National Lockdown

    More ridiculous than when you wished cancer on anyone not wearing their masks properly? Difference between me and you and the other retarded pea brains that frequent this place. I'm capable of thinking objectively and analytically. You're not. That's why it makes no difference if I end up being one of the very rare unfortunate cases of an otherwise healthy person being severely affected by Covid, it will not change my view. In the same way as if I'm severely injured in a road accident. It will not change my overall opinion on the safety of car travel. What can you do. You're probably "creative" or have some other skills.
  8. National Lockdown

    Regardless of whether they share my opinion or not. Anyone who has been reading my posts since the beginning of this shitfest, will not dispute that I've done a lot of reading of data/stats etc. So unless you have been doing a lot reading and research, then that's what I've done different than you. How else do you think you can learn about and become informed about anything? You think you can just switch on the idiot box in the corner or the information just drops out the sky? Typical generation nothingness. Can't be bothered to put the effort in to learn about something but yet still thinks they're in a position to argue with someone that has. PS not taken any drugs yet today. Gonna smoke a nice big fat reefer a little later though.
  9. Hospitals and NHS Care.

    The NHS is not being overwhelmed. It's near to capacity, as it always is this time of year. Due to the bed structure. This winter in general there has been more spare capacity than normal overall. In 2020 the NHS had 15-20% less overnight stays than usual. All of that is easily verifiable and It's all according to NHS official figures.
  10. Hospitals and NHS Care.

    My posts were/are not specifically about the BS vaccine. The army of qualified volunteers being ignored by the NHS have been there for months before the vaccine was even developed. You were the one that brought up the vaccine.
  11. National Lockdown

    What you mean is you cant be bothered and or are not capable of researching any data/statistics. Yet you still believe you're as informed as those that have spent many hours reading and researching. Yep you sound pretty typical of the majority.
  12. Hospitals and NHS Care.

    The only thing I'm worried about is the absolute fuking carnage being caused all across society to combat a new cold virus that on average kills people of 83 years old with multiple chronic illnesses. I think a few more may be worried about this too, when the full extent of the damage caused by these idiotic lockdowns becomes apparent. Couldn't give a flying fook about the BS vaccine nonsense, beyond if it helps all the useful idiots and spastics get a grip and allows the rest of us to get on with our lives. Then I support it wholeheartedly.
  13. Hospitals and NHS Care.

    I guess the doctors and nurses in that article saying they cant get past the red tape the NHS has put in the way of them volunteering are just a bunch of liers tjen. Probably just trying to get their 15 minutes of fame, eh? If red tape can be bypassed to rush out a vaccine at "warp speed" . You'd have thought the same could be done to help staff an "overwhelmed" health service Bit like the £220 million worth of field hospitals sitting empty while the hospitals are "bursting at the seams"!
  14. National Lockdown

    I would bet you any money ive done a ton more research than you and probably 95% + of peeps on this forum, on all things covid related. You're barking up the wrong tree there mate.
  15. Hospitals and NHS Care.

    Yes the NHS is being completely ravaged by this pandemic. But they must make sure everyone's "prevent radicalisation" training is up to date before letting them help out! Rushing out vaccines and new draconian laws, any amount of red tape can be cut in a heartbeat. But not when re hiring qualified medical staff to help an "overwhelmed" NHS? pull the other one, it's got bells on!