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  1. Ok, so finally got rid of the gyno lumps, took about 4-5 weeks on nolva 20mg ED, still kept on 300mg test e every 10 days (0.5 adex E3D). Still trying to figure out what went wrong, basically on my blast I was taking 300 mg test e 800 mg deca as wanted to try a high deca cycle as heard good stuff, and the results were good! But then I got some gyno flare up. I had alrady upped my ai for the high deca, I usually take 0.5 mg adex EOD so went to 0.5 mg ED, AND I was taking 20 mg nolva like I do on every blast. So then I upped the adex to 1mg ED and the lumps kept on getting slightly bigger so had no choice but to drop the blast and hit "cruise" at 300mg every 10 days. tldr, questions below: 1) I've been told since the ai and nolva didn't work in preventing gyno that this is likely a prolactin issue. Please could someone describe in laymans terms what this means? And what I can do to prevent it happening again? 2) I've been recommended "half a Caber tab EOD for 2 weeks" if the gyno flares up, I'd rather it not come in the first place, does anyone take caber throughout 19-nor cycles? What would be the dosage? Or is it just taken when the lump appears? 3) Anyone else ever got gyno whilst taking adex AND nolva, how did you solve the issue? Thanks for any advices on these as I still have a lot of deca to use up and also my joints are aching and could do with some deca injection atm.
  2. I'm 39 now mate, my sister has had kids to keep the parents happy, really not that bothered eirther way. Plus I have fuked up genetics, generally mental illness orientated, and don't really want to pass this sh*t down as it's been passed down to me. Happy to be kid free ! No probs, cheers mate, didn't realised there could be both oestrogen and prolactin related gyno, after 5 years on steds I'm still learning ! Will try the test deca cycle again when these small lumps have gone downd. Will do my usual 20 mg nolva 0.5mg adex ED and have caber on hand (at half a tb EOD if lumps come back). Last question tho, do I take the caber when my nips are feeling strange or when the lump flares up again. If I stop taking the caber on blast and the lumps come back then do I just start taking it again or can I take it through the blast to stop it coming in the first place? Cheers again mate, appreciated!
  3. Thanks all for the opinions, anyone have a link to the thread? Would be interested to know more cheers! Not done Caber before, are you talking about on blast with the adex and nolva? Or instead of one or the other? Would be interested because I have a lot of deca left that I don't want to waste. Will caber prevent the flare up? Willing to give the deca another go once the nolva has got rid of the lumps. Cheers
  4. Guess it depends how big the lumps are and their development, took a long time for nolva to get them down for me, but I guess everyone is different!
  5. go to cruise dose and 20 mg nolva per day, will reduce them in size (usually), takes around 10 weeks+
  6. Came off a high deca cycle due to gyno flare up, was taking 20 mg nolva 1mg adex per day(!!!) and it still flared up (??), went down to my "cruise" dose 300 mg / 10 days test e, gyno getting smaller with nolva, still seeing growth. Thinking of just staying on 300 mg test / week forever. Thoughts? Sides? Will my body "get used" to it and stop growing eventually?
  7. I always run nolva on blast but definitely won’t stop gyno happening in some cases. I just ran high deca test with 20mg nolva and 1mg adex EOD and got gyno flair up. Had to drop the deca and now on cruise dose. Keeping on with the nolva until lumps have got smaller (from experience about 10 weeks). Won’t be running high deca again, shame as the blast was going really well!
  8. Amazed the lump would just appear out of nowhere. I check regularly but not too regularly to cause a problem. I know preexisting gyno never goes away so it would still be there. But growth to pea size in a day, due to missing an ED dose of adex and nolva and alcohol, would this really be possible?
  9. No caber. Will up adex to 1mg ED and see how it goes for a week. If no change will drop the deca and stay on 600mg test e. If they get bigger will hit cruise dose. If nolva doesn’t remove in a few month will take the letro. cheers!
  10. Cheers for advice. I'm more than confident nolva would remove the lumps if I dropped to cruise dose, but was looking for some way to stay on blast. What about dropping the deca and just doing 600 mg test e only? Also was hoping to give high deca a shot this time around, don't mind dropping it and trying some other time, but also trying to get an idea of the AI I would need on doing a high deca dose blast. Looks like 0.5mg adex ED isn't enough for me, would I just up it to 1mg next time?
  11. So went to do my weekly nipple check and I have a small pea sized lump under my left nipple and one developing on my right. They are both just beneath the nipple not directly under it. Currently blasting 600mg test e 800 mg deca. Arimidex 0.5mg ED nolva 20 mg ED. Im thinking it’s the high deca dose (never run this much deca before). But very surprised the nolva hasn’t prevented this time as I had the pea sized lumps before and nolva removed them last time! So I can drop the deca to 400mg (or completely!) or up my ai to 1mg ED? Up the nolva to 40mg ED? I also have some letrozole on hand but not sure how I would add it into the above. Would I drop the nolva? Keep ai the same? Not sure what to do here so any advice would be appreciated! edit Also just realised I missed my ai and nolva yesterday (Saturday) then went out drinking Saturday night, could missing one dose and the added contribution of alcohol have caused a sudden flare up?
  12. I’ve never done an oral only cycle as there seemed little point, gaining them losing the majority of the gains after. But I would think some support (NAC) and PCT would be a good idea. That said I’ve said all I’m gonna say in this thread mate you should read the other comments and take on board what others are saying.
  13. Good job on the stopping drugs and drink, good for you srs If you are that curious then try it, it won’t kill you. But I can pretty much guarantee it won’t have the effect you think it does. As others have said it may also have the effect of allowing you to put more strain on your injury and make it worse. But it’s your body and your money.
  14. It would be best to get a solid training program and diet in place and get a good base before you start any kind of steroid. If not, you will simply lose what you have gained when you come off. It will also give you chance to assess your shoulder injury and figure out some work around exercises. Getting drunk and doing other drugs is not really comparable to steroids because steroids should be a long term commitment with lifestyle changes. It sounds like you're pretty much set on trying var but just popping pills wont get you to the place you want to be.