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  1. Yessss the gyms are opened from...!

    Was it from a whatsapp audio message,,? ,:)
  2. When the govt announces! Chill and enjoy the break lads P.s this is inside info. Keep it to yourselves
  3. Once controlled what would you say is a good maintenance dose ? Like 20mg eid or 3rd day ?
  4. Getting acne on shoulders and back due to deca and test. What's a good dose to use for Accutane?
  5. Can this be prescribed by the docs or are there any online pharmacies that sell this ?
  6. Whats the best protocol. Ive been on for a month or so on a blast and I have decided to take HCG whilst on gear. As I know I probably end up cruising again before blasting. I use Test/ Tren/ EQ. I was thinking of starting with 500iu mon, wed, thurs. then dropping down to 250iu every mon , thurs after that. Should that be enough to kick start my boys again?
  7. SARMS - MK vs HGH

    So whats the crack with ? I hear a lot of conflicting theories about this and it seems the opinions are mixed. Do certain SARMS do or give the same benefits of HGH such as anti aging, better skin etc?
  8. Whats the protocol in taking in Adex? If you haven't had bloods done? whats a general way of taking it on 500mg Test p/w can you get away taking it once or twice a week at a higher dose?
  9. HCG ?

    thanks mate. Seems like a plan. Just go to wait now.
  10. HCG ?

    I've decided to take HCG whilst my cycle which is cruise and blast. What would you guys say to 250mg Mon and Thurs? My current source hasn't got any for the next few weeks which sucks, might end up being longer. So I might as well research whilst I'm waiting.
  11. What's your ideal rest periods between sets when on gear for mass.
  12. Who trains neck ?

    Having bigger than average arms and legs requires a bigger than average neck ?
  13. What's the max test you've ever taken ? And at what dose did you realise diminishing returns? Whether it was side effects or even just waste of money.
  14. Who trains neck ?

    If so have you seen improvements ? What excersises do you do ?
  15. How much finasteride do u guys take whilst on cycle and off ?