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  1. Greta Thunberg without a script to read from

    Little fucka does my head in, she needs to stick to colouring in....
  2. Training twice a day

    Dont understand why people want to train twice a day, it will just satisfy your mind and put you more at risk to injuries. Obviously if you are a pro bodybuilder then I kinda see the point...but....
  3. The biggest guy in the world

    @drwae where you at
  4. Started my blast few weeks ago and this time keeping test low at 300mg and mast at 400mg, already feeling the difference. Last time I added var whilst running mast I noticed quite a fluctuation in mood, twice I tried it and got the same effects so will not run var same time whilst running mast anymore but yeah it defo makes me feel alot better than just test alone (<which is still great on its own)
  5. Triumph DMAX?

    Sphinx super t5 , give them a go if you havnt. Give you a weird sensation at first but when I needed a boost these would blow my head off.
  6. Sex with 18 year old girls??

    I think its gave him more ideas!!
  7. That's not a cruise

    What about a 'TURBO' cruise then ....or Cruise hybrid?
  8. Malay tiger clen

    I reckon half a tab is 160 Best clean I've had though but fcuk knows what dose I was taking lol
  9. Malay tiger clen

    Yeah nice and easy, quick chop with the Stanley blade job done. Careful they dont rattle you to death
  10. Malay tiger clen

    Potent!! I've still got some left from cycles of it and that's from one box Half a tab is enough for me, I even took it down to a quarter of a tab and still did its job. Last time I took a full pill I thought my heart was going to explode. Seems from what feedback we've had on here is it's just way over dosed bit still does the trick if you split them down.
  11. Advice on Abscess please

    ....you better hope @AestheticManlet dont see them feet!
  12. Advice on Abscess please

    Plenty of time to compete, just get that ass back in shape. I'd say you had a close call but least it's getting dealt with sooner than later. ......we need to see 'after pics' aswell so we can advise further, all angles required including 'upskirt'.....standard Ukm procedure Good luck
  13. Advice on Abscess please

    Facefcuk pharma
  14. Streaming apps

    TeaTV, ZionTV & TyphoonTV