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  1. 60% Grapeseed oil 25% Testosterone Enanthate 13% Benzyl Benzoate 2% Benzyl Alcohol ... I’d imagine
  2. Moldovian Pharma

    Nice discreet shilling If your going to try and trick people into thinking your a premium “pharma” brand, don't call it Moldavian.
  3. Dark/deep web.

    A massive operation of top “computer people” worked full time for over a year and couldn’t trace him. He got caught as he was doxxed using the same user name on clear net forums. Not because the network isn’t secure. Monero also can’t be traced at all, CIA have offered over a million to anyone who can, and also presumably have their own guys working on it.
  4. Sust & Testoviron juice of the Gods. Single ester Test is for gays.
  5. Polite yet sickening nonce

    The problem with vigilante groups is that they mainly attract low intelligence people trying to legitimise the mob attacking others, rather than people genuinely wanting to protect children. Which is why the odd Paediatrician gets hounded out of their home.
  6. What does everyone do for a living?

    Covert ones... That’s the funny thing about covert operations.
  7. Gang Culture

    I stopped going to the Scouts when I was about 10 but they funded me several weekends of white cider, fags and money to put in fruit machines in my teenage years. When we were skint, we used to go on my mates PC and bash up a sponsorship form for a non-existent walk several times around the local park, complete with images of the “Scouts” logo etc. Then take a stroll around the local “posh” housing estates chapping doors asking people to sponsor us to raise funds to repair the Scout hall. Despite all the things I did in my youth this is one I still strangely feel pretty guilty about when I think back, possibly why I still remember it so well.
  8. Yes. You get 2 different qualities. Real and Fake.
  9. Several studies have shown people with higher IQ’s are more likely to question, leadership, and authorities. They are far more likely, for example, to experiment with illegal drugs rather than accept what society/authorities have taught them about how bad drugs are.
  10. Lab Test Results

    Depends if they’ve paid their UKM fees this month.
  11. I’m going to get stoned on weed!

    Fuckin stoners.
  12. Regal Triumph Both legit both cheap can get them from the same unnamed place, with Triumph below “RRP”. Just a friendly push in the right direction, absolutely nothing else motivating this advice.
  13. What look are you aiming for.

    If you “got s**t” when you were younger it would have been due to your personality. If, as an adult, you still harbour deep grudges about things kids did because they were kids, then your an even bigger loser. You were a little knob end and now your a big knob end.
  14. Where to buy boiler + fitting

    Thanks mate quick look so far seems to confirm this.