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    JMB 123 reacted to swole troll in Carrier oil on these UGL’S   
    Some labs will use ethyl oleate when dosing in the higher ranges. 
    This makes for a smoother shot for most but a reactive pip for others.
    Could be worth messaging your source and clarifying whether the product contains eo or not. 
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    JMB 123 reacted to Bensif in Carrier oil on these UGL’S   
    ROHM use MCT oil so I very much doubt the carrier oil is the issue with the PIP. It is more likely to be an issue with the raws in that batch.

    Generally ROHM stuff is very thin and fairly smooth. The only things I have found to be pippy is the prop and the tren ace, although I don't personally use Test E (prefer C or sustanon).
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    JMB 123 reacted to Scotsman1010 in Getting off diazepam   
    Diazepam is in the Benzodiazepine family which are notoriously tough to come off.
    The only way you can come off after using a Benzo consistently for 3 years is by tapering…DO NOT go cold turkey and stop taking completely.
    Going cold turkey can cause seizures and ultimately death in some cases.
    With you using a Benzo it will have affected your Gabba levels which is the brain chemical that basically calms your body / Central Nervous System.
    You’ve used an artificial substance i.e. Diazepam to calm the body therefore your gabba receptors will have down regulated i.e. stopped working and need time to kick back in to produce Gabba naturally.
    It’s very similar to how the body works after say a Test cycle…needs time to recover and get back to producing healthy levels again.
    Unfortunately there is no PCT or magic pill that can make that transition any easier when coming off Benzo’s.
    It’s takes time and a lot of patience.
    The anxiety levels are hellish coming off as there’s no gabba being produced to calm the body but it’s something you have to learn to live with unfortunately.
    It will subside in time but it’s a slow process.
    The link below is the gold standard for tapering, you need a plan of action with regards your taper or you will fail as you have to be very regimented for this to work.
    You are fortunate in a way that it’s Valium your using as that’s a long acting Benzo and it’s advised in the protocol that you use this to taper.
    The short acting Benzo’s like Xanax are absolutely hell to come off because they leave the system a lot quicker so your suffering longer until your next taper dose.
    Study up on this taper method and be prepared before you begin.
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    JMB 123 got a reaction from Thedynamitekid in Getting off diazepam   
    Have been using this at 10mg every night for sleep for last 3 years .. just want off it now and was thinking maybe Cold turkey as every time I tried taper fail as it makes my depression anxiety unbearable any help much appreciated ?
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    JMB 123 reacted to 66983 in Help back in agony   
    Was it like an electric shock?
    Herniated disc I bet!
    Its when the disc bulges out and touches the nerve.
    If you think its bad now just wait until the morning when you can't get out of bed!
    A word of warning: the worst thing you can do is have a hot bath! 
    Ice is your friend (frozen pea's etc against the back) 
    A neoprene weight lifting belt (from Argos) is a god send, tighten it as tight as you can and leave it on. I even slept in mine.
    Also you can sit on the sofa with something like a 6" foam back roller against the sore point, keep pressure on it and it will ease.
    Its gonna be sore bud for about a week, but the first few days are the worst.
    Had it happen 3 times.
    Good luck. 

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    JMB 123 got a reaction from BeingReborn in Straight sets or pyramiding up or down   
    Which one of these is best for strength & size been looking at few study's saying multiple sets is better then one all out set to failure but also been reading a lot what jordan peters says that he doesn't understand what anyone gets from doing multiple sets? 
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    JMB 123 reacted to BoomTime in Dextrose causing dizziness ?   
    Are you sure its not speed or coke! If so send it to me I will have it and swap it for my Dextrose.
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    JMB 123 reacted to Bataz in Decent strength routine please   
    I'll put in SLDL when I feel like I need it after squats but DL also works mine well. On the main 3 I'll work up to a heavy treble or double, OHP I'll do 5x5 heavy as its weak point for me, and the rest I'll do 4x10.
    I don't do % programmes anymore, I find them too restrictive and have been getting better results from training to what I feel I can do on any given day. 
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    JMB 123 reacted to Bataz in Decent strength routine please   
    Up to you mate and what you can handle. Me personally I do the following:
    DAY 1: Squat, Bench, OHP & tricep work.
    DAY 2: DL, BB Row, Shrugs, biceps curls.
    DAY 3: Repeat Day 1.
    DAY 4: Repeat Day 2
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    JMB 123 reacted to Pscarb in High creatinine low gfr   
    this happens with most who have a higher than normal muscle base, training near the day you have blood tests will skew the results as well, creatinine is a waste product for traumatised muscle tissue so the more intense you train and the larger you are the higher the creatine could possibly be, my advice normally to have a mGFR which you have had to gauge if there is an issue or it is down to you muscle base........
    so it makes perfect sense when you know the possible implications that having more than average muscle mass....
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    JMB 123 got a reaction from dtlv in High biological value of protein ?   
    Nice post mate I just trying to find a protein that maybe Abit more kidney friendly as have had a lowering of gfr and raised creatinine for years.
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    JMB 123 got a reaction from small slowly in Aniracetam supplier ?   
    Hi does anyone know where can get this? All uk suppliers I have checked don't stock it anymore & wanted to try it for anxiety. Thanks 
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    JMB 123 reacted to Kristina in Cyclic dextrin   
    It's a staple for me. No, it doesn't spike insulin and for this reason it's also very useful for those who benefit from that quality specifically (i.e. when using other supplements etc). 
    Personally for me, it's the best thing I find that feels great for peri-workout nutrition. Vitargo is one of the things that I wouldn't touch with a bargepole, every time I've tried to get on with it, I've felt sick throughout my workout. 
    HBCD has such low osmolality and fast absorption rate, personally it's the best carb source I've used. 
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    JMB 123 reacted to Prince Adam in Drinking on cialis   
    Just makes the morning headache worse tbh