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  1. Add mast to npp test cycle?

    I'll be using a similar cycle once gyms in Scotland reopen, will be taking 200mg of Mast E a week to help offset 19nor sides and alleviate any libido issues, I have asin too so obv not thinking of Mast as an AI replacement
  2. you're 17 and we're given advice previously to avoid AAS and peds and such, just be consistent in eating more and working out
  3. Superdrol sides

    Chalky and crumbly ones absorb and hit you quicker surely lol, I've got DG Superdrol pills not tried em yet but will soon, pretty stoked.
  4. Protein dessert

    I mixed low fat Greek yogurt with protein powder and a chopped banana. Ez.
  5. Equilia

    Sounds like a Pokemon
  6. Gyms Open - How was it?

    We have a small gym that always busy, a lot of equipment would constantly be occupied... can only imagine how things will be once it's open again with new measures in place
  7. Gyno and letro

    Can vouch for Vit B6 as well. I'm taking B complex from Peaksupps and the profile is higher comparatively with other brands. Obv with the other active ingredients the B6 dose isn't as high as buying just a standalone B6 supplement. My nips are less puffy and pokey. Still saving for surgery tho
  8. Where do you buy your sups ?

    I take a good few things all depending on circumstances... I buy from Peaksupps and TPW Vit D3, Vit K2, Vit E, Vit C, Vit B Complex, Multi Vit, Zinc, Saw Palmetto, Magnesium, Ashwagandha, Biotin, Protein Powder and Pre-workout
  9. T3 - do you split dose ?

    I just pop 3 pills in the AM
  10. Androchem Laboratories

    I was cruising on intex test cyp, ran out then bought androchem test cyp to continue - libido is higher, body looks better and I feel overall better. gtg
  11. Gyno surgery completed

    so they never left a little gland? what if your nipps become inverted? Never heed what the surgeon says regarding AAS lol
  12. Ultimate cutting drug?

    I have gyno due to not taking ancillaries on previous cycles, currently saving up for gyno surgery in Poland
  13. Oats....

    Quaker oats big bowl mixed with protein powder, milk and mixed nuts
  14. Test 400 & RIP cycle

    When I was skinny I stuck with mass gainers - these were easier than whole foods as its a drink and I chugged it down, easy 1-1.5k calories there. This opened my belly thus I started eating more whole foods. Haven't touched a mass gainer in a long time now but it did help to kick off.
  15. Tastiest sauce for chicken?

    sriracha hot chili sauce