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  1. You see it's sensible and well reasoned posts like this that definitely confirm why I have not dabbled in anything other than some nutty preworkouts. A) I don't know enough B). don't trust myself fully either.
  2. Do pre work outs work and are they any good ?

    Fair play to him. I will keep people updated with how I get on with it in the coming weeks. I won't take it for every workout I do just so I don't build up a tolerance to it but I will shake the pot from now on to see if that makes a difference. I never take pre in the afternoon because of the effect on sleep. It's bad enough having a s**t sleep with 2 young kids in the house as it is.
  3. Do pre work outs work and are they any good ?

    I must be quite stim tolerant due to my teenage years as although my first scoop I felt a fantastic focus and a slight itchy face I wasn't all that wired with it.
  4. I've always been honest with the mrs and mates that if I could afford to do steroids and had someone right beside me that had been there and done it in a safe manner I sure as fu**ing hell would but there is still this niggling voice in my head saying not to. I haven't thus far but it is a reminder that it's not to be trifled with without knowing what you're getting into.
  5. Do pre work outs work and are they any good ?

    Only take it in the morning
  6. AestheticManlet's Log

    I like your pink toothbrush
  7. Smart Watch Recommendations

    For heart rate always go for an actual heart rate monitor as watches tend to be pretty s**t for accuracy on that front. Polar and Garmin are the market leaders for heart rate monitors. I have a cheap garmin forerunner 30 watch that tracks, steps, GPS, sleep and heart rate etc. It does the job for me but I don't use it when weight training as the heart rate function is obviously not gonna be as accurate as a chest strap. I know this because when I am panting harder than James Gandolfini between sets the watch says my heart rate can be 63bpm but yet I can feel it fluttering like a humming bird. Fitbit are shite IMO and fall apart far too often. I would have a look elsewhere as opposed to that brand. It all depends on your budget - if a big budget then Garmin Fenix range starting at around £380 and up is the way to go.
  8. Do pre work outs work and are they any good ?

    That's the one pal
  9. Do pre work outs work and are they any good ?

    A shop on my local high street. The guy asked me what I was looking for, I said what type and he said well forget the shelf and went under the counter he was sat at and threw the tub at me
  10. Do pre work outs work and are they any good ?

    First scoop had me bouncing off the walls but yesterday I didn't really feel it tbh. Was a bit disappointed.
  11. Good shout. I can then hide the shame of failure from my last attempt
  12. Today - Shoulders Military Press 3X15 Reverse Flyes 3X15 Arnold Press 3X12 Upright Row 3X15 Lat Raises 2X20 into Front Raises 2X20 DB Curls 4X12 Weighted Dips 4X10 Rope Pulldown 3X15 into Hammer Curls 3X15 BB Shrugs 3X12/15 dropset.