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  1. We shouldn’t be giving kids protein!! Remember, these kids will grow up and take over this forum, once we’re all old and done in. We need them following in our footsteps. Of developing into dominant, migit dwarfs that love fiddling with trannies, who claim they lift but actually don’t.
  2. learning MMA for a short man!!

    Inb4 he takes your advice... Then a few days later he gets a knock on his door by this fella along with Mandingo and his 5 best mates
  3. learning MMA for a short man!!

    Small man syndrome. Fukkk, I’m 6’2. And I feel like a bitch standing next to somebody much taller than me, even tho I’m a big knt If I was shorter than say 5’8..I’d be posting these types of threads
  4. What do you want for Christmas?

    Wouldn’t mind a legit Xmas dinner with everyone around the table., Apart from going around to my ex’s at the time. I ain’t had a proper xmas of Xmas dinner since I was like 13...(now 23) ..feels bad man.
  5. Grime music is sh1t

    Replying to the comment about drill lol
  6. Golden era

    Crazy to think that in the ‘golden era’ they didn’t have anywhere near the knowledge we do now. yet these days stuff seems so complicated..(in pro bodybuilding) Seems strange how back then they’d run test/dbol/primo etc..have a legit head full of hair, no major gyno/no serious acne and such sides. But now you have drugs to combat such sides..like fina for hair/accutane for acne etc.. and yet still so many people are unable to control such sides.
  7. Am i ready for gear?

    A month or so from now, we best not find you posting threads over on gen con... ”does anyone else feel/get tranny tendency's when running 3g of tren / week?”
  8. Am i ready for gear?

    Thank fuckkk I got out of this rut before I was balls deep... My mentality was like... No tren?..no point going gym/putting in effort, since I won’t gain.. No dnp?..pointless dieting without it No energy? Meh, eph and addys/amphetamine just to get motivated to the gym. Literally think so many people overlook the fact steroids are in fact a drug (lol right?) and the fact they’re much more complex then people think.
  9. Why is white bread so popular

    Bread is goat. Wanna go all out? Slightly toasted Tiger bread, add a few rashes of bacon. Cover with copious amounts of melted Brie cheese. Then lastly sprinkle some caramelised onions on top Or it can serve you during them full poverty times. A loaf of ‘Asda value price’ will only set you back 32p. Then just put anything you can find in your pantry.. whether that be the last bit of mayo, or ice cubes..
  10. A thread about bacon butties

    Had a bacon buttie last week. Couldn’t be arsed cooking it, so just threw a whole pack (8 rashers iirc) on a plate and into the microwave. Full power (got a poverty microwave lol)..No longer than 5 mins cus errything started poppin, so assumed the microwave would be done for if I kept it in any longer s**t wasn’t even cooked, still somewhat raw pussy pink. Wacked all of it between 2 slices of bread. 6/10 would not recommend. But did not died.
  11. Raw pharmaceutical Oxadrol Anavar

    Can never be too cautious mate. I’d even go to suggest you get hold of some fent testing kits...
  12. Aching balls

    Lol I’ve experienced this. Well, wasn’t sure if it was just ‘blue balls’ Somehow, whenever I laid in bed, on my stomach.. it would always cause this feeling. Started getting worried so read the not so severe google searches and found that pretty much ‘your balls can get tangled up’ and that’s what can cause a dull ache. Seems to go away if I don’t lay on my stomach, if i do then I just feel them into place and untangle them ..this is serious btw, seems like a troll reading it myself lol
  13. After Life

    Nope. I believe that life has nothing to do with a god or soul or higher-power. And that simply ‘nothing’ comes after life, including death. life simply ends with the destruction of my brain because that’s where my life takes place. As a perfect interplay of biological, electrical and chemical processes.
  14. I don’t know fa about HGH, don’t even really looking into it...but i thought it takes a good while to ‘kick in’? Always thought it was preached to that it’s best to run for a good while, like 6+months? And say it’s better to use lower amounts 3/4iu for longer. Compared to say ‘blasting’ 6/8iu for lesser duration
  15. UK muscle logic

    My bad! Totally read that wrong!.. Thought you meant as if they actually sold dimensions steroids in prisons
  16. Low blood sugar

    Could be many things causing this You on gear? What’s your diet like? How long do you wait before eating? if I’m on tren/sdrol..some days I’m busy so my minds away from food so it turns to IF....so this messes with my blood sugar. Even If I eat simple carbs early in the day then my blood sugar gets impacted throughout the day. Try experiment with carb timing so spead your carbs out. Also play around with carb sources and see if they have any impact on your blood sugar
  17. UK muscle logic

    Lol what? This comment serious? Need to start a ‘best labs in HMP belmarsh’ thread..
  18. Pure Gym Slavery Workout

    Seems legit, specially if there was a 2nd lockdown. First lockdown had made us train in face masks, the next will be full blown German type-style gas masks.
  19. What does it really feel like?

    When I’m on tren/test/sdrol..specially sdrol. When at the gym, my planned workout goes out the window. Every session turns out to be chest/delts/arms, that look&pump makes me feel like a heavenly blessed beauty 10/10 wood bang. But then after I’ve ran out of stuff to do, the lower back pumps become too much. So I call it quits and head into the showers to show off them gains. Feels even better when there’s Mandingo and his mates in there. The feeling makes me more confident than those bbc fellas
  20. Best labs

    Only ever been blown away from such compound was some injectable mtren from a USA source a while back. .5ml was amazing. I mean I’ve used similar stuff from labs like SG/WC/Sigma over the years. They were good stuff, when dosed highly. But I never noticed the over the top effects/gains etc that others say. Then again I probably expect too much these days. As making rapid strength gains/progress isn’t something that comes easy aha
  21. No Upper Chest Gains or Gap in Chest

    Totes agree with needing more mass (obvs lol) but the genetics. It’s hard to say bad genetics, due to lack of overall development/mass. But from that pic, his bone structure kinda reminds me of Jeff seid when he was a young’un. Look how he turned out haha
  22. Best labs

    IMO I didn’t rate the stuff. If your onabout my comment, it was like summer 2018 I used them. Before the seller moved to another domain, the new one had a high spending limit iirc I stocked up like mad, just because I got a silly high tax refund I was pining tren a for the lols, 1ml Ed or more and ate the halo tabs like candy. Most I dosed was 4 tabs. Just because I hadnt used it before, so maybe it could have been wrecking me inside out. From experience using stuff like mtren etc, it didn’t seem anything remotely close. Nor did it live up to what I had researched
  23. Winter coat

    Pft...Winter coat? A £300 spending limit? Rather hop on dnp, get a fair few cycles bagged for not even a fraction of that. Save your money, or start buying next years summer clothes. Stuff goes cheap around this time of year
  24. Best labs

    True true. Ive been in on and used these ‘forum’ labs for like 5 years bro haha. &crazy you say that, the owner of the old gym I went to..guy is an established mr USA or something iirc. I asked him for some adex, he didn’t know what it was and told me to use letro as it’s the same thing. Lol This was when I was a noob, I knew what it was but not knowledgeable to call him out for going full retard
  25. Best labs

    I swear irl gear is totally different to forum gear. Main gym in Rotherham, everyone there used nothing but sis labs, not too long back...all the legit big fellas ran and vouched for it