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  1. Electronic money - no more paper money

    the ticket machines on my railnetwork are cashless now.... They will only take debit cards or smartcards.The station announcers go on about how this will quicken journeys and is more convenient. The reality is it's not. It should be in theory. But the situation now is, the machines are far slower than the old machines that took coins and notes. The network smart cards do not work often, I frequently hear people with smart cards arguing with the station staff to be let through the barriers.The station staff have to intervene when the machine isn't working which is often. This shouldn't be the case if cashless means people can 'glide' around the network as the announcers call it. Thats when staff are there... they also shut the ticket office when it is meant to be open according to their website.I myself was in a situation when the machines had stopped working, and no staff were at the ticket office or around the station. I had to order a cab and Iam not made of money. Cashless should work in theory ,but I think the reality is quite different when you have to rely on an IT network which seems to frequently crash and cause chaos on the ground. Sometimes at rush hour there is a queue around the station for the ticket office staffed by a single person. As the machines aren't working. And all I have wrote don't cover the more sinister motivations for going cashless in society. Banks I have noticed pushing for this as are the government. Why? In my view they want total control over peoples finances. Cashmachines are slowly being phased out,or they now disgustingly apply a charge when you use them. You have eldely people, people with learning disiabilities who could easily get into trouble without being able to access cash because it's all they know ,not all of them have carers. . I also think it could encourage peoples irresponsible spending in theory if they aren't making physical transactions with money. Yes grown adults should be able to manage but as a society we should be about supporting the weakest members. The banks in my view are not behaving great right now, the latest is making people with arranged overdrafts, not unarranged, but arranged pay much higher rates of interest on them to recoup the money lost because the FCA have demanded they stop charging people who go into an unauthorised overdraft with punishing charges. several banks are doing this while cutting the interest in their savings arrounts. e'g hsbc are going to charge anyone with any kind of overdraft of any amount 40 percent, that is double the rate of interest they used to charge. They are also cutting the interest rates on their savings accounts. So the banks plan to punish everyone for the irresponsible behaviour of a few of their customers.
  2. I've been a conservative supporter since about the age of 14, before I got mentally ill which changed me in many ways I even was involved with the tories at a local level. I was in conservative future.... went to party conferences. It all changed for me when cameron took over and tried to 'detoxify' the party. remember all that hugging hoodies rubbish in the news? I have always been too the right, believe in hanging, Iam not keen on two blokes shagging each other,I never believed this country should be in the EU,because we have a very different history and culture to the countries on the continent. , I don't believe homosexuality should be banned and people go to prison like the old days but it shouldn't be encouraged. Cameron brought in gay marriage , I actually wasn't against that,but it was the general attitude of the party towards social conservatism that rankled with me. The he got into power and I didn't like the way his government hunted disability benefit claimants. When ever he was challenged on it,he would use his disabled son ivan who is now dead as a kind of shield,ie 'how dare you challenge me when I have a disabled son myself' etc etc. That to me is as low as you can go, using your own children to stave off people questionining how unfair he was being to the most vulnerable in society. Something else changed since the tories took over, something else that rankles with me. I see so many homeless people on the streets, I know it's a complicated problem, and it's probably not all down to the tories but I think it makes our country look bad to have town centres around the country looking like a scene from the tv show walking dead especially at night . Iam not saying the solution to it, is throwing money at it in all cases but it's something we as a country should be ashamed of. We are the 5th richest country in the world.... I predicted the election of donald trump,made that prediction when almost everyone thought it was a joke,trumps election was a reaction to anger and discontent amongst poor white people that had been in many states in the US , I first noticed this years before trump when a politician called sarah palin for a short while was able to rabble rouse but in a more limited way before the media sent 'lawyers' and 'researchers' to alaska to destroy her candidacy . The media is not neutral at all these days, they don't even pretend to be now. Thats why it rankles me to have to have a tv licence ,as the BBC is certainly not impartial. But thats another discussion. ,I wish I was a betting man as I would have won a lot of money but thanks to my mental illness I cannot visit places easily so I never did . all the media didn't just not want him to be president ,they despised him as a person.I now see the same media doing the same to corbyn, The two men are different, these are different circumstances in many ways but it tempts me to simply vote for corbyn leaving aside what I think of labour just because the usual suspects don't like him. I don't expect labour to win, but Iam going to vote for corybyn for the first time ever out of anger at the tories not being the party I was proud to support anymore. They have changed not me. Where they have gone left, I have remained right and where I was always on the left on certain issues they have gone to the right. They have embraced liberalism economically but have also fought for the centre ground on social issues. Iam an ideologue, principles are more important to me than getting elected the conservative party is no longer conservative in my view. Iam also voting corbyn because clearly the establishment don't want him near number ten. Corbyn also made a remark about having a homeless family stay at chequers, I don't believe it will happen regardless of if he wins, but to me there is a certain poetic justice in that remark.
  3. Anyone know much about scientology?

