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  1. White lives matter

    I thought you’d went and taken it too far there for a second until I read the end of that sentence “...avocado and soy smoothie”
  2. Magic mushrooms - psilocybin

    They used to grow in my garden but I think I killed them permanently by pulling the stem right out the ground, they’ve not come back for a few years anyway. They usually survive until the first time it gets frosty. First time they freeze they usually die till next year.
  3. Yeah I don’t mind but I’ve seen other people get warnings and threads get deleted for the same thing when other labs are involved...
  4. You can see the source website. Usually they get taken down within minutes, then again it seems they are stricter with some sources than others
  5. White lives matter

    Haha well I hope for your sake I’m wrong. But it might be worth keeping an eye on. Even if London prices don’t drop, I could see the surrounding area values start to rise faster while London stagnates.
  6. MMR vaccine protects against Covid19 deaths

    Dont think anyone on here cares about that
  7. Terbo.. WELCOME

    I think it could be @LeeDaLifter
  8. Terbo.. WELCOME

    There was a guy on here, he had a stock of 20 or so old photos with lightly amusing anecdotes or captions. He would post one every week or so and when he'd done them all he'd go back to the start, this went on for years, eventually some of the photos and associated stories had been posted dozens of times. I often wondered if he was a human or some kind of automated thread posting bot.
  9. White lives matter

    With the rise of working from home the need for people to live in London could start disappearing sooner rather than later. Obviously alot of people will still want to stay in London but as soon as there is less demand than supply the arse will fall out the market. I'd love to watch all the London property millionaires and foreign investors faces as they see their properties fall to regular city prices. Obviously this is just a prediction but I think it's pretty likely.
  10. White lives matter

    But they create more resentment and therefore make the problem worse. Anyone who looses out on a job to somebody less qualified is probably going to have a bee in their bonnet about the equality movement (and so they should). They are quota'd unfairly too, for example many engineering companies are working towards 50/50 representation, but 90+% of Mechanical Engineering graduates are Male, therefore 90+% of the jobs would be expected to be held by men. If you want 50/50 representation then make women do the "male qualifications". It works both ways men shouldn't be handed female dominated jobs (nursing, teaching etc) without the relevant qualifications. You are correct it has been shown that men are often paid more than women I similar roles, but they also usually work more hours, and take less career breaks (maternity etc which is often paid), in turn earning more experience, so they therefore on average add more value to their companies in return. In unskilled roles you will find everyone is usually paid the same as these factors dont come into effect.
  11. New Triumph Range...

    Yeah they usually need at least 5 GCSE's.
  12. Imagine how Australians must feel.
  13. White lives matter

    I believe life is harder in general if your black but I think in certain aspects of life positive discrimination is becoming a real problem. Mainly in the jobs market. Not just related to race but also sex. I've seen under qualified women with zero relevant skills or experience walk into jobs in male dominated work places literally because they were the only woman who applied. Men with skills, qualifications and experience are missing out on roles because someone has decided that the way to solve inequality is to impose quotas.
  14. White lives matter

  15. Ah yes now you say it, I'm sure I tried this at one point a few years ago. From memory I "felt" it worked well without any tests etc to back it up though, (libido up etc)