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  1. Favourite trainers

    Adidas originals are all I’ve worn for years
  2. Retraining in your 30s

    If you do everything properly (testing) as an electrician you should never get electrocuted it shouldn’t be a occupational hazard at all (just for the record I’ve been electrocuted quite a few times and it’s always been my fault cutting corners/laziness or being hungover)
  3. Retraining in your 30s

    Short courses are a waste of time in my opinion, when I was subcontracting in about 08 I was paired up with another (electrician), something didn’t appear right about his knowledge and it turned out he paid in excess of 10k to a company that claimed he would be a spark in 12 weeks First time I ever met a spark that could only do socket circuits and had no idea how to wire lights he didn’t last long at all and was back working in a food factory on minimum wage. if you want to be a electrician/plumber you need to put the work in and learn it like most others do, a little knowledge is very dangerous and you won’t learn either properly in a year and in these trades peoples lives are in your hands
  4. Price gouging by rebel strength

    Rebels 60kg adjustable dumbbells went from £190 to £360 I ordered at £190 in may and am still waiting, thinking of doing a section 75 through my credit card and buying some in a few months when prices drop I’ve rang them twice now and the promised to ring back with a update but haven’t
  5. yeah forgot about them red onion as well, with some sweet chilli sauce mixed into the rice
  6. I saw you post this a couple of years ago and has been a staple in my dieting, 1kg chicken, flava it, peppers, chillis and rice into 4 meals
  7. Home gym pissing contest

    I made a cage out of scaffolding years ago and you can make it whatever size you want there will be a tutorial some where online that I used and the bits cost next to f**k all well mine didn’t the scaffs on-site once gave me it all to stop me nicking bits off ones they had already erected
  8. New Triumph Range...

    Need to be more subtle than that mate
  9. They come in pairs
  10. These had some in for quite a few weeks until recently so might be worth keep checking https://www.extremefitness.co.uk/cast-iron-2-olympic-weight-plates rebel strength won’t take a month either and have weights in stock it will more likely be 2 months
  11. Not sure if I read somewhere it helps if you tell him your user name from here or tmuscle
  12. Talking Strongman

    Anyone been watching if weekly on core sports? Maddox 800lb bench attempt this week I think and big loz does come across well on that commentating