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  1. Where can I buy weights?

    I might be selling some dumbbell handles now I’ve bought some 60kg adjustables PM if you are interested. They are hardly used and are what came with my Olympic set
  2. Uk-m pets what have you got?

    Alaskan malamute mate, lovely dog
  3. Where can I buy weights?

    Just bought the 60kg ones, I'll let you know in 3 weeks what they are like
  4. Where can I buy weights?

    Got a link mate?
  5. Where can I buy weights?

    No mate am considering the 60kg pair for £190
  6. Where can I buy weights?

    2nd hand shite on eBay £5 a kg
  7. Where can I buy weights?

  8. Need nike airs today NOW!!!!

    Haven’t you got more than 1 pair of trainers?
  9. Completely agree I use it for saving meals I make from scratch, spag Bol, chilli, turkey burgers ect. Takes loads of guess work out and can put a full days food into it in about 5min after a couple of weeks use so well worth sticking to
  10. You still need to read the packets, MyFitnessPal isn’t always correct, most is user imputed data and people can f**k up

    I’ve got one and use it for curls every time I do them, just find them easier than using a 7ft barbell and can’t be arsed fu**ing about with loading and unloading dbells
  12. How to beat the feeling of hunger.

    I’ve done this once managed 20hrs in the middle of the summer got near the end of a 12 hr manual shift in the heat and f**ked it off, might try again soon to see if I can do it, respect for doing it
  13. How to beat the feeling of hunger.

    Agree on the cardio but not sure on a 30min walk maybe a 2 mile run but if I walk for 30min I’m still hungry when I get bk
  14. How to beat the feeling of hunger.

    I do intermittent fasting only eat in-between 1pm and 9pm for the first 5 days or so you are hungry before 1 then after that your really not and you can have 3x750kal meals and a treat and stay below 2500k if needed or 2x1100kal meals and a treat for the same kals and be satisfied all day