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  1. I've just noticed this thread, I wish you'll recover well and fast!
  2. DHB

    I was thinking to drop Tren and up DHB, however this going so great that I'm not touching it for now. Mast would be on my plans as well.
  3. DHB

    Leaner, Yes. Libido, no noticeable changes Depression, No Water retention, No Strength, no noticeable changes Endurance, Yes Stamina, Yes Wellness, Yes Bloods, No I'll be running this 'thing' forever, just amazing!
  4. Best/Favourite Anavar Lab?

    Currently using Dunning Labs Anavar 25mg and it's the best I have ever had.
  5. Anadrol pumps

    No issues at all
  6. Anadrol pumps

    No pumps at 100mg or 150mg. It's a very effective steroid re strength/mass.
  7. Hopefully all willl be fine! All the best mate!
  8. dhb users.. appetite loss??

    I'm on DHB (var as well),no struggle to eat at all
  9. Dunning and dimension

    Those are the labs I've been using, great gear!
  10. DHB 1- Test anybody?

    No, it's Dunning Labs.
  11. DHB 1- Test anybody?

    Currently I jab twice a week 1.5ml DHB with 1ml Test + 1.5ml DHB with 1ml Tren, no PIP
  12. SG DHB 1-Test Cypionate 200mg

    Dunning Labs
  13. *YAWN* another DHB thread

    Some have referred to DHB at a “side effect free trenbolone” or a “super-primo”.
  14. *YAWN* another DHB thread

    it is!
  15. Anavar: Best Labs ones/to avoid

    Dunning Labs definitly good