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  1. 18 weeks out of first mens physique show

    Thanks man. Been reading up on the diuretics pre contest alright. Matt Porter recommends 1-2 tabs of dyazide the evening before the show. He claims aldactone really flattens out competitors. I guess this will all depend how lean I am 1 week out. Can dry out a fat physique Haha
  2. 18 weeks out of first mens physique show

    Can't thank u enough for the in depth response mate. Going to use that as a template for my own prep. I'll adjust ai and diuretic use accordingly. Will definitely post my contest pics anyway.
  3. 18 weeks out of first mens physique show

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'll get in some mast prop and add it to the mix 6 weeks out. Last 2 qts. Did u add an ai 3-4 weeks to bottom out your oestrogen? Like adex / letro? And what are your thoughts on carb, water and sodium manipulation on peak week? Thanks again Johnny, Ireland
  4. 18 weeks out of first mens physique show

    Appreciate the feedback. Below is a pic of my current condition. My plan is to grow into the show. Aiming at a very similar stage weight if not even a little heavier.
  5. First post guys, current stats are 5ft7". 73kg and probably 12-13% bodyfat. Few low dose cycles behind me. Last one being 1ml of a rip blend (240mg a week) with 600mg eq per week. Plans are my first mens physique show on 14th May. I would like to add a little lean size for the next 6 weeks then cut hard for the last 12. Current training split is a push/pull & legs split 4 days a week. With 2 days steady state cardio & core Current macros are 380c/180p/60f Protein will remain a constant, carbs and fats will be slowly lowered as the weeks move on. Proposed cycle Weeks 1-14 sust @ 500mg a week, tren e @ 400mg,tbol 40mg a day (wk 1-6), 1 eca tab ed (wk 10-14), Weeks 15 -18 prop @ 50mg eod, ace @ 100mg eod, 50mg winny Would appreciate any feedback on training, nutrition or cycle. Cheers guys