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  1. UKM Summer Shape Up 2020

    I’d be up for this mate
  2. Any side effects with MT2 nasal tanners?

    My Mrs is the same, she wont inject (despite being happy to have s**t injected in her face, botox etc haha) but shes used the nasal spray, as have a few mates I prefer the injectable, but spray works too - and is better option if you don't want to pin
  3. Any side effects with MT2 nasal tanners?

    I have friends who wont inject and instead use the nasal sprays. Work but not as well as the injectables. IIRC the absorption rate is 30-50% in comparison to injecting - they double the dose. If I didn't want to use needles, then the sprays are defo a decent alternative though
  4. Did you trade the curry recipe for his tuna salad one? A good one was @BIG DADDY STE Another one but the name escapes me, the vegan chicken guy. Think @Frandeman tried to help him before seeing he was beyond help
  5. Aye his new one is shite TBH Long story short, he called everyone out in a thread, someone here took up his offer and rocked up near his gaff, lee s**t his pants and didn't turn up. Then he posted lots of videos of him smashing up his house, fighting punch bags, calling out ISIS. Real intellectual stuff mate
  6. You must have missed his fight thread on here in the past mate, 70 odd pages of comedy gold
  7. Bring back @LeeDaLifter, hes posting some cracking content over on TM
  8. Hello my name is Ben

    Make sure every pic is same place, angle, lighting then. Hard to tell otherwise
  9. Hello my name is Ben

    @imsoldbro Maybe try updating this log with your lifts, regular update on stats (weight/measurements) Regular updates will show progression where there is any - and may see you get less (some deserved to this point) flak
  10. Hello my name is Ben

    Seems that way ITT
  11. Hello my name is Ben

    Been watching this thread, trying to work out if troll or not before commenting Coaching others.... trolling 100%