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  1. So the first thing you say is there's too much speculation, then the very next thing you say is hugely speculative. Lol S Korea has a total covid death toll as of today of 269 out of a population of 50 million. So minus all the BS hype it's been a complete non event in countries like S Korea. S Korea also never implemented any blanket lockdown. People need to start actually looking up and verifying data themselves before regurgitating the absolute sh1te spewed forth from the idiot box in their living room.
  2. Just speculation. Heard Johnson saying something yesterday about thinking they may be able to lift lockdown restrictions quicker than they previously expected.
  3. So Durham police have issued a statement after investigating Cummings's lockdown shenanigans. "On 27 March 2020, Dominic Cummings drove to Durham to self-isolate in a property owned by his father. Durham Constabulary does not consider that by locating himself at his father’s premises, Mr Cummings committed an offence contrary to regulation 6 of the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020. (We are concerned here with breaches of the Regulations, not the general Government guidance to “stay at home”.) On 12 April 2020, Mr Cummings drove approximately 26 miles from his father’s property to Barnard Castle with his wife and son. He stated on 25 May 2020 that the purpose of this drive was to test his resilience to drive to London the following day, including whether his eyesight was sufficiently recovered, his period of self-isolation having ended. Durham Constabulary have examined the circumstances surrounding the journey to Barnard Castle (including ANPR, witness evidence and a review of Mr Cummings’ press conference on 25 May 2020) and have concluded that there might have been a minor breach of the Regulations that would have warranted police intervention. Durham Constabulary view this as minor because there was no apparent breach of social distancing. Had a Durham Constabulary police officer stopped Mr Cummings driving to or from Barnard Castle, the officer would have spoken to him, and, having established the facts, likely advised Mr Cummings to return to the address in Durham, providing advice on the dangers of travelling during the pandemic crisis. Had this advice been accepted by Mr Cummings, no enforcement action would have been taken. In line with Durham Constabulary’s general approach throughout the pandemic, there is no intention to take retrospective action in respect of the Barnard Castle incident since this would amount to treating Mr Cummings differently from other members of the public. Durham Constabulary has not taken retrospective action against any other person." https://www.durham.police.uk/news-and-events/Pages/News Articles/Durham-Constabulary-press-statement--.aspx Meanwhile, Downing street are sticking with their position that Cummings didn't breach any laws. "A Number 10 spokesperson responded: "The police have made clear they are taking no action against Mr Cummings over his self-isolation and that going to Durham did not breach the regulations. "The prime minister has said he believes Mr Cummings behaved reasonably and legally given all the circumstances and he regards this issue as closed." https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/dominic-cummings-durham-police-say-pm-aide-may-have-committed-minor-breach-of-lockdown-rules-11996238 At this stage all 14,000 lockdown fines issued by police to the public should be rescinded. If the government who wrote the laws and the police who are supposed to enforce them can't even agree with each other on what is and isnt legal, why should the public be expected to know better? To add insult to injury there is no right of appeal for any lockdown fines. They cannot be legally challenged. Absolute p1ss take.
  4. They'll be open before August. Apparently pubs will be re opened some time in June. Can't see gyms being behind pubs.
  5. I personally don't think this has anything to do with party politics. The right wing media are going after him just as hard as the left and there's been something like 35 Tory MPs publicly calling for him to go and I'm pretty certain they're from across the board and not all "remainers" I think the sheeple are up in arms so much because the poor fookers believed in the lockdown with their hearts and souls and really thought they were "saving lives" by following it. Public support for the lockdown was huge. So it's obvious they're gonna be a bit p1ssed off when they find out people behind implementing the draconian measures are not actually following them themselves. Cummings broke the lock down rules more than once. He went back to work at downing street after being at home with his wife who he strongly suspected had Covid symptoms. As I said previously, I think you could just about give him the benefit of doubt on the actual trip to his parents. His excuse for this about childcare I could just about buy. But then his trip to Barnard Castle is another blatant flouting of lockdown rules and his BS excuses for that are a complete insult to the public's intelligence. And these are just the breaches he's been caught for! For me the biggest issue is with his blatant lying and refusal to accept he broke the rules and apologise.. If he'd have admitted he did wrong I think a lot more people would be happy to let it go. I said earlier why I think the reaction to Cummings indiscretions differs to that of a Labour backbencher's. I agree he must be a very astute political operator or he'd already be long gone. But his position is untenable at this point , he's just draining the government's credibility and authority the longer they refuse to get rid of him. I don't think he'll survive and I don't think he has anyone to blame but himself. It's clear from watching his press conference that he's a sociopath and pathological liar. Those qualities are probably very helpful for campaigning and winning elections but it looks like they'll also be his undoing too. Don't think he has any grounds to claim he's the victim and this is all just a media witch hunt. He did wrong, got caught, won't admit he did anything wrong. All of his own doing.
