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  1. Making money in this coronavirus uproar.

    Is this an advert? Lol
  2. The world has been turned upside down and now more than ever i believe there is an opportunity to make a change in life and come out of this better off some how. But what is that. Thought about buying a business that goes bang during this time and building it back up on the other side..seen a guy that 3d printer a valve for ventilators had goes onto diving mask, got downloaded over 1million times by hospitals all over the world and if he had charged even £1 each he would now be a million air. The GBP value to the rest of the world may go down after putting all this money into country so buying other currency and swapping back at right time may get you a good chunk. Any other bright ideas?
  3. Is there money in peformance car business?

    What forum is that matey
  4. So im mexhanic by trade and mess about with peformace on my own cars alot. Rule of thumb us what you spend on your car you won't get back, But what about building a business around it? For example. Turbo'ing N/A cars Custom parts or panels Anything else? I wound love to build a business in something I love but what that would be if have no idea Any car guys here have ideas what you would pay for along those lines? Cars trade is dead with finance and stuff now so can't keep it up
  5. Covid 19 2 weeks isolation here we come

    Any update matey. How you feeling. How old are you and how's your general health
  6. Peptide for muscle repair?

    So gyms are closed. I can stretch most days to help it for now. Are deadlift a good idea for building lower back and core when I go back? If done right
  7. Covid 19 2 weeks isolation here we come

    You seem very positive for someone who may be in trouble. Curious to see how You get on. Any chance of daily updates? OP
  8. Well that’s it I’ve got it

    So no hospital visits or scares along the way for breathing?
  9. Well that’s it I’ve got it

    How's it's going? Are you deaded
  10. Are Juicers far more vulnerable to CV?

    As far as I'm aware steroids lower your immune system and those with underlining issues who are using steroids for medication are in a higher risk group than those who don't.
  11. Peptide for muscle repair?

    What is inversion buddy
  12. Peptide for muscle repair?

    So im better off with ibeprofen then? Lol