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  1. Given you're 17, haven't researched at all and seem to be looking for a quick fix; and likely won't listen to the wise advice the users on here are giving you about telling you to avoid steroids at your age...I'll give you advice on the off chance you're that ignorant and make the decision to go ahead with it. If you want to do steroids and can't inject yourself for whatever reason, fear or in your case you live with your parents; there is absolutely no point in taking steroids. If you do decide to inject, your first cycle should be literally nothing more than 250-300mg a week of Test E. Bare in mind your test levels are at a peak state right now due to your age and to bulk up all you need to do is EAT and TRAIN. Any one at your age telling me they can't bulk up simply don't eat enough.
  2. That's the information I've heard from multiple different online sources.
  3. Thanks for the response pal. I used dunning a few years back and this time I wasn't sure if quality had dropped or anything. Used their site to place an order and when the test e came with handwritten labels I was a little worried about the rest of their products I got. I guess I just caught them on a day with no labels.
  4. You got the Nacto one they've got on their site? I used that previously in a cycle a few years back, but the labelling was different so I was put off it. I did however order some of their own brand 12.5mg Aromasin, but I'm not sure if I should risk using UGL and playing guesswork with my estrogen levels.
  5. Southern ghost

    What do you think about their orals?
  6. Hello

    Hey Everyone, I used to be a member on here in my early 20s and took some time away from the game; but in the last 6 months I've been back at it. So figured I'd jump back onto the forums. I can't remember my old email to use my old account. Lol. Glad to be back.
  7. Anyone used before without issue? Or should I go pharma? On a side note has anyone tried Dunnings Anadrol 50?