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  1. I was on them for around 6 months and just stopped, i was on them for a slipped disc and didn’t know f**k all about codeine at the time and just stopped and was ok. not recommending just stopping but everyone’s different I was on 60mg 3x per day. If I was on for a decent amount of time again I would taper down
  2. Sorry to hear about your mum mate
  3. Being pub doorman

    What so he will push back?
  4. Just checked it was a mix of old sg300and Tm 250 I thought I’d used sg300 new and old mixed its the tm250 that batters me so just ignore my post mate
  5. I’m using some test e 300 I got 2 months ago as the old sg was spot on and the Tm crippled me but sg was smooth as anything, I’m only using for self trt and the new site has crippled me, good job I only bought about 7 bottles hopefully it was just a bad jab from my part as I’m using quads with a slin pin
  6. Southern Ghost Test E 300

    But if he were to google southern ghost test e it might give him a small clue
  7. Getting the shakes

    I get this sometimes and I get checked for diabetes At work and got the all clear a couple of months ago
  8. What about zopiclone isn’t as addictive as Xanax, only a short term fix but should be ok for 2-3 nights a week
  9. Insulin needles

    Don’t know if it helps but I Use https://www.medisave.co.uk/bd-micro-fine-1ml-insulin-syringe-033mm-29g-127mm-x-100-p-101026.html
  10. I take cialis 10mg eod for health benefits and better erections
  11. Kudos to you for adopting not something I think I could do so you’re a better man than me
  12. prison gyms

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scum_(film) film about a young offenders, worth a watch