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  1. Hello MBR , Do you manage to grow on Nebido ? As I was on Testogel and felt great but NHS Endo said I had a high Test level of 33 n/ml so have to stop and wait for a new blood test
  2. Nebido and muscle growth

    I thought Sustanon wasn't that good for trt because of the different slow and fast esters, so the T levels would not be that stable ?
  3. Nebido and muscle growth

    I am 58 yrs old. The NHS had given me testogel for low test but am thinking I would like to swap to Nebido if the NHS will provide it. I want to get back into training but having low test I was not motivated but the testogel got me " fired " up to get back into training and I generally felt better. I know the NHS won't give me test enathate but only Nebido . I know I could go private and get test enathate but want to see how I get on with Nebido
  4. Nebido and muscle growth

    OK Thanks , I was making gains on Testogel so if switching to Nebido on the NHS I was hoping for more gains .
  5. Nebido and muscle growth

    Potential TRT
  6. Hello, Has anyone used Nebido together with training and a bodybuilding diet and made noticeable gains ? This is assuming no prior steroids were used in the past Thanks for your feedback.
  7. Testogel

    What were your blood readings like so that you could be offered hcg please ?
  8. Testogel

    Hello , I was using testogel 2 pumps twice a day from my GP on the NHS. My bloods came back as Testosterone 36.6nmol/L the Doctor said it was rather high , I now have to stop the testogel and wait 3 months for another blood test which will show all the other values free test , luenizing hormone , estradiol etc. Dissapointed as I felt much stronger and got a good pump with some growth , testes shrunk a bit . Do you think if I go back on testogel I could be prescribed hcg on the NHS ?? Thanks
  9. Hello , Is anyone on Testogel and HCG together for TRT ?? My testes have shrunk a bit whilst on Testogel along with an ache , only been on Testogel for 10 days. This is from the NHSthe first blood test is in 3 months time.
  10. Testogel

    I am due a blood test to see how the testogel is working , which is 3 months from when I first started. Is this to long to wait for a blood test ? This is by the NHS. I have noticed a shrinkage of approx. 10% and a dull ache of the testes is this normal ? Should I be on HCG ? Thanks
  11. Testogel

    AS I am now on testogel , Can I assume I have an advantage as before I had low test now hopefully I have normal test levels so I should be able to gain more muscle now as opposed to before I started testogel. Thanks
  12. Testogel

    I have just started trt from the NHS 4 pumps per day of testogel which according to the box is 81mg of test per day. Will I grow on this ? I know injections are better. What are the chances of the NHS allowing me to switch to test enathate in the future ? Thanks
  13. TRT

    Thanks again for your reply , Do you rub it in every day ?
  14. TRT

    OK thanks for your reply , did you get stronger on it ?
  15. TRT

    Hello , I am about to go on TRT from the NHS . I assume it will be a gel , has anyone had a positive experience of using a gel. I know the injections are better. Thanks