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  1. Not sure if I’m wording this correctly but.. Something I’ve never really understood is the whole ‘anti catabolic’ and muscle sparing properties of drugs? You hear things like; tren is good for preserving muscle/anti catabolic. Dnp is anti catabolic/muscle sparing. HGH is good at preserving muscle. Being on trt is sufficient for maintaining muscle..excluding big ramy status. From an outside eye, you’d think that if you used any of the above drugs then surely you’d be forever in a anti catabolic state..? Assuming the dose is relative to the amount of muscle you have. So what’s the difference, if any?..with such drugs when it comes to being muscle sparing/preserving muscle/being anti-catabolic. Not including cosmetic effects and I’m not talking in relation to how they’re used by the top guys like ramy etc.
  2. Dimensions Halo

    Didn’t rate it tbh mate. Last time I used dimensions was a few years back. A certain seller was clearing out their dimensions stuff. Going cheap as chips, I got a load of tren/sib/halo/t3.. which all seemed meh as I was just loading up on it all iirc, I was taking 3 tabs daily..on a s**t ton of test/tren too. Back then they had the hexagonal tabs..iirc not too well pressed..maybe I just got bunk stuff lol
  3. Pretty much just another bunch to jump on the boxing match bandwagon’ thats the current hype but it was between two dwarfs. Fuckn lol. Not watch the whole fight saw the highlights. Actually seemed like a decent fight..without going full money grab like how mayweather/mcgreggor fight went
  4. Ronnie Coleman

    Eh?..I’m not saying it’s bad fella Just seems like everyone else but Ronny took a step back. Like you don’t see many older/golden era guys like Dorian/levrone post up recent lifting vids on Instagram and such
  5. Total Test Enough?

    And don’t forget, add dnp to hold the bloat hehe
  6. Ronnie Coleman

    Totes understand that but come on mate, his backs basically a metal rod, he’s in hospital 70% of the time and he’s however old now. Admire everything his achieved but there’s gotta be a time where you back off more than a little. Always wondered if he’s the only one that keeps it up?..or are there any other pros like him? Most, eg Dorian...seem to have completely backed off and only do anything fitness related..with the main intentions to only ‘better’ or maintain a health/active lifestyle.
  7. Ronnie Coleman

    The thing that frustrates me is the fact he still goes to the gym...and still lifts in his mind set of ‘absolute fuckin yolo’
  8. Next Gen Consoles

    Nope, never really look at the latest consoles. Always wait a few years till price is much cheaper plus I’m too far behind all my mates who have played Xbox/PlayStation their whole life..to where everyone’s too competitive on cod/fifa for me to enjoy playing...and no way I’m playing fortnight lol
  9. dnp plus tren plus ketogenic diet

    Thhing with dnp is just keep it simple. Stay consistent and don’t cheat. Your maint cals, minus say 600cal. Macro split isn’t really too important. But it’s gets to eat foods that keep you full, don’t aggravate sweating and keep somewhat a moderate amount of protein. do cardio, do weights ( you’ll look worse before you look better) and keep a legit strict deficit. Once you slip, 99% of people keep slipping as they think “oh I’m on dnp, I’ll just take it for a week longer” I never bothered with all the supps recommended. But took stims, vit c and also electrolytes. Even didn’t bother with anything when I’d do silly amounts of dnp, amphetamine and sibutramine..on a tren cycle hehe I don’t f**k with dnp now, cba lol.
  10. Seen what dr dre ex wife is wantingzzz She wants $2million a month for temporary spouse support; Laundry and cleaning $10,000 month Clothes $135 000 a month Education $60,000 a month Entertainment $900,000 month Charitable contributions $125,000 month Mortgage $100,000 a month Phone, telephone and email $20,000 fukn lol at murica
  11. A drug you wont ever touch again ?

    Haha, I remember when I first took lsd. Thought it was bunk (was weird since never taken it, or any drug you leave under your tongue) Anyway, though it wasn’t working..though meh..I’m hungry, so I’ll make some scrambled eggs. Cracked the first egg and it was was bright red, (the embryo iirc)...then moments after I started tripping absolute balls. Fuckn lol
  12. A drug you wont ever touch again ?

    Crazy paranoia, feel real bad nausea, and that spinning feeling like I’m drunk..but 10x worse. The paranoia is legit 10x worse than say times I’ve gone on multiple days of no sleep/music festivals that were fuelled with boatloads of amphetamines along with copious amounts of other reccy drugs Lol Ordered some reccies a while ago on the dnet, they sent out 7g of weed by accident...pretty much threw it in the bin because I tried smoking a joint (didn’t put any tobacco in it lol) a few puffs and it floored me hahah
  13. A drug you wont ever touch again ?

    I’ve done most typical drugs besides heroin/meth. Legit only drug that messes me up and I stay away from is weed. Funny how most my relatives and male siblings smoke it. Steroid wise, mast, anadrol as they shed the fuk out of my hair. Oh and also t3, even on a boat load of tren, t3 still just isn’t worth it..flatness/muscle loss and also increases my appetite
  14. I know it’s ‘one in a million genetics’ and all but some fella on an American forum took gear at the end of his first year of training. Not sure if he’s a legit pro, but he’s won a fair few NPC Classic physique shows. (this doesn’t mean I agree taking gear early on) but ay, if your dead set on taking it competing and that stuff seriously and hope to make something from bb’ing why the foooook waste 4-6 years.
  15. Favourite gym wear ?

    ASOS do like a lightweight muscle fit hoodie which are pretty decent.