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  1. Plugging cocaine on the plane to Spain

    The stuff off the English lads and Eastern European doorman over there is terrible. Was one tout called Winston i think, African kid, gear was better off him, obviously not as good as you'd get over here. Went to Portugal last year and 2 lads I was with took over a load, never actually asked how they got it through though. I assumed it was just stuck in their suitcases and checked in the hold. Customs into Spain is shite anyway reckon you'll be alright
  2. Deca is king ?

    I'm the same, never rated Deca at all, though know plenty who love it. Strange how some compounds effect people differently. May try one last time at a higher dose as only ever went to around 4-500mg, if it does nothing that'll be the last time.
  3. To jump back on cycle?

    How old are you and do you have or want kids? Not one to preach as everyone is big enough to make their own choices, but the one thing I would consider in all of this is fertility. I stay on pretty much year round now as like you I hated the feeling of coming off, but I've got kids and don't want anymore. Personally know of 3 younger lads who are struggling to start families, in fertility clinics, and for 2 of them things look pretty bleak. I know they've been on cycle for the last 5+ years with no breaks. Not saying this is an issue for everyone when they decide to stay on and to be fair to you 3 months is a longer break than many take but it is the one thing I would advise everyone to at least think about when choosing b and c over cycling.
  4. Beards ..

    I use soap aswell
  5. Beards ..

    No need for deodorant. I have a bath once a week.
  6. Welfare: A good or bad idea?

    Was looking at ONS figures for 2015, my mistake. Even so-29B +24B+36B+10.8B+2B is 102Billion. I didnt specify a certain benefit, I understand some are necessary, but personally believe the abuse is greater than you think.The media would lead us to believe that the government force terminally ill people to work, yet I know of 3 people who have claimed disability for depression for 20 years plus, not a thing wrong with them, they laugh at the fact all they have to do is turn the tears on in their review. As far as housing benefit goes, it's still money paid by the tax payer to subsidise someone else having a roof over their head. As I said I agree business and re-distribution of wealth is an issue and maybe my view is jaded because of where I'm from but personally feel like others that those that don't work should give something back.
  7. Girlfriend getting groped

    Same here, knew my luck would run out at some point and had more lose. Although I do think things have changed a lot, in some respects the job seems to be easier these days, in general there is less trouble. Saying that it only takes one bad night and things can go down hill fast.
  8. Welfare: A good or bad idea?

    Undoubtedly big business needs to be brought into line, benefits spending last year was almost £120 billion though, a hell of a lot of money. So Brenda alone may not be a problem, 2 million Brenda's and things begin to get expensive
  9. Welfare: A good or bad idea?

    Na mate, if your of the mentality you would rather live off handouts than earn your way in life how much you earn is a secondary consideration. The hardcore benefit families are more common than you think (at least they are in Newcastle) You can raise wages, but at present there are families getting £500 quid a week in benefits, a single person without children can get £350 a week imo that's excessive.
  10. Welfare: A good or bad idea?

    Valid question, but seperate issue mate. Raising wages won't make the guttersnipes get out of bed.
  11. Welfare: A good or bad idea?

    Welfare should be treat as a safety net not an entitlement. Sadly in this country there are generations of families who will never work a day in their life. Why? because it's easier not too. If you add up all the benefits people can claim, factoring in housing, healthcare etc many are better off than those in work.
  12. timberland boots

    I wear an 11 normally and mine fit spot on. Reminds me I snapped the lace on them last week, need some new uns
  13. Beards ..

    The beard trend was the best thing to happen to me, my hairline was going North and had to have it shaved. Clean shaven looked shite, grew a short beard and once again had woman falling at my feet. Last bit may be a slight exaggeration but at least my head no longer resembles a peanut
  14. Girlfriend getting groped

    No doubt about it, there are still plenty of decent coppers who have the ability to use some discretion. Like you I have been arrested countless times, have been lucky on the whole, mainly down to the boss of the security firm and the owner of the nightclub I worked knowing what to do and looking out for me. Came unstuck once or twice but learnt from it.
  15. Girlfriend getting groped

    You could well be right as I don't know the ins and outs of the law, from personal experience this isn't always the case though. About 4 years ago was stood in a taxi que with a mate who was pissed, guy down the street is having a row with his missus and storms of towards us. As he passed my mate he knocked him unconscious and stamped on his head 3 times. I ran over and ko'd the lad. Both my mate and the other lad were out cold, police were there within 2 minutes. When they turned up I admitted I'd hit him and they arrested me and put me in van, a minute later they let me out and de arrested me. CCTV operator had described what had happened to coppers he said he'd have done the same as me and I was let go with no further action. Lad who I had hit was locked up for 9 months.