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  1. Test e / deca or npp . Both high doses
  2. Genesis UGL UK

    Never heard of them pal, what mg/ml are the compounds
  3. No, gyno influenced by 19nors ( puffy ) nips, ai for water retention, low dose adex
  4. To be honest, using an ai on blast probably has only helped with less water retention on ankles and face . I always felt good without use , but as I’ve got older my body finds 19nors a little less tolerable which I need to run nolva throughout cycle
  5. Yep, I dropped the eq and donated bloods and was back to my own self after around 2 weeks or so . Looking at your doses I would recommend having bloods done to see were you are without using an ai but if I’m honest, I never used an ai for the first 10 years of using aas , I’ve only been using ai since the age of the internet and forums
  6. I can run 1g deca with 1g test , high orals , 900 npp with test , mtren, 750 tren e , not all at once though lol, but like you I went years before trying eq , I ran eq at 900mg ew with test and npp . After around 6 weeks the eq destroyed me, felt like shite, no energy, paranoia, anxiety you name it! It’s one compound I will never run again
  7. Feck me, you can’t have best of both worlds all the time, tell your gay mate to either grow a mullet and play cricket or man up , jab some gear and look good .
  8. High test, Winnie + var . Mass , strength and hardness easily achieved with good diet and training. Does you well to give 19nor a break
  9. As @Sasnak said, I would drop down to cruise dose and rest. Once feeling a little less sore I would start light with pushups, sit-ups and so on before jumping back on heavy weights. You won’t lose your gains in 2 weeks. How did you manage to fall all the way down the escalator? We’re you pissed lol
  10. I would run test and the mast and save the tren, bye some Winnie also, add t3 or Clen if you’re really struggling but good diet and cardio will shed the pounds
  11. As above ^^ I use 3000 vit c daily anymore you might get loose on the toilet
  12. I’m using 30 pharma Winnie and 50 var triumph and they compliment each other nicely
  13. Not yet pal, I’m in Yorkshire