    I'll look it up.
  4. Thinking about going to the london centre for a tour,possibly go futher .... not sure yet. I know they have a lot of bad press,and heard the horror stories. But at the same time the likes of tom cruise looks well young for his age and I like the idea of self improvement and detox they do. They are very anti psychiatry and I can't say it's solved my ongoing issue with my nut. Iam just very suspicious of anything and anyone who gets repeatedly hammered by all sections of the media,... the media these days is less about reporting the news and more about promoting interests and demonising certain people and organisations. Remember all the s**t that got levelled at trump by alll sections of the media, both left and right wing ,but in reality the yanks still thought he was cleaner than hillary clinton and voted him in.
  5. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

    Used to happen all the time in my old gym, the best one was when the owner of the place who was getting on a bit, told me about a conversation he'd been having with an elderly lady .It was boring as f**k ,it wasn't even about him.... it was about what this old lady had told him about her garden, grandchildren, and in the end he told me how she had told him that last week she s**t herself in the street and now she has a doctors appointment. I found older people have no issues with talking about their own and others bodily functions. The owner and his mates who were also old, would talk about their pissing and shitting routines and other medical problems. You couldn't put headphones on in my old gym, you would be thought of as 'rude'.one young bloke was banned for having his music too loud and it meant one of the old boys couldn't let the entire gym know about his prostate troubles,the old boy told him to turn it down and the young bloke ignored him.So he was told to find another gym.
  6. Paranormal experience’s.

    Had some serious coincidences today. Bloke driving my taxi was from the city in scotland where I lived for a few years. He also went to the same uni as me and studied the same subject. His wife uses the same dentist as me, and has a similar problem with a tooth that I have at the moment and has been referred to the same place as me as the dentist can't sort it herself. What I took from all this was that it may be worth getting a second opinion about this tooth that the dentist claims needs to come out and she can't take it out herself because the roots are too long to see if it really does need to come out. But it is a bit freaky all those coincidences Anyway,... paranormal? yes I do believe in ghosts. Not sure about aliens or the loch ness monster though... I do subscribe to the idea that it is arrogance to think we are the only advanced civilisation in the entire solar system,but I also believe that most of the UFO sightings, are either pranks, attention seeking or the government wanting to blame their secret tests of military equipment on little green men so get the media to print silly stories . Lochness... I believe there was probably once something very large in there but it died a long time ago, it's possible that something came from the sea at various times as there are apparently tunnels in the loch that go into the sea. I think most of todays sightings are used to help the scottish tourist board ,however I do subscribe to the saying ' there is no smoke without fire' ,there are so many sightings of something in the loch, that clearly some people are noticing something. But on ghosts.... 100 percent certain they exist. Had an odd experience myself where a woman in very old fashioned looking clothing disappeared almost before my eyes,in an area that is notorious for crime, rapes, even a murder over the years.I mentioned it to a friend who has lived in the town for many years and I didn't know that alleyway was so notorious but he basically said if anywhere is haunted in this town ,that alleyway would be a good candidate. I personally think there is something called 'bad energy' where an area has a lot of bad things happen and it leaves an atmosphere. Also my dad has seen a ghost, and my dad is one of the most logical science minded people I know. He told me what happened, he basically saw an old lady in a room in an old house when he looked in a mirror. He turned round and nothing there. He later found some old photographs as he was clearing the house out and the old lady was in one of the photos.....
  7. What annoys you guys in the gym ?

    circuit training. Theres always one in every gym. They involve multiple machines, weight benches in a gym, placing say a towel or water bottle on each one and then they lose their temper if you absent mindedly take one of 'their' machines over believing it to be unoccupied. If I owned a gym I would have a list of do's and don'ts and one of the don'ts would be circuit training. I would not care how empty a gym is. Just no. If you want to do a circuit, go to a local park and do bodyweight exercises.
  8. Paracetamol vs Ibroprfen for headaches.

    sinusitus is a bitch as well. but it was a blessing as my mum in my school days forced me to be in the school band ,but blowing into a trombone made my sinus problems worse so I was allowed to quit.
  9. Paracetamol vs Ibroprfen for headaches.

    My migraines last days and switch sides..... luckily I don't get it often, tends to be when the seasons change or if Iam training heavily in the gym. In my view they have got worse since I injured my neck in the gym. I couldnt cope if I got them more often like yourself. You have my sympathy. My dad got headaches every day and so developed an addiction to Solpadeine and booze which he used to self medicate because of his stressful job in the city. It was only when he retired that he saw a specialist over it and he was helped with his addiction and the headaches.
  10. Paracetamol vs Ibroprfen for headaches.

