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  1. Your concentrating on ONE option I named several it could be and why would they kill old and vulnerable hmmmm that's really hard to figure out its called population control and the elderly and vulnerable cost the NHS the most so wipe them out win-win as they are old and poorly so it will get overlooked.
  2. You are a great example of a branch COVIDiot ... Go lock yourself away and suffocate with your mask on for eternity if your so brainwashed and scared f**king idiot . And about the phrase "SCAMDEMIC" I don't mean its fake and all NHS are in on it what retarded planet are you from. I mean this virus was 110% MAN MADE by the world elite for a greater purpose either to gain a cashless world, population control, mind control , gain more power over us , to make small businesses go bust so we all rely on huge corporations e.g amazon so we totally rely on the rich elite , gold , stocks.... Could be any one of them or maybe all of them. I probably sound crazy right? Do some deep research and you'll see p.s there was leaked documents from 2009 where the W.H.O said there would be a pandemic exercise in 2020 it is literally there to see.
  3. In your opinion..

    I've heard this a lot! Dave Palumbo also says that he once had beetroot and he was literally popping everywhere with veins.
  4. Most people are becoming woke to all this scamdemic anyway thankfully, everyone now knows its all a load of sh*t and just the government slowly trying to take away our rights and control us more for whatever they're planning. Just happy most have woken up to it and if they do ever do another full lockdown I generally think would be a mass uprise against the government, I mean you do still get the brainwashed branch COVIDiot mask wearing retards but there a minority now. Ignore the bs and get on with life , sooner or later this scam will all come to light.
  5. In your opinion..

    Never understood the whole carbs for pump thing as I have done a shitty keto diet before and ate a pizza after 4 weeks and I had no pump or crazy vascularity like you hear pros go on about when they get a pump from a cheat meal I think this is only a thing when on gear tbh?
  6. In your opinion..

    Good point.
  7. In your opinion..

    In your opinion what is the best ingredient for a pump? Everyone says citrulline malate but I have never noticed anything from it. What do you think is the best ingredient for the pump?
  8. Cutting.

    *UPDATE* @Bensif BREAKFAST SHAKE - 75G OATS ,200ML ALMOND MILK , 15G ALMOND BUTTER, PROTEIN POWDER = 500CAL M1- CHICKEN BREAST 200G + MIXED VEG = 230CAL M2- PRE-WRKOUT CHICKEN BREAST 200G + BASMATI RICE 75G = 483 M3.POST WRKOUT 5% LEAN MINCE 200G + BASMATI RICE = 523 M.4 200ML ALMOND MILK , 15G ALMOND BUTTER, PROTEIN POWDER ,OATS75G = 500CAL This is my new plan I am going to follow comes to 2236cals without herbs , spices and sauces I add to meals and also will add spinach and veg to most meals and also few bits of fruit so will come to 2500 about. What do you think mate? Was thinking swapping meal 4 with meal 2 as 75g oats before bed seems to be a waste of energy and therefore may put fat on.
  9. So I've been watching some vids of various pro bodybuilders and Jesus their life looks so dull and miserable literally no cheat meals, bad foods, no trips away with the other half or family. Just don't get how the f*ck they do it it is crazy to think they pretty much eat clean and I mean strictly clean 300days a year at least and just wake up eat, train, eat, eat, eat, eat and sleep then repeat. Got to give them props for the sheer dedication man!
  10. Favourite gym wear ?

    Get mine off e-bay or fruit of loom nice baggy top with generic shorts or baggy joggers in winter. Anything but gymshark or any fagg0t brand like that
  11. Cutting.

    Ahh okay because thats what ill have to do tbh have 4 huge meals, thanks a lot for your help mate
  12. Cutting.

    Don't worry I can eat a hell of a lot lol it's just spacing them out in small meals throughout the day as its not great to eat 4/5 big meals its always better to spread out through day in small meals for metabolism and with my job im busy and would not have time to eat loads of little meals throughout day and I work 10hours and go straight to gym.
  13. Cutting.

    Right I see , I was going to use almond butter to get calories higher guessing that's a no go lol ?
  14. Cutting.

    What's your reason for reducing fats? As you said calorific deficit = fat loss so macros dont really matter so just wondering why you reduce fat out of everything? Sorry for the questions lol just want to get as much info as possible
  15. Cutting.

    Thanks for the information mate, great insight never thought about it that deep as diet is always something I have always been sh)t with knowledge-wise. Training im spot on and know an awful lot and have my level 3 pt. So how many calories are you recommending I eat per day? And I train very hard 5x per week, going to do cardio 30 mins 4x per week and I probably burn a little bit at work as I'm an engineer so it requires a bit of physical work at times and I like to go walking to. Also, mate what foods can I add to get calories up I mean I could add oats but I was only trying to have carbs post and pre-workout as everyone says low carb is the best for losing fat? Cheers