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  1. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    Yes we have tended to follow the WHO advice, but there weren’t any new findings, Covid doesn’t interact differently with a face mask than any other corona virus or similar respiratory viruses. They wouldn’t start out assuming that Covid was different, and wait for evidence that it was the same before recommending masks. They would have started out assuming that it would be like other similar viruses. Whether it was because they wanted to toe the line with the WHO (unlikely) or because they had ballsed up PPE contracts (more likely) or some other reason we will probably never know, but science didn’t discover a before unknown use for masks on the 6th of June. Remember the original policy wasn’t simply “you don’t need a mask” it was “DO NOT wear a mask” that’s a pretty major u-turn. The whole thing has been a bit strange, a “centre-right conservative” government administering socialist/communist policies that clearly aren’t coming from the top (Boris’ “bodies piled in the street” etc). Posh Eton graduate, brexiteering, trade union hating tories would never truly have believed in policies like furlough, enforced lockdowns etc behind closed doors. The whole thing has been about pleasing the centre crowd, I didn’t think Boris was the type to abandon his political ideals to chase a few votes. Pretty safe to assume though if Boris gave us lockdowns and furlough, we are lucky Corbyn never got in as we’d have about as many freedoms as the Chinese.
  2. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    So you think it was a good use of public sector money, that shouldn’t be questioned? I was replying to your comment about “creating jobs”.
  3. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    If it’s in the public sector you can’t claim that these jobs are a positive though. If private companies do this it’s their own money that’s being wasted and they will be contributing tax, NI etc for the privilege.
  4. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    As you mentioned earlier masks have been worn is Asia for years. There was already plenty of data available to show how corona viruses and other respiratory viruses interact with masks, years before anyone had ever heard of Covid-19. There were no “new findings” they just changed their minds, for whatever reason.
  5. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    An app that didn’t work. 100s of public sector jobs (ie paid for by tax payers) that achieved essentially nothing. If the public sector creates jobs that add no value for anyone, other than the people who get the jobs it’s not helping the country at all.
  6. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    TBF a lot (maybe near on half) of the people I know, mainly young healthy people, who have had it, have been pretty ill for a day or 2.
  7. Anyone on here from warrington

    Get a taxi to Manchester?
  8. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    Brilliant. Sky news create a segment to let people discuss things from different points of view. Then sack everyone who raises a different point of view.
  9. Dark Ghost covid vaccine

    Now even our UGL’s are trying to implant us with microchips. Nowhere is safe.
  10. I thought this was going to be the old blended tuna and fresh orange juice thread you like to post every so often.
  11. Trade Doge for BTC then back to fiat...
  12. Yeah mate I’ve thought about trying to buy an account before but it would be a bit messy needing access to a bank account and possibly ID if they ask to verify. Ive done me, my wife, and then both of us again at a different address all 4 accounts lasted long enough to make a decent amount. Yeah if you straight arb you will get done, possibly within a day. I did in-play arbs on football for a while and that mustn’t have flagged up as I got away with it for ages on SkyBet, however I recently got a new SkyBet account and they must have figured as now their in play odds don’t turn into arbs as often. Then like I mentioned the each way arbs kept me going for a while, and things like taking bets that you could lay for the exact same price so not an ARB, I think people called that a NARB, at a bookies that does “best odds guaranteed” these would often pay out more than your lay. And hit a few big ones on “extra place each way” offers.
  13. what do you guys do for work?

    Haha I think it was @vetran it was the only picture of him I could find. Although I’d love to take credit.
  14. derek chauvin Is going...

    Yeah they killed a mass murderer, but IRA terrorists who murdered innocent civilians get immunity. Makes a whole lot of sense.
  15. You can do well each way arbing on Bet365. Betting on horses that aren’t necessarily arbs but the each way part of the bet is an arb. Your accounts tend to last longer this way. I’ve lost a few bet365 accounts doing this never made anywhere near a million lol but was definitely up a good few grand in a short period of time a few summers ago, and also a couple of times since when I’ve sorted out a “clean” account made probably at least a couple of grand each time before getting caught. If you go into it with a big bank roll and betting high stakes off the bat you can probably make serious money before you get restricted.