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  1. How is it possible for rent boys working from home .....unless you breaking the covid-19 rules frandy
  2. Thhhhaaattts the spirit Cock pic on it's way......once I find it
  3. Resistance bands

    You can use your door if you get the attachment included in your kit but I gave mine a try and felt like the door was going to bust open. It's like a foam piece with a hook the other end, foam piece sits the other side of your door so when shut it cant squeeze through from the other side. Use something you can wrap the band around. I have a huge shed and I wrap mine round the supports for triceps, lat pulldown etc
  4. What are we watching?

    Watched Vin diesel's bloodshot yesterday...its alright, invisible man....better than I thought. Got a load of police interceptors to get through ...this is all after elastic band workout of course!
  5. I would say you need to get out but not the best advice at this moment in time. You controlling your E2 ok Gav???
  6. Think the posties are going to be extinct

    Wheres my Calais you bast**d....
  7. Who else is missing the gym?

    Tell us about the bbuuuuuuuurrnnn
  8. Who else is missing the gym?

    Shhhhh!!! ...yeah do it, I think in this moment of time you should donate to my charity of 'superNOTSOrips' foundation....all to a good cause!
  9. at this thread.....seriously????
  10. So we can confirm @LethweiUK isn't in that 'smarter client' category then
  11. Resistance bands are fu**ing s**t

    I've got 2 sets of the above so I dont have to keep looking for them around the house after the mrs has been sling shotting herself. I get on with them great, actually enjoy going down the garden to the cave for a workout. I've been attaching up to 8 bands at a time, wrapping them around a pole and doing very strict sets of seated row, stacks of variations, you just have to experiment to see pin point areas you want to hit more. Reverse flies, close/wide grip later pull downs, single arm rows, shrugs etc..you can get very creative with them.
  12. Day 8

    Frozen vet
  13. Who else is missing the gym?

    Bloody kill joy
  14. olympic plates

    Serious question mate, are you gay?