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  1. Similar to my numbers, was around 110 before, I have been doing pressups and using a 12kg kettlebell though?
  2. Lost a good 30kg on my bench after my first session back yesterday.
  3. Wife has a long face during sex

    Nailed it. They say attention is the female currency, remove it and she will be begging for you.
  4. Can shove your masks up your a**e
  5. There will always be one ethnicity that suffers from police brutality more than the others, by statistical fact there would always have to be one. Is it worse that it is black people? Would it be better if it was Asian people? Chinese people, Indians? Or is the ask that statistics are completely equal for all ethnicities?
  6. Ronnie Coleman on Joe Rogan JRE

    Will watch later but surely must be stuff in there about current events, especially as he was a policeman previously?
  7. Are mortgage advisors worth paying for?

    Not true, screenshot taken from MSE:
  8. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    Messiah, decent.
  9. How to invest 20k for most return

    Put it into a Vanguard index fund, sit back and let it compound.
  10. I would say their quotes proved condonement.
  11. Corbyn and Mcdonell are IRA/terrorist sympathisers and the less said about Abbot the better. How could any proud Brit vote for a man who supported the IRA?
  12. I don't think not leaving the EU would have meant assistance from them in the situation you described, besides what EU assistance is available? I thought the EU army was a far right myth? The UK government didn't do anything because they haven't got a backbone and have no appetite to start WW3.
  13. You think national debt will go down under Corbyn?
  14. Want to vote Brexit party but will probably end up Conservative, North Tyneside so probably won't make a jot of difference, all the sheep will hobble along and tick the Labour box.