    If I have to chose only one, ibuprofen ,as my headaches seem to start in my neck and then go into my head and behind my eyes, I know why it starts in the neck ,it's because of a years old gym injury where I twisted my neck while doing behind the neck press. The best ever though is ibuprofen and codine, I swear it chills me out as well, because when I get one of my headaches my anxiety goes up and I think it's a brain aneurysm. I start getting different colours from my eyes ,flashes of blue and green, I have thrown up from a headache before. The only problem with ibuprofen and codine is constipation, but I don't mind shitting a brick if it sorts the headache. Headaches run in the family, my dad actually became addicted to solpediene and whisky. He would drink before work religiously.
  11. The dealer who lives next door to me keeps his property spotless, there is never any asbo type behaviour around his property and most of the time it's very quiet. Only problem is, he has schizophrenia and due to his choice of job,he gets paranoid about the neighbours thinking they and mates he has fallen out with are all plotting against him and targets them for vandalism,smashes works van up last time. Since he had that run in with me where I chased him down the road in my underpants machete in me hand ,he leaves me alone though. Wouldn't say he is loaded, I suspect he is just paying for his own addictions. The thing that pisses me off the most isn't actually him. It's the stupid system, the old lady who lived in the property before him waited a long time on the housing list for that property ,yet soon as she dies ,he gets first dibs because he is 'vunerable' ,this is why the police don't touch him,though I could be wrong, could be a grass I suppose. Police came out when he smashed the van up and according to the owner of the van ,the police were more concerned about his mental health ,than the damage.
  12. Terminator is out tonight

    Apparently rambo 'last blood' was a flop.... I think we haven't heard the last of rambo from hollyweird. I reckon they will get stallone to do one more film where he trains some non binary transexual to wreak revenge because some rednecks stole 'her' hormone pills. I would seriously lock up the people who do these remakes because they f**k up classic films dripping with testosterone.
  13. Help! Ignorant neighbours

    I have heard bad things about woodflooring and people living below before.... It causes many a rumpus in apartment blocks. I would say if you can move do that. If they were pumping out bass music at all hours I might completely understand a spot of violence,but this is also partly the landlords responsibility whoever laid that flooring. Do you have the same landlord,it might be worth having a word with them as well. I can only sympathise as I have had my own battles with annoying neighbours. Mine was more blasting music in the early hours and chucking rubbish over the garden fence,it only stopped when I confronted the man of the house jumped up from behind is works van and made him s**t himself. The music stopped as did the rubbish, but it annoyed me even more then that ,it's not like they could not help it, they knew they were being cu**s and only stopped when someone tells them to stop being cu**s. shouldn't have to act like tony soprano to get some peace and quiet. .Yeah you can make things a bit easier if you buy headphones ,maybe some ear plugs ,who wants to live like that? The problem is if you do move you really need to check out where you are moving to as you don't want to jump from the frying pan into the fire. and be living next to even worse people. You have learnt one lesson, don't be on the ground floor below people who have wood floors. ps don't do what I did with another neighbour and chase him down the road barefoot with a machete because I got sick of the drug dealing smackhead, managed to tread on some broken glass while chasing him, oh and I get sectioned as well.
  14. Nicest gym you’ve ever trained at..

    I have mentioned it on here before.Called estuary gym. It was a spit and sawdust place that had been open since the 1970's. Some of the members were still there from those days. You had sons and grandsons of those original members using it. It had a real family atmosphere and at least when I went there,it was never very busy,but had enough footfall so it wasn't too quiet. It was underground and even had a 'reputation' in the town as a hard man's gym. Yet by the time I went there first in the mid-late nineties most of the hardmen had left and gone elsewhere or were shot dead in a range rover. When I had my first mental health episode, it got in the local paper so I was nervous to come back there after I was allowed to leave the hospital. Yet those lads ,some of whom had been in prison for all sorts of trouble slapped me on the back and took the piss. They were there for me much more than my own family. They would phone me at home if I hadn't been down there for a few days. They offered to sort out my idiot neighbour as well. My gym sadly closed a year ago, and I think it's partly why I have gone off the rails again. I am going to a new gym now but it's not like the estuary. No more banter, and most people ignore each other. The only time I have interacted with anyone there is an argument over the assisted pullup machine. some former members from my old gym go there ,in fact they dragged me in there to join it, but never will we get that community back. Some things are more important than money.
  15. The child is maybe too far gone already, nothing you can do,not excusing it,but most probably his parents are cu**s,or maybe dad is not around and his mother has a tribe of 'uncles' and he doesn't have a stable father figure . You think giving him a belting would help? It would make him meaner if anything. Most kids would never hurt another kid like that.