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  1. Clen

    Used AP Astralean, SB labs, Eminence in the past, currently using Balkan. All GTG IME Also used Chines Yansuan years ago, not sure if there's any still about, massively overdosed tho I'm sure as stuff was like fu**ing rocket fuel
  2. Wet DREAMS

    Think I just used all my likes in one go in this thread ffs
  3. Wet DREAMS

    This place is fu**ing brilliant
  4. Holistic approach to getting 'hentch'

    BRB just checking the 'recent uploads' section
  5. Anna 's log

  6. Sparring Comp?

    I wish @BIG DADDY STE was here to witness this
  7. Wet DREAMS

    s**t, sorry mate my bad! At least it looks like the overpass and surrounding areas of Ferryhill!
  8. Sparring Comp?

    Entry fee is £63.00 mate
  9. Sparring Comp?

    Yes please marra
  10. Sparring Comp?

    What about weight classes?
  11. Sparring Comp?

    If you're hard, you're hard. Fists, feet, limbs, head, teeth. Hard cu**s will use whatever You should get yourself a good grappling dummy to go alongside your bag in your war room mate. This one is a good one for a big lad like you TKM.net/buy/grappling
  12. Sparring Comp?

    Thought you were a hard c**t?