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  1. Or just don’t use tren many other compounds you can use i don’t touch tren, lack of sleep and appetite are two words things when comes to growing
  2. Inject Dbol

    Very true, main reason I’d use injectable over oral is to minimise appetite suppression from orals. Liver will repair specially if u looked after during and post support max is a great one, tudca and nac and many others areas covered
  3. Get lean af and u won’t hold water, water gets attached to fatty cells, if u ain’t them then all water will be held in the muscle, u will look full as a house and till lean af
  4. Thanks guy a lot of helpful and useful information there appreciate it
  5. Gents any one who had hair transplant? Or has hair line issues ? What do you run ? Asking for a friend, not got any issues with my hair line my self. he had hair transplant done and not sure what too run, obviously avoid winny proviron mast e etc, stick to lower dose of test e. thanks
  6. Personal preference rather split in to tiny small and frequent injections to keep levels more stable
  7. Says who that I can’t ? I clearly can. Thats my opinion and based on my opinion I think pinning once per week is a terrible advice so clearly I can say that.
  8. Because that what I want to do, more frequent injection will provide more stable blood release that’s a fact. You don’t have to or need to agree. That’s what I want to do and that’s what I’ve been doing and will be doing.
  9. Sorry I’ve not read any forum rules where is says I have to and I need to do this and that like you keep saying you got to stop telling me what I have to and what I need to mate. Don’t see mine telling you what you got to do ? Right ? Regarding short esters i wouldn’t use them for following reasons: a) much higher oil volume b : I wouldn’t be pinning them eod, it be Ed for prop or ace, pheloprop eod would be fine. increasing frequency and oil volume for no reason, makes no sense to me.
  10. That be down to ppl being lazy, i don’t use Pharma and yes I had couple back in the day, one was dirty vial, one was me being lazy. Lessons learned from that.
  11. Mate let me set you straight so you can stop geeking on out here read carefully: i don’t have to do anything get it ? more frequent the dosing, the better and more stable the bloods , dont have to be genius to know this and have any proof of it
  12. Not had an infection in many years considering I’ve pinned eod for over a year... do the maths and work out how many times that is per year. infection down to poor injection technique, poor hygiene, dirty gear : they usually are main causes of infections.
  13. So you saying I have to proof my opinion and my decision? I don’t have to proof anything to anyone, that’s my choice and my opinion, I am not going to go google and try to find studies etc sorry but it doesn’t benefit me single bit. If people happy pining 1-2 times per week, then that’s fine by me, I’ll do what I prefer and I found works better for ME Go do some search online and educate your self in terms of what will provide more stable bloods and be the optimal option.