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  1. Covid vaccine.

    The nut job still breathing
  2. Inspire ft2 if you have the money
  3. New Equipment

    I started off with that one, Well worth the money mate, pulley system is better than I thought it would be aswell, I managed to bag a body solid one for cheeeaaaap which gives you the option for the pull ups when the arms are locked at the very top. I modified my bodymax the same by carefully drilling an extra hole, didn't compromise the structure at all either. I use a 3 meter strap wrapped round the press arms to mimick the cables, works OK but ive got the fly attachment for the bench which works good.
  4. New Equipment

    @Cronus which leverage machine you got? I love mine, so much you can do with it and pretty compact.
  5. THC pens?

    I've had 2 of the most potent thc oils before and they were lethal, abuse it and you'll know about it. I had the Pockex with thc straight oil, no mixing, pure form and a separate pen they called the 'kali Kart' that was like a Gel form. Me and the mrs used to zone out on it but got to addictive so knocked it on the head over a year ago. Worked wonders for muscular pain though and was (for me) better than smoking the weed. ...was thinking of treating myself for Xmas seeing as its going to be a quiet one.
  6. Can a house be too big?

    I'd be telling her she needs to be wearing see through leggings, icing on the cake
  7. Vpn

    For my iptv, will run without but can be temperamental due to the isp's attempts but vpn keeps everything running smooth
  8. Vpn

    Was going to say surfshark aswell.
  9. Ready made meals

    They're alot nicer than I thought pal, I have to stop myself from having 2 on some days but after you've tipped them into a bowl its surprising how much they cram in the box.
  10. Wish me luck guys

    That s**t is lethal, think id rather go wray and nephew
  11. Ready made meals

    Pots-o-gold is my go to now. Buy bulk off their site, cant be arsed making my own meals anymore, not enough time in the evenings after work and my mrs is on strike
  12. Lol Shhhiiiiit man eaaaazzzee Mr zilla
  13. Natty or not?

    You lot don't know what you are talking about, its plain obvious he's a natty.....he said he is
  14. Garage Gym Power Building

    Some strength that is
  15. Garage Gym Power Building

    Managed to pick up a powertec leg press new version off fleebay for a ton, im chuffed with it. Real good burn and seems alot more sturdy than the 1st edition that was just 1 horn front loaded which I had and sold on. This one with the weight horns either side is 10 times better....for a ton im not complaining. Would I pay full pruce for it? Naaa id invest in a dedicated leg press machine.