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  1. Could have at least posted a link u lazy bastard
  2. Best sandwich

    Steak, onion and gravy is a winner But corned beef and ready salted crisp baps is second to none
  3. Started to read then got bored, if you put it into sentences people might read
  4. Can I get a sick note

    Fully agree, can I ask what industry you are in?
  5. Can I get a sick note

    Me too, don’t u find as a rep if it wasn’t for hr and the members it would be quite a good job being a rep?
  6. Can I get a sick note

    Shouldn’t your employer have a duty of care?
  7. I guess there is no exact science to it, I’d weight out 250g frozen then weight again defrosted and see how much it’s lost I’m guessing it will just be trial and error
  8. It tells you consumed weight on the website, I’d like to think you wouldn’t eat it frozen https://www.iceland.co.uk/p/iceland-ready-cooked-sliced-chicken-breast-500g/64748.html?&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Iceland+|+Generic+|+Smart+Shopping&utm_term=&utm_content=Ad+group&source=ppc&gclid=CjwKCAjw6qqDBhB-EiwACBs6x4y1sACEbOL9WLYdy7uYt0V-i0Hsnrjh4HRKxdaQL6TQNovTH2kCVxoCfQMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  9. Depends on what industry you are in and how transferable your skills are really two wether you would like to be made redundant
  10. Rexon test

    Not used but got a price list a couple of years ago when I bought something else off them so they’ve been about a bit, I know that’s not much help
  11. Even if your workplace isn’t unionised some of your coleuges might be members who could get advice
  12. Are you or any of your colleagues in the union? Even if just one of your workmates is they would get advice and share it with everyone, off the top of my head it’s 1 week for every year up to 20 years for under 40’s capped at £500ish quid, unless you have a better agreement in place at your work for example I get 1 months salary for every full years service and it’s not capped at how much you earn so might be worth checking your contract
  13. That’s a shame, I’ve only got 200 weeks of TRT dose of test e left
  14. Is dark ghost email only or have they got a website reseller now?
  15. They found the evil bitch

    I fully believe my dogs prey drive would kick in and in that situation do exactly the same to the seal that is why he is never allowed off his lead when walked in public and I pay a local boarding kennels for him to run free In a massive fenced off area where you are the only ones allowed in edit: once a person intervened I know my dog would stop but if you are 100 yards away he would have done some damage first