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  1. Thoracic Spine area pain. Upper/mid back

    Check your car seat and headrest. I had searing back pain and nothing would sort it, 6 months of physio, rehab exercises the lot. Changed job with less driving and changed the car. Pain mostly gone. A lot of people’s upper back and neck issues are caused by too much curvature in the upper part of the seat and bloody stupid firsRd pointing head restraints that assumes everyone is a big fat American with extreme forward head posture.
  2. SARM sources

    Just drink water: far more efficacious
  3. Carderine - any experience?

    Cardarine isn't a cutting drug so no surprises here. It's supposed to increase cardio endurance. So unless you're planning on running marathons it's useless.
  4. Do you look like you lift

    No, people are too wrapped up in themselves to even notice. I don't do it for that anyway. I vaguely recall someone saying 'looking good' years ago
  5. Do you look like you lift

    That would be a good thread. yes no no no no yes no you dont yes
  6. Do you look like you lift

    I'd say that to someone who doesn't know, probably not because people's perceptions are completely scewed. A girl at work mentioned me training and my fat, out of shape boss about wet himself. Got him to put his hand on my tensed arm and he changed his tune. No homo I'm basically natty and at low body fat. 11%ish on the calipers. 5 11, very small bone structure, had waist down to 27 (28 at the moment) and weigh next to f**k all. The AVI is me a few years ago when I was doing a lot more cardio than now. Body fat was a bit lower: visible veins in lower abs, and I weighed only around 146! In my 20s on gear the most I ever got to was a chubby 14.5 stone. I need to get some blood work done as I have my suspicions re low test... I know I lift, I know to be like I am I have to lift but I just look skinny in clothes unless I have a shorter sleeve shirt on. Bicep veins etc give it away. Id say I look more like a lean track & field athlete than 'someone who lifts' I.e a bodybuilder etc. So in short: no
  7. Long term investing, whose looked into it

    And then back to reality. U.K. Average wage is £27000-28000. I work in engineering. A recently qualified graduate will make 25k. A design engineer after a few years experience 30-35k. Seniors up to 40. Principles ( there are two here in a workforce if 200): 45-50k. Employer pension contribution 2.4 -5%. Depending on company. There are people at design level who are close to retirement. The average whack for an experienced, qualified engineer is probably around 35k. Unless being an engineer isn't a decent job skill these days...
  8. Long term investing, whose looked into it

    Set up a spreadsheet. You'll be surprised. It's how mutual funds get away with quoting 'bogus' figures. An example, year 1, +7%, year 2 +9%, year 3 +12%, +3%, -18%, -2%. The reported average return would be avg(7+9+12+3-18-2) =1.84% per year. Now look at the reality on 10k. 10k + 7%= 10700 +9% = 11663 +3% = 12012 and so on until you get 11136, a gain of 1136 over 7 years, meaning the actual average return was only 1.62%.
  9. Long term investing, whose looked into it

    Too many long replies to read but you haven't factored in inflation for one thing. Another thing, with markets you don't get 'average returns'. The reality is always less than the average, sometimes much less, it depends when and how much it corrects. I think your idea of how large the pot needs to be is way off. I'm planning on retiring at 58 - 10 years to go and project that a fund of around £500000+ would be required to live off reasonably for 25-30 years if lucky leaving 150-200k plus assets to pass on. But there again I'm only betting on 2% above inflation for the long term. Could end up with more could end up with less, but you plan for less. You don't want to be running out of money when you're 70.
  10. Footwear in Gym

    Check out the More Mile website. If you look around the net you can get 30% discount too. The lifting and crossfit shoes are really good and about half the price of Adidas.
  11. How old are you?

    47, going on 18 but as miserable as in mid 20s
  12. I've had something similar for a few years. Something back there went pop, done it a couple of times Squatting. Had 'chest' pain from it when lying down. Tonnes of thoracic pain which driving in modern cars with forward jutting headrests made even worse. Solution to that one was change job so I wSnt commuting 4 hours a day. After the second pop I couldn't straighten up, went up an osteopath who cracked me and got me moving again but the pain moved to the lumbar spine. Which has popped a few times since. Got to the point where I couldn't squat, couldn't get down far enough but have managed to get back into doing it, bar a butt wink problem weights are still way low though. what do I think the issue comes from: I had an injury from tennis in my teens which at the time I thought was my shoulder but I think it stemmed from the back. It was never fixed and consequently ive had upper back tightness, jaw and neck tightness on one side for 30 odd years. Long winded way of saying youve probably got an injured rhomboid or one of the other underlying muscles and I don't know how to fix it. Personally I've seen physios, osteos, GPS, sports massage, had x rays, endless stretching, rolling, indies and outies and nothing fixes it, can't lie on my side or have my wife lie on that side ( have to have my arm have some room or the neck etc goes into spasm. Tiredness, stress and working with s computer mouse all day long makes it worse plus now have a knackered lower back to boot. Light deadlifts seem to be helping recently funnily enough: the very thing that popped the lower back last time. Good luck with it
  13. PH & Sarms sharp practice

    I thought I mention it as a general 'beware', plus I'm not paranoid but they have my name and address. Hey, the worst review on there may have accidentally disappeared due to a database error. I will say their main brand doesn't come in fancy packaging (particularly the sarms) and sounds like European medical supplies. Some of the other reviews on there for LGD are frankly ridiculous 'better than the test and growth I was on' ...ballocks! 'The hugest monster pumps' ..absolute ballocks!! As I say, caveat emptor.
  14. Vitamin and Mineral

    Soil, yummy yum yum
  15. Vitamin and Mineral

    Minerals are pretty much things that come from the ground: iron, magnesium, calcium, boron, copper, salt etc etc