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  1. Abbreviated Training Advice

    Absolutely right buddy it is basic lol do you have any links to the Soviet training that reflects mine? Also I'm a strength guy as I believe strength = size as you don't see a skinny guy squatting 300kg but if I decide to do full body sessions I'll probably do it as it is Monday and Thursday
  2. Im a big fan of abbreviated training (circa 1950 and before/brawn etc) and im working ridiculous hours to help out for this covid situation. I work in a government dept, so im always busy. So ive come up with an abbreviated routine that I plan on running for a while, I don’t like military press due to personal circumstances and ive not done them in a while but will eventually do them. So hows this, apparently all these 4 main exercises will hit all my musculature that’s necessary to build muscle. So I need help with the sets/reps for the main lifts apart from accessory as I have that down. Twice a week Workout A – Monday Squat Row/Pulldown/Pullup (alternate) (Accessory) Workout B – Thursday Deadlift Bench Press Isometric Deadlift 3x5sec (Accessory) The accessory exercise are optional anyway. Also do you know of anyone that only do those 4 lifts on here? I know on other sites people have and made tremendous results. Michael.
  3. Does anyone else do a vertical push/pull and horizontal push/pull split like the below, I haven't seen anything on it and it looks good Day 1 - horizontal push Day 2 - horizontal pull Day 3 - rest Day 4 - vertical push Day 5 - vertical pull So doing a variety of good compound lifts for the day such as bench press dumbbell bench for horizontal push day etc Is there anything remotely wrong with this as its peaked my interest? (Legs will be involved in the days) I surely cant be the only one to do this?
  4. @swole troll this is how I naturally go it, based on rippetoe squat, low bar, horizontal back, emphasis on hip movement
  5. @YoelD did you see the video I posted as a reply?
  6. @swole troll I posted a video above of today's squats
  7. @YoelD Thanks man well I did squats today to parallel or an 1inch above until I felt the hip lockup how is it now? >>>> Also regarding doing other exercises, squats is all I have its squats or nothing due to lifting at home lol
  8. I've figured out after alot of research and testing that I have deep hip sockets (Celtic hips) which basically means if I even go to parallel, I'll butt wink which means that above parallel squats will be the "safest" option so due to being a natural low bar squatter I'll end up doing low bar above parallel squats Am I happy about this? Am I f*** but I have to choose, possible injury where I cant train or the alternative which is above parallel. I'm not training for a sport or anything I'm just an average guy who wants to get big and strong. Anyone else got this issue? Apparently it's common. https://www.otpbooks.com/stuart-mcgill-hip-anatomy/
  9. The low bar is my best one lol
  10. I've been practicing squats for awhile I started rubbish and this is the best I can do, I keep thinking I'm over butt winking and I dont know if it's good or bad, I enjoy squats but due to my overthinking I keep getting stressed and frustrated to a point I want to stop lower body work and be a upper body guy So my question is, am I butt winking or overthinking? VIDEO - https://youtu.be/-xs8FTz4-tw thank you
  11. 3-4 exercise abbreviated routine help

    Thanks man, just dont see many advocating only squat - bench - row, even tho it pretty much hits everything, but I suppose people are used to higher volume/more exercises due to having the option available. I can manage Monday and Thursday normally so I'll do that but I always make sure two days are apart But all in all, thankyou very much for your support, take care
  12. 3-4 exercise abbreviated routine help

    Due to the line of work, I'm getting up very early and working very late, so recovery is s**t, I try to counter it with lots of food, but I guess were all different, once this pandemic is over, I'll have more time. With that in mind would option 1 be ok and hit my whole body? Thankyou and stay safe