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  1. Cardiovascular fitness health question

    Thanks for the responses, so basically doing what I'm doing 2x week cardio is all good to improve cardiovascular health?
  2. I hope you can answer my question. When it comes to cardiovascular fitness/health improvement (lower RHR, BP, general heart health ect) there is no clear amount that is necessary for this as answers vary alot online so I'm wondering if you can help please as you guys are realistic. I do 2-3 x week lifting weights and 2-3 x week cardio (20 min bike with intervals on jump rope) Is this plenty enough to improve cardiovascular health for someone who isn't competing in sport? Thankyou in advance
  3. I think I've been seriously overthinking heart health via cardio etc, rationality doesn't come into anxiety lol It's taken me over a week to figure it out, so here's how I did it, if I went to hospital without doing cardio for over two years and my heart is still good and I have a good bill of health, then why am I worrying, doing cardio after weights are only going to make me better on top of a strong heart that they told me. If I had a bad heart/heart attack I'll be told to be medicated, full of drugs if a heart attack and with a cardiologist, which I'm not! So it started when I was obsessing over heart health and I saw 150 min of aerobic exercise a week and not knowing what moderate is etc, do I found out it's basically like a brisk walk around meadowhall for 30min a day which when I do my biking for 30min and weights after I'm drenched and it's intense but not super intense, so I'm basically well over the recommended 75min of intense exercise a week Checking my heart rate and blood pressure, it seems to be optimal - taken on fitbit HR - 70 BP - 116/75 So I'll be doing stationary bike for 30min before weights all the time regardless of my program as all I'm going to do is improve more on an already healthy heart which is confirmed by numerous doctors and cardiologists, and my ECG was also affected by anxiety due to the hormonal release. And on my days off excluding weekends, I'll be doing tabata jump rope which is only 4 intense minutes! Anxiety is a bastard, overthinking is a t**t. So goals... Lose weight Get a resting heart rate of 60 or slightly below (check in morning) and maintain a nice blood pressure But thankyou to you guys, my overthinking and catastrophising is my worst enemy that I'll be working on still. Love you guys, this is the best group around!
  4. Lmao f**k off lol, I work
  5. Ill be doing it once a week and I have the sets and reps dialled down for me, but i do it once a week due to recovery, but its no different I suppose of doing a 3 day split of chest,tri - back,bi - legs, shoulders So is it good?
  6. I have two questions, Does anyone do super simple abbreviated workouts? Also I'm focussing on the basics with a PPL split so are the exercises good that I've chose for the whole body? Push Bench Press Viking Press or side laterals Tricep Extension Stationary Bike Pull Pulldown Row Curl Stationary Bike Legs Squat Deadlift or leg Curl Abs Stationary Bike
  7. You are absolutely right it is a panic disorder, I was fine with training before the incident on Saturday, so I don't see how it's any different now, thankyou my friend, like you said, I've been given the all clear and there's no reason to be different to others in that regard. Would you say that the routine is fine though? And you reckon I'll be fine?
  8. This was the most thought out post on anxiety I've read, it hit deep buddy, and my heart has been checked and all is good, but recently I was hospitalised for a suspected heart attack which came back fine and nothing to do with my heart which in turn is down to my anxiety again I'm contemplating doing this below which is more volume than I'm used to lol Monday - Chest & Biceps 8x8 Bench Press 4x8 Curls Stationary Bike 15-20min Wednesday - Back & Triceps 8x8 Pulldown 4x8 Tricep Ext Stationary Bike 15-20min Friday - Legs & Shoulders Squat 2x30/20 Seated Viking Press or side laterals Stationary Bike 15-20min Thankyou so much tho I look forward to your response
  9. This shouldn't take long however, is there any research on the heart health benefits from doing high volume (10x10 - 8x8 or higher) etc style of training? I suffer with heart health anxiety and I constantly worry that im going to kill myself by lifting weights, I know it's not very realistic but it's still there. I just don't want to kill myself as I've been on low volume due to it and not seeing good results. I feel stupid.
  10. Knee is F**ked need help with upper body split

    I can do upper body and it will be alot longer than a couple weeks with this so would the lifts be hitting my whole upper body bro? Day 1 Push (chest shoulders triceps) Bench Press Flyes Viking Press CGBP or Leaning Tricep Extension Day 2 Pull (Back lats Biceps) Row Pulldown Hyperextension Curl
  11. I've just got from hospital, I've f**ked up both knees by tripping up and banging both knees into a kerb, ive gotta get it tested due to the swelling but the nurse told me not to train lower body as he asked me if I go to the gym and what I do, so I'm on crutches now and apparently its serious. So im OK to do upper body but im going to start giving a bodybuilding style split a go, but I'm needing a good upper body split I can do Would a 4 day push pull do like this Day 1 Push (chest shoulders triceps) Bench Press Flyes Viking Press CGBP or Leaning Tricep Extension Day 2 Pull (Back lats Biceps) Row Pulldown Hyperextension Curl Hope you can help Hope you can help
  12. Home gym floor question

    Thanks man I haven't got the moment for the wood but I haven't needed it for two years and majority of my work is in the rack as I don't deadlift, but will I be ok as the maths say the floor can handle 1950kg and I have 620kg but I add 100kg for safety factor
  13. Home gym floor question

    I'm way below the weight limit with 620kg then lol
  14. Home gym floor question

    Welcome to the world of anxiety and overthinking, I hate it tbh and you are right but thankyou for reassurance
  15. Home gym floor question

    If I was lifting 620kg I need testing as I'll be the strongest Man in history I just really need to know that I'll be fine as I'm not dropping weights Mine is against the wall and I might get some ply but I've not needed it for 2 years