  6. He did realise that he would get criticised that's why him and his wife who both wrote articles giving accounts of their covid 19 experience, both completely omitted any mention of their trip to Durham. And why he never told Johnson or anyone in government that he was going. People don't usually hide stuff if they don't think they've done anything wrong.
  7. He does seem to wield a disproportionate amount of power for an an "advisor"
  8. Difference is, those paps had no say in making the rules, Cummings was one the architects.
  9. I agree with that. It isn't a crime to go to a beauty spot (well technically it was at the time!) and of course doing that didn't really put anyone at risk. Apart from his passengers! The problem is he's made up this elaborate and completely ridiculous story about only going there to test his eyesight. Which proves he's a completely dishonest bastard. That's the biggest issue to me. You got caught out put your hands up, especially when you can't come up with an even remotely plausible defence. Of course he can't admit he did anything wrong or he'll have to go. He now has zero credibility though and he's dragging down Johnson and co's credibility every extra day he stays in his job. I get what you're saying with the hypocrisy image. But I don't think anything can be more hypocritical than those making the rules actually breaking them themselves
  10. The big difference between Ali (or anyone else) breaking the rules is that they weren't a big player in the team responsible for making the rules as Cummings and Ferguson were. There wasn't that much drama when Ferguson got caught because he did the right thing and resigned straight away. To me the whole lockdown thing has been a load of bllx from the start so I really don't give a sh1t who has or hasn't broken the rules. But the absolute nonsense Cummings has come out with to try to somehow explain how he apparently hasn't broken any rules is what I find absolutely ridiculous. I have to admit it has been pretty entertaining though. Not sure If you're aware of what he's said but his story about going on 60 mile round trip drive(with his 4 year old in the car) on the 12th April to test his eyesight for the journey home the next day is just beyond the realms of reality. If he's telling the truth he's a complete psychopath for taking a 4 year old on such a journey, if not true he's completely dishonest and lacking integrity. either way he's not fit for purpose for the role he's employed in.
  11. Yeh and the fookin idiot Cummings had the front to berate the reporters for that after his own shenanigans! Dude comes across as a complete sociopath TBH.
  12. The thing that baffles me more than anything is how did Johnson and the rest of the cabinet ministers supporting him actually think it was good idea to let him go in front of the cameras to give his account of events. How could anyone in their right mind think his explanations would sound anywhere near plausible to anyone over 9 years old. @DeniedI think all the furore is because he is one of a very small group of people chiefly responsible for setting the rules. And the SNP bird and Ferguson both resigned pretty quickly after being caught flouting the rules. What makes it even worse is that Cummings explanation of the events is clearly absolute BS. The blatant dishonesty is worse than breaking the rules. But I understand why he's lied and is being backed by Johnson and co. Because if he were to admit fault he would have to go, no question. I really can't see how he survives though still.
  13. That bit is beyond ridiculous. He apparently did all this 260 mile journey etc to safeguard his young child. Then he decides to take said young child on a drive when he's uncertain about his eyesight. The whole thing reminds of the Little Britain implausible politician excuse sketch.
  14. Yeh I don't think he probably put anyone outside his oen family at risk but I don't think that's the point. We could have all done stuff that didn't logically put anyone at risk , like going out for a drive if/When we were bored but it would have still been breaking the rules and subsequently the law. TBH he broke the rules/law before he even set off for Durham, after admitting he went back to work after going home to see his wife who had possible Covid symptoms. I can't believe Johnson and some other MPs are trying to defend him. It just shows how horrific their judgement must be.
  15. If so what's your take on it? Did he break any rules? or was he just doing what any reasonable and responsible parent would have done in the same circumstances? His press conference yesterday was bordering on the bizarre to me. Well probably past bordering.