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  1. Nice Protein Bread?

    Wouldn’t bother wasting money on protein bread personally, but mentioning your vegan I guess anything helps... Tesco do a protein bread..iirc 5g protein per slice and its only 89p a loaf. Could even make your own? There’s recipes online
  2. Eddie Hall Backflip

    Legit lol’d. Nowadays he’s going for the viral stuff, can’t fault him. I remember watching a WSM documentary and it’s talked about how little money they make for something that it your life. Then again, it won’t be long before hes doing any dumb s**t what just ends up cringeworthy. ..(think of Bradley martyn, gotta cringe for the moneyz boyos)
  3. Red capsule pill issues

    I chug back dnp with anything but water haha. 99% of the time it’s either protein shake or at the very least a sugar free soda. Whenever I take em on an empty stomach with just water I legit fell nauseous/sick feeling for a few hours and a slight irritated feeling in my throat/stomach. Kinda like sulfur burps but infused with dnp, that feel as if it’s burning your throat (which it is lols) There’s a big megathread for dnp on another board/forum (can’t remember exactly but just search in google) even that suggests taking it with something sweet (sugar free cola etc..)
  4. Extremely Thirsty?

    Could also be related to blood glucose and/or diabetes from what I read a while back iirc. Your blood glucose levels can dip/peak interchangeably whilst on tren/sdrol. What’s your your diet/ carb intake like?
  5. Decline vs incline?

    Wish my gym had more than 50kg dumbells. Can shoulder press them for 20ish reps fresh. (Even got 60kg for 8 back at my old gym) So stick to BB slight/ high incline..(or smith machine) but I have a meh chest lel. Heck, both flat and decline bench feel weird to me
  6. I tried their superdrol a while back, maybe a year or so ago. Seemed bunk to me..(up to 60mg) later tried nexus and SG and I could only just handle 40mg of either of those. Major shin and lower back pumps, but rapid changes in physique. Blew up my traps/delts up, and my physique changed day after day from around 9+ days
  7. Tren sweat smell

    My sweat used to smell bad on tren, especially when running a low carb diets. Kinda smelt like ammonia, iirc something to do with breaking down amino acids or something. Also from night sweats the sheets would have a smell of vinegar. Best thing is shower at 2x per day (3x on workout days) Increase water intake Use a decent under arm roll antiperspirant with a good spray antiperspirant. Use a good moisturiser that has a strong natural fragrance. Use fragranced talcum powder on ballsack. Lel
  8. High or Low test ?

    Some say they prefer higher test and some dose it lower. Best thing Ive learnt on this lately, backed with science and not just personal experience is from a YouTube channel called ‘more plates more dates’. Which prefers low test, well the lower ideal amount iirc.
  9. Ingrown hairs?

    Anybody got any idea how to get rid of beard/face ingrown hairs? When ever I head to the barbershop and get a clean cut, with electric trimmers it’s all good. But my poverty beard grows quick so I have to trim it at home for work. But using electric trimmer I still get them.. also from searching around it’s more so slight Pseudofolliculitis barbae
  10. There’s two different classes of nattys, A) Chris Jones, got dem bbc genetics and muscle bellies. But he’s not 100% gym bro life. when he did a comp he looked ‘stringy’ which all natty competitors seem to have..even those who don’t even lift and join a BB comp, they all have certain look. B ) Alberto nunez, top teir genetics and devotes his life to BBing. Never drinks/party’s and goes full retard by living like a nun to the bodybuilding lifestyle. Then again ain’t nobody natty, 1g trenbologne is trt so it’s natty.
  11. Dianabol and nosebleeds

    I had this with anadrol a fair few years back. It was due to high BP, wasn’t too high but knocked it down quickly with some natural supps (celery/hawthorn extracts iirc) and bumped up cardio. Then again if you keep an eye on your BP, get bloods done and find that everything’s in range. It literally could be your nose and the change in weather. (Cold in the Uk) and your nose becomes sensitive. Found this out as I was getting constant nose bleeds, then I got a check up as I wasn’t running anything and my first thought high bp/htc.
  12. Best AAS for Aesthetics

    Depends on the person. I know lads who look far from aesthetic while on tren. Two people I know personally; One white guy who gets bad skin, both acne and redness etc. But still blasts it again and again.. One black guy, I think he’s now a UKFBB pro. He swears by high dosed EQ as it gives him full muscle bellies &good skin. As tren makes him stringy...(then again dem african genetics so anything will work) Sdrol is goat though. Even at 13% or higher bf, it can change your physique (delts/arms which are said to be the most aesthetic areas
  13. Dnp

    Just buy it from there? Stuff I’ve used is legit and cheap as chips...any clear net sites that would even attempt to sell dnp would probably jack up the price massively..(as with the jail times associated with it etc..)
  14. Upper/mid back thickness?

    I follow most of medows stuff. Just bad that he hits up them legit American gyms where they have all kinds of insane equipment
  15. Upper/mid back thickness?

    I can’t keep chest supported rows as pure gym doesn’t have any haha. Cheers for the recommendations fella, aware me on ISO shrugs?