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  1. Androchem Lab

    been regularly buying their test c for a cruise, no complaints feel great on it
  2. Test..feel good factor
  3. Help to lose last bit of fat!

    Are you me? I'm in the midst of losing weight and I drastically dropped a lot in the first stage but now it's slowed right down. I'm losing 0.8lbs a week eating -500 cals below maintenance(think my tdee might be wrong) and taking thermo lipid. Again with a lot of people there's stubborn fat around the waist that won't go away... just stay consistent and you'll lose it. My waist was 36" now it's 34", I've also started incorporating stomach vacuums to assist.
  4. Chicken chicken chicken

    1kg frozen is £3.50 in lidls, it doesn't lose much water when cooked
  5. Elbow sleeves?

    Using SBDs and they help immensely with elbow and knee health
  6. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    I Get different answers on ester lengths and get slaughtered if I suggest something perceived as incorrect on a popular steroid subreddit on reddit lol - NPP is OK taken twice a week Monday AM & Thursday PM?
  7. Seen a guy hogging 3 fixed weight benches (incline flat decline) so he could do variations of ab leg raises, I had to wait like 20 mins to do Bench pressing
  8. What’s you 3 faves and 3 worst exercises

    Love: Close grip bench, Cable flyes, wide grip pull ups. Hate: Barbell Bench Press (feel I progress way better using dumbbells, maybe I need a form check on barbell, Dumbbell rows, Machine shoulder press
  9. Southern Ghose Tren E gtg?

    used it a couple year ago was potent af, I got pip once with it only when I jabbed it without test in the same syringe, no real complaints though its good s**t
  10. Keen to try it myself but aware of what it can do to ones hair. I'm taking Dutasteride so wonder if that'd help reduce shed whilst on mast
  11. Storing rice?

    what rice cooker are you bunch using suitable for cooking a few days worth
  12. My Protein!???

    I use TPW but might grab a tub of whey from Reflex, just checked there's several different "whey" versions which one normal one shall I get lol
  13. You have Jesse pinkmans tattoo bcs I have the same lol, am paying to get it removed now though I hate it
  14. AwfuLL at Pull ups

    whip a resistance band around the pull up bar and put 1 knee through it and it'll assist you