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  1. Mars Rover landing.

    Yes. Although the theory I mentioned suggests humanity is doomed, the counter arguments throw up interesting scenarios. Another is that our perception of time is totally different from other “beings” perhaps a lifetime to us is a blink of an eye to them. Any potential signals or waves that we are searching for may occur so far apart that we would never find them. Or they will never find us as we may have evolved, created advanced technology and then become extinct in what seems a few minutes to another race. If someone were to observe a black hole from the outside and another was in the black hole looking out, the person inside could observe the others whole life pass while only seconds passed for them.
  2. Mars Rover landing.

    There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand in every desert and every beach on earth, a truly incomprehensible number. To the best of our knowledge a star has on average 10 planets. If life started on earth, it seems a statistical impossibility that it wouldn’t have elsewhere. I like reading about this stuff. Unfortunately it also makes sense that we will never conquer space and go “interstellar”. If it had been done before current human technology should be able to find evidence of it, which they haven’t. The chances that we would be the first considering the amount of stars, and planets that have ever existed and failed to create life that had made it that far are negligible. The alternative theories are interesting though, perhaps space is colonised but much like nature conservation on earth we are purposely left in the dark to be allowed to progress naturally, maybe as part of an alien study, or even a “zoo”. Sorry for the boring post if anyone is at all interested Google the “great filter theory” and contemplate mankind’s future inevitable demise.
  3. Mars Rover landing.

    Yeah they are already planning to mine it for resources. No country could give another a free run at it, without conceding future economic superiority, have you seen the price of cheese lately?
  4. Mars Rover landing.

    Dunno mate, seems pretty unlikely to me.
  5. PS mate sorry just noticed. Ill have a look. I realise when someone reads a well researched study and then just says they know better they sound like a bit of a t**t... However as I said I think it’s almost beyond doubt that financial woes>poor mental health>increased suicide. It’s obviously a complex debate but I think those basics can be taken for granted. I’ll definitely have a read though and try see what their evidence is. PPS the whole “peer reviewed” study thing being used as a sign of legitimacy is a sham. Authors/universities all write studies on similar subjects to their pals and all cite each other’s studies in writing their own. Poor research and figures often get copied and cited so much that they become “fact”. Eg everyone knows a cheetah runs 70mph right? One poorly executed experiment 40 years ago and this became accepted fact, it has now been debunked though with some pretty simple work.
  6. I didn’t notice you’d posted one? Was it in this thread?
  7. Buy white ones. Alternativley up the Tren and f**k off the duvet covers.
  8. Male and female suicide had been on a long downtrend after lots of government policy and schemes were put in place as it was such a big problem. This year that long term steady trend has took a rapid reversal. If have to read about it again, but I thought male suicide had went up modestly while female suicide had went up drastically. Its a bit early to draw conclusions but it has correlated tightly with job destruction. In Japan the jobs worst effected are mainly filled by women, in a similar way to they are usually filled by under 25yo’s here. I don’t think you need to look that far into it though I think it is pretty intuitive that job losses, unemployment and financial worries have a huge negative effect on mental health and so presumably suicide. I don’t think we need to wait on the figures, I can’t see any other logical outcome. If you lost your job and couldn’t pay your bills your mental health will be badly affected. If you are so inclined this will in turn increase the likelihood of suicide.
  9. The only country in the world who records suicide in real time (well monthly) is Japan. Everywhere else it’s annual and published with a delay of probably 6 months (no doubt longer this year). Anyway, point is Japan (which has had a better time of it than us) is seeing huge increases in suicide. In October Female suicides were up 70% year on year. Note Japan famously (or infamously) has one of the if not the highest suicide rate in the world. Which is to say, small random fluctuations can’t effect the overall figures as much.
  10. Should I sell my XLM or hold?

    Extra Large Man
  11. I’m not trying to help. I’m pointing out that we have dealt with this worse than probably every other country on earth, yet people continue to defend and argue every time somebody criticises the governments response.
  12. Not necessarily. Labour is overrun with leftist, socialist, cucks. They would never promote a further “right” policy than the Tories. No matter how hard the Tories locked down, they would have said they should have done it harder and faster.
  13. Well every other country had lower death rates while causing less damage to the economy, so I’d say yes
  14. 1. We have damaged our countries economy more than any other large developed country. 2. We have had a higher death rate than any other large developed country. Anyone who continues to defend our governments performance/policies must be blind.
  15. BTC 19000 usd

    PS with alt coins you can move the market with relatively small amounts of cash, maybe we should start a UKM bracket.