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  1. Is Piana gone? He wasn't the kidney disease guy was he?!
  2. Anyone here got a home safe? If so, what brand and have you managed to get it under the floor or hidden it in some other way? If it was put under the floor, would it not still need to be bolted to concrete? Basically, my bank wants to reduce my substantial overdraft borrowings from several thousand, right down to 0 in one go next month for an overdraft I've had for years and despite the fact that, being self employed, every time I've gone back to work, I've put huge amounts of cash into my account and not touched the overdraft. Other times, it's been a bit s**t and lived off the overdraft. They've made handsome cash off it too as I always had to pay fees when using it. My plan was basically either open a different bank account, withdraw the money in cash, so the bank does not know where it is and go to the new account and lodge the cash into the new bank and keep it held there as basic security. I don't know if the original bank though could get a court order or do anything to claw the funds back into their back, so, my second plan, is withdraw the cash of the entire overdraft, buy a safe, keep it in there, either in business premises, a storage locker or behind a wall or under the floor at home, so I've got rainy day money stored up (believe me I need this at the moment with an ongoing illness that is not properly diagnosed or treated and is intermittently stopping me working) and on the times I legitimately can't work, not even from home, I've lived out of the overdraft. Right now, I'm not using a penny of the overdraft and haven't for at least a year, now the c*nts decide they will just whip thousands of pounds out of my account! I'm panicking a bit now that they'd just pull a stunt like this. If I remove all the cash, the only thing they can do is come to a properly agreed repayment plan with me and I would negotiate the charges down based on my medical situation and put a sum into the bank every month by cash as repayment, but a nominal sum, so I am still left with some emergency money. Be really grateful for anyone's thoughts or if there's any other kind of safe that can just look like a household object but can actually securely hold a substantial amount of cash, also, when I buy it, I will try and buy it with cash from somewhere so again, the bank don't know I have it. Any help really appreciated.
  3. who answers withheld numbers?

    If they ask for me by name or its a bailiff or something TV licence c**t, I say, oh, she's dead and then it goes silent and I hang up while laughing full bore.
  4. I can't function on low carb. I have many hypos per day on every diet I've tried. I need about 5000g of carbs a day if busy or too hot or I get low blood sugar. The old advice is the best. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you eat full and could eat a bit more. I've seen loads of fatties that eat s**t every five minutes and call it a treat but there's no true hunger signals in their body also they go for carvery and eat until they can't mouth then wonder why they are fat! I think some people can benefit from doing a fast and learning what real hunger signals feel like instead of cravings or emotional eating. And then eat a meal slower and learn what full up enough means as opposed to stuffed to bursting. I lived like this all through my life and never gained weight. Until I went on the mother fucker prednisolone. Then had to detox myself off the evil f**kers. I need to shift ten lbs then I'll be back on the home straight.
  5. DNP run for a woman

    Right, once I recover a bit more and get my brain scan, I am looking at another short Dnp run. This time I will jack the fluids right up further but the main thing is I need more food as I was dropping a kg per day because my appetite went to s**t. I have only got to get about another ten lbs off and I will see improvements in my health. I can't diet like normal people because of my hypos and every time I train I keep having hypos. So, one more short run, taking it easy and battering food and fluids. What can I do to stimulate my appetite? I couldn't eat on it last time barely one small meal a day and weight was flying off far too fast and I definitely lost some muscle.
  6. Taylormade products

    Well decent and good seller comms totally recommended
  7. After sex

    Oh FFS lie there for a few minutes and snuggle her instead of acting as if you got the plague.
  8. Phone call from bailiff

    fu**ing loving it!
  9. Phone call from bailiff

    Ignore it and don't give the bullying c**t a penny. Getoutofdebtfree. Org
  10. You guys won't belive this sht

    The thought of the guy taking a full day's worth of breath in just to fully sample the scale of the stench and actually saying oh my god, is creasing me up with laughter. People are looking at me because I'm laughing to myself
  11. You guys won't belive this sht

    @simplelimit, ignore the haters. You have a real comedy gift style of writing. Every time I read your post I cannot stop laughing and after a week in hospital believe me those laughs are much needed. I need to hear more stories about the shame of your behaviour at work.
  12. DNP run for a woman

    Hmm OK. So that was a bit weird. My creatine has pretty much dropped to normal again and kidneys intact thank f**k but that's only because I came in here for a big fluid flush. Today's theory is that it might have been a seizure that caused a creatine rise. So now I have to have a brain scan. I was just gearing myself up for an escape tonight back home. I am wondering did I not eat enough food during the Dnp as it absolutely killed my appetite or is it possible that I am one of those people who needs much, much more fluid to flush it. Or is it because I have an underlying Glycogen storage problem and this made it worse. I will think about it and do some research before I even consider another run on it. I am still trying to understand the exact mechanism by how it stops protein conversion to glucose when glycogen is depleted. How does it inhibit that process?
  13. How to really get in tune with a womans feelings

    Let me explain how to solve this. She only does that because you are being mind numbingly boring and crunching macros and doing protein farts. Here is the solution. When she comes home, you tell her how beautiful she looks and that you do not tell her anywhere near enough how wonderful she is. Cuddle her, kiss her and actually make some goddamn eye contact. You could really push the boat out and buy her some flowers and say you don't show her appreciation enough. Then, without delay, initiate sex. Make it exciting, don't just do the same old shite you've been doing for years. There. You just saved her having to try and actually get some kind of interaction out of you all f*cking evening. Do not wipe your knob on the curtains afterwards. No need to thank me.
  14. How to really get in tune with a womans feelings

    Haaaaaaa but as a typical man who doesn't read the manual, that gadget would be far too high tech for you Looooool
  15. Using DNP

    How does it stop your body from breaking down protein into glucose once glycogen stores are depleted?