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  1. I'm back, I also had a relapse

    Reckon pills are anti-catabolic. I was ripped to shreds when i went on benders every weekend and didn't even train (although I was only about 9.5 st). Once you start eating again and fill out you'll probably not have lost too much muscle just did the world's fastest hardest cut.
  2. Buying stuff from taobao.

    Never heard of it until now. Looks similar to iOffer though which I've used successfully.
  3. Getting back into PC gaming

    Tbf I think you need to get back on the gear, f**k off the PC, and spend your free time in the gym and be the Irish Beast not the Irish Joe Average. Or quit UK-M and join UK-gaming.
  4. Why do you keep taking HCG? If your trying to recover do a PCT and then wait.
  5. You look cuter on 700 though babe.
  6. DBol slight stimulant effect?

    Yeah I get the "sense of well being" on Dbol.
  7. My name is UK-M; why are you here?

    Like most on here I'm only here for the pics of @Chelsea No homo.
  8. 5x5 Deadlift, back Pinged.

    You forgot he lost his cat
  9. Where to find a good girl?

    WTF is @Disclosure back?
  10. If you keep all other variables the same and start taking AAS, body fat will go down and LBM will go up. Why do you think we take them.
  11. What are your favourite pulldowns?

    No it's a cardigan.
  12. Burger king v mc donalds v kentucky

    KFC don't put salt on their food. (Srs).