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  1. Gym rant

    Just book 2 slots!
  2. ...by a chic with a dick!
  3. CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can't stand the damn things!
  4. Borris imposing "rule of 6"

    Jeez he don't half go on dont he, always boring s**t aswell
  5. What Lab for Anavar ?

    Nexus for me so far.
  6. My top 5 bodybuilding foods out of a tin

    Oooya bastard Looks something from aliens
  7. Who donates blood and how often

    Donate every 3 months, I never train before or after. Only time I trained before and I got turned away because my blood wouldn't float pre donation, I was only a few digits out aswell
  8. Arnolds son putting on some size

    Leave him alone, he's bulking
  9. The PANIC!!!

    0.04%....im hoping the skunk head is in that percentage!!!
  10. The PANIC!!!

    Got me really excited then
  11. Fury vs AJ

  12. What's up

  13. 1000's of covid deaths to be wiped off

    Still a load of fcukin shite
  14. Conspiracy theories

    He just dont have a clue what he's going on about, spitting out all the bs he comes across n the net whilst high as fcuk on his ganja then expects everyone to jump on with him. People can have their opinions fair enough but the constant s**t he posts just makes you feel even more sorry for him. Needs to get out and enjoy life as much as can be instead of looking for the next conspiracy bollox and being a boring prat stuck on loop all the time. To many of his sort around trying to stir up s**t causing more hate than these so called theories he keeps coming up with are causing. Just leave it alone, who gives a s**t anyway, what can we do about it all....just live your life and get on with it He won't answer any of his critics clearly because he has no idea what he's got his head in, instead copy n paste pure bollox without atleast trying to justify it. Blokes a weirdo, he's clearly ill
  15. Conspiracy theories

    The daft cnut falls for anything he reads on the net, totally brainwashed, sad lonely individual