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  1. Yep, same here for first few weeks, felt weak and so sore but eventually came back. That was after atleast 9months of BB. Did have dumbells but not as heavy as I usually press. Was it you after a powertec bench ??
  2. Where can I buy weights?

    Fitness superstore Powerhouse fitness The gym revolution Gumtree SS healthfoods - for plates if you can catch them in stock. You need to be checking frequently though as they go out of stock within a few hrs. Powerhouse had a huge stock of kit/plates around 11am on the day I was lurking and by 2pm most of it was out of stock
  3. How decent is Body-Solid Equipment?

    Another body solid fan here aswell, have their leverage machine which is very solid compared to my old powertec machine. Was looking at that vertical leg press myself last summer but running out of room so went with Smith rack instead to utilise it more
  4. Unfortunately when we have kids we have to take them to school and pick them up. You need a mrs these days to have kids you know mate
  5. Well thats you f**ked for your 3pm strolls then
  6. People with Extra Body Parts

    Actually you have a point there, I remember the 'emporium' days where they used to be the local crew and one of them used to dance on a riiighhht slant, group of birds told us its because he had 4 toes on 1 foot and the other was a club foot
  7. People with Extra Body Parts

    Does he live near Coalville you think?
  8. National Lockdown

    He doesn't know himself Kazza! He's trying to come across like he knows his s**t yet can't simply provide us with his solution the weasel The boy is plastic, has no idea what he's even talking about himself, shows that everytime he's challenged, shits himself and hides till his master tells him to post something different.
  9. Lockdown extended to 5th March

    Please tell me you have no kids? @wylde99
  10. Lockdown extended to 5th March

    Depends if you have included yourself in that you selfish t**t
  11. The gym build

    Couple of these will warm it up enough. https://www.screwfix.com/p/bgp1506-25-freestanding-ptc-heater-2500w/159jt I use them for work aswell, for a small blow heater these soon warm up the area
  12. Dog Sh.t everywhere

    looks like posh Bob ...those were the days
  13. Dog Sh.t everywhere

    Why don't we see white dog s**t anymore anyway Not racist either
  14. Dog Sh.t everywhere

    The days when you accidental picked one up
  15. Is Lockdown Working?

    ... f**k off then Why you so bothered what other people are doing about it anyway? The s**t you post isn't having any impact you stoner