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  1. Hows your gyn prepared ?

    Put some new air fresheners up in mine yesterday
  2. Eddie halls new house

    Would have been a whole lot easier to buy some land and start from scratch building it to spec. Would have had the spar etc in the same area or atleast closer to the basement. Whole place needs opening up big time.
  3. Lunch ideas for people with manual jobs

    IF you have access to a microwave at work then GSN's 'pots O gold'
  4. Nexus anavar

    They are fine, all mine have been white tabs (not racist honest)
  5. Eddie halls new house

    Ahh yeah your right, he said the guy recently had some carpets fitted recently lol foggy brain this morning. That's even worse, why have 20k fitted recently then sell up ... Agree about a house that size should give you a grand entrance, hallway should be a nice open area sucking you into the house defo, does look like it needs walls taken out for sure. ....im not jealous about it either way
  6. Hows your gyn prepared ?

    Gym at the weekends for heavy leg sesh only after all the restrictions are lifted so until I can freely walk in and out of a gym ill continue to train at home with my 3 jbl xtreme bluetooth speakers and piss the neighbours off with cliff Richard
  7. Eddie halls new house

    Moved in and fitted 20k worth of carpets before he strips the walls/ceilings ready for plaster and decorating That place would have been ripped out, walls taken out, redone before I moved in. looks so cramped aswell BUT fair play to the guy, will make a nice castle that will.
  8. Hows your gyn prepared ?

    = KAOS!!!!!
  9. Hows your gyn prepared ?

    come on man, you must have known it was going to be like this!
  10. Where can I find a decent bench

    Foook me, never even thought of that. Got 1 near me aswell.
  11. Gyno surgery questions

    I aint no snob mate, aslong as I get seen to. Didnt say dedicated either, I said I went and had my seroma drained twice
  12. Gyno surgery questions

    Not my point, your missing it completely.... I'm not saying nhs is better than private, I'm not saying you get better service down urgent care, what I am saying is regardless what level of service you'll get, going urgent care if you have to (even when you've had the procedure abroad) then you can get the 'aftercare'!!! I'm not debating the type and levels between private vs abroad. I responded to the thread because its made out that its going to be difficult if something goes wrong when you get back to UK, that's bullshit... Each to their own, im not bothered if I have to wait, I'm not fussed if I don't get a seat in a leather chair next to a fancy plant, not fussed either that I get a fancy cup of water...fact is and what I was saying is regardless what level you banging on about...if you go abroad and get back and you do have issues then you can go to urgent care and be seen, Fact. To many bang on about 'f**k that don't go abroad' 'id never go abroad' bla bla bla like all the surgeons are incompetent over there and your fcuked if you get issues when back. I get if you want to go private, its our choice but going abroad doesn't leave you in the lurch. Quote: would not go abroad just in case you develop issues, just pay extra its your health at the end of the day. This is what my response was to before you assumed I was getting at something else
  13. The day has come... when will gyms open

    Yes I get that but you missing my point... They won't let a load carry on in a sweatbox if pooh hits the fan and infection rates start going up. They'll have to scale it back and the leisure facilities will suffer first again
  14. The day has come... when will gyms open

    Work yes, leisure no. We'll have to go work somehow but if there is another wave then they will tighten up and gyms will be shut again. Point was they won't let you carry on going gym etc if there was to be another potential hit.
  15. Gyno surgery questions

    Same here, easy to arrange, no stress, banter with a top surgeon and his receptionist and answered all my questions....but was abroad!! Just because a top surgeon is a 'top surgeon' doesn't mean a surgeon or nurse at ugent care is incapable. What is there to compare, you have an issue and off you go, get attended to and back home. You might have a professional relationship with your surgeon but that doesn't mean someone who works in urgent care can't give you the same attention. How different is the level of service having your tits drained if you have a 'top surgeon' at a private clinic ?????? ...and I didnt have my procedure done by ugent care you know lol....I had a top surgeon believe it or not!!!