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  1. Who's where ?

    The bender is in the wrong place if that's what he looking for m8
  2. Got girl 3 lined up

    lost his phone up his 18 yr old norweigan birds fanny trying to get a vid for the lads
  3. Got girl 3 lined up

    @drwae looking full and strong m8
  4. Got girl 3 lined up

    no chance im that mong. just liked winding the silly c**t up lol
  5. Got girl 3 lined up

    Haha f**k nos where Lee ended up he be dead by now I reckon
  6. Got girl 3 lined up

    Take a few months off here n this mong is still posting the same shite
  7. Just lurk unless @BIG DADDY STE @LeeDaLifter Or @sj slacks are kicking about n need trolled
  8. Do you ever drink drive? Poll

    Stupid c**t if u drink and drive
  9. Jason Genova

    just a poor mans @LeeDaLifter
  10. Head Shaving

    That avi
  11. Legal advice required

    Maybe make a video of yourself ideally in your loft calling them out And put it on YouTube if they don’t reply then make a second video kicking the f**k out of a shopping trolley and ripping up a Tesco bag. Bag for life if really want to s**t them up they be off your case in no time m8
  12. great UK Mystery

    Too lean m8
  13. Anyone fancy a game of 'Rugby'?

    Biggest mongs ive seen on a video since @LeeDaLifters last fridge scrap lee ur slackin on the videos, sj slacks will be pissing himself lauighing at u, probs thinking 'drew with a fridge, if he came wakey id kick his black teeth in or whats left of them" get the c**t called out
  14. Culture shock

    should call them cu**s out m8 settle old beef
  15. Culture shock

    what happened bro