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  1. New triumph

    I’m not sure I think some pharma products have something better about them. If you’ve ever had a real Pfizer Viagra they are powerful as duck. I go bright red and get completely blocked/closed sinuses within 20 mins of 100mg, very pronounced definitely not placebo. I can take 200mg of UGL or even Indian Pharma and this doesn’t happen. I assume they won’t be underdosing as raws are very cheap. Ive wondered if the Pfizer somehow has better bioavailability due to something in the manufacturing process or something.
  2. New triumph

    I don’t know why you seem to have jumped all over that one point, which was clearly made as a sarcastic remark, perhaps because everything else I’ve said has been true? If you really want to get pernicious about it though, a drug manufactured in the UK could absolutely be made to FDA standards if the manufacturer wanted to sell his product in the US. In fact if he wanted it to be an approved US prescription medication it would be a necessity.
  3. New triumph

    Yeah but they would still just “buy cheap Chinese and slap a label on” They would probably be the best labels though.
  4. New triumph

    Anadin don’t do Asprin. They just buy cheap Chinese and slap a label on Nike don’t do trainers they just buy cheap Chinese and slap a label on.
  5. New triumph

    No, I have no affiliation with said Lab. However, the way you described this labs GH, very much sounded like a dig. You seemed to be suggesting that a “better” UGL would supply something other than “Chinese generics”. The way you called it “cheap” Chinese stuff suggests you might know who uses the “expensive” stuff... I was just making it clear to anyone who may have read your statement and subsequently went looking for “higher quality” UGL gear that they will do nothing other than get themselves over charged for the same thing. All UGL products (not limited to GH) are synthesised in Chinese industrial chemical plants and then repackaged by the UGL.
  6. New triumph

    Yeah but some Labs really go the extra mile and conform to US & UK standards. Cnut
  7. New triumph

    Ok well I’d just like to take this opportunity to point out that GENX-TROPIN is made in a factory in China that likely supplies many other “Labs” who then create their own packaging/branding incase anyone was under the impression that any labs are doing anything “more” than this. Why would someone feel the need to point out this fact about just one particular lab?
  8. Geet’a f**k Out Of My Shop?
  9. New triumph

    As opposed to all the other UGL PED’s we buy? Which are all manufactured with certification in the UK with strict conformity to FDA standards? Most other labs are synthesising their own compounds ensuring 99.999% purity?
  10. My Protein!???

    Who still shills protein nowadays? Much more money in lab pushing
  11. My Protein!???

    Thanks got 5kg if whey and a few clearance boxes to bring me up to £49 for free postage. Best they’ve done for a while, since they bumped their base price up 40-45% off still isn’t that great any more.
  12. My Protein!???

    I miss you too bae.
  13. My Protein!???

    You got a code hun?
  14. Test 400 why ??

    A variety of esters will dissolve more easily than 400mg of E.