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  1. Error message

    Reported? 2 threads about f**k all. What fags are in this group now?
  2. Error message

    Keep getting this when trying to view my threads about a week old Happedned twice now on 2 different threads. Anyone know why?
  3. Starting my own business. Where do i go for website

    It's just a sales page for peformance car parts, so it will just be used for info and click and buy
  4. Now I've had look on wix and go daddy But do I do it myself or pay for a designer and go the whole hog? Are they pricey? Any help appreciated
  5. Back to gym or stick to home workout?

    What you got? Can we see?
  6. So those of you who have been working out at home or bought equipment, Will you be back to paying a membership Or sticking at home workouts? Reasons why for both please if you've gone back to gym or not
  7. C.O.D Warzone

    I'm using M14 and launcher for my ghost park too. Slot less recoil with small guns and quick to scope
  8. C.O.D Warzone

    Ye I'm not great but can't get frustrated at dieying or I just get pissed off and don't enjoy the game lol.
  9. C.O.D Warzone

    Ye i never played any other battle royal game but this is good with mates, At moment I'm building up the M14 as trying to get least recoil I can
  10. C.O.D Warzone

    So whos been playing? I've never been Into cod or BO only zombies now and again on BO2 But this warzone Battle royal has got me hooked
  11. I just cancelled direct debit. Signed up for 12 months but f**k that I'm not allowed to go
  12. LGBT Community 'Suffering' in Lockdown

    Bum hole stretches
  13. I have a serious sweet tooth, Especially aftera meal. Even if it's a handfull of sultanes to get me by lol. Chocolate is my downfall and can eat and eat once I've started What you all using to get by without eating loads calories lol
  14. 400bhp mk1 tigra c20let 300bhp corsa C z20leh Mk6 fiesta ST im currently turbo'ing All on the drive All in the way lol
  15. So starting to try lose some BF and I realise that I pretty much eat all day, How do we beat the hunger feeling? Is there something that can be done or is it just something that will become less and less of a feeling over time? Is it down to size of your stomach itself? Is 8t a feeling to tell you you need food or just to tell you it's empty What is it?