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  1. Use this thread to discuss, ask and answer questions regarding Human growth hormone (HGH, gh, rHGH, growth) Growth hormone or somatotropin, also known as human growth hormone in its human form, is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration in humans and other animals. It is thus important in human development. Esters: N/A recombinant freeze dried powder Route of administration: Injection (intramuscular and subcutaneous) post your experiences with this compound in regards to: cycle length, dosage and other compounds used if applicable. side effects you physically noticed and blood work results. how you rate the compound overall / comparisons to other compounds of similar nature, your overall gains vs the side effects. (keep discussion largely centered to the subject matter, excessive derailing will be deleted)
  2. PCT... It's not that difficult

    Tamoxifen and clomiphene are both from the same family of drugs known as SERMs. the difference I can list is that they both bind up to oestrogen receptors, including those on the pituitary gland and hypothalamus which is what triggers the cascade of signalling starting at the hypothalamus that not only is testosterone low but also oestrogen (due to the SERMs receptor blocking effect) this in turns sparks the hypothalamus to kick into effect and start pumping out gnrh which the pituitary receives and subsequently releases LH and FSH which is received by the testicles that (hopefully) start to produce testosterone again. That difference to the extent of my knowledge is down to each SERM blocking different ERs causing a synergistic effect of low oestrogen signalling with tamoxifen favoring the pituitary and clomiphene directly upregulating gonadotropins but they both do a bit of both much like HCG and HMG but with more balanced similarities. Sorry it's a bit of a weak answer, good question though, had to really think about that one and should probably brush up on my knowledge. In summary they are synergistic in achieving a common goal.
  3. PCT... It's not that difficult

    In bold is the crucial information although i advise reading entire post This has been done and stickied before by far more knowledgeable posters than I but even so i get asked on a near enough daily basis by those planning their first cycle or more worryingly those who have already started their first cycle "what should i do for pct?" or "does this PCT look ok?" so without further ado i'll try to keep things short n sweet the cycle itself is what's shutting you down so where better to start than to do our best to minimize suppresion HCG 500iu pinned on mondays and thursday (1000iu per week total) from your first shot of gear until 3 days prior to starting clomid video on preparing your hcg which must be stored in the fridge once mixed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBcRZte98-g oestrogen is far more suppresive than testosterone yet many will preach to only use an aromatase inhibitor if you start getting itchy nipples (signs of gyno) this is a ridiculous indicator of when to use an AI imo as high oestrogen doesnt always present in the form of gyno and if allowed to run rampant will definitely make recovery that much harder not to mention all the other health risks associated with elevated oestrogen you should use an AI from day one of your cycle, preferably aromasin as it has little effects on lipids unlike arimidex and letrozole plus it's a suicide inhibitor so there is much less risk of rebound I generally advise people to run either 12.5mg aromasin or 0.5mg arimidex ED from the start of their cycle and adjust from there, the chances of driving oestrogen too low whilst on 5 times the normal amount of test that a male produces is relatively slim as the body likes to maintain homoeostasis between oestrogen and testosterone, test rises = oestrogen rises *Please note first time steroid users who do not understand how their body responds to steroids and aromatase inhibitors it is a lot easier to rectify mistakes with anastrazole (arimidex) than it is exemestane (aromasin) if you push your e2 too low with anastrazole you can rebound it back up fairly quickly and adjust as needed, with exemestane you get no such privilege and you can end up spending a long time waiting for your e2 to rise again which will have a negative impact on lipid profile, joint integrity, mental health, libido and overall gains* here's a good guide for how to gauge where abouts your oestrogen is - http://www.superiormuscle.com/forums/steroid-articles/59096-estrogen-handbook ideally we'd all be getting bloods done but if you've overlooked PCT then id be surprised if blood tests were high on your list of priorities here is a rough guide of the start times for PCT after your final shot: "Below you'll find starting times for your PCT based on the active life of each compound. The active life is the duration of time it takes for the exogenous hormone to be absorbed, utilized, and expelled; no longer being bioavailable. Keep in mind that active life is an approximation which is dependant on dose, ester, as well as the individuals metabolization of the compound ; but for the moderate user, these are as close to precise as you'll find.Anadrol /Anapolan: 24 hours after last administration Deca : 21 days after last injectionDianabol : 24 hours after last administration Equipoise : 21 days after last injection Fina: 3 days after last injection Primobolan depot: 14 days after last injection Sustanon : 18 days after last injection Testosterone Cypionate : 18 days after last injection Testosterone Enanthate : 14 days after last injection Testosterone Propionate : 3 days after last injection Testosterone Suspension : 24 hours after last administration Winstrol : 24 hours after last administration" the above chart has loose estimates at best as it doesn't take into consideration how long you've been on or what dosages you've used but assuming you've ran test enth at 500mg every week for 12-15 weeks id advise leaving 21 days after your final shot before starting PCT during this time you continue to run your HCG at 500iu twice per week until the last 3 days prior to starting PCT when you cease HCG usage you then run Clomid 100/100/100/50/50 5 weeks total Nolva 40/20/20/20/20/20/20 7 weeks total Aromasin 25/ followed by 12.5 EOD 2 weeks total /100/ represents 100mg ED for a week OTC supplements that assist in PCT - Vitamin d3 5000iu Vitamin c 500mg twice a day AM/PM (1000mg total) mix up 30 grams of EAA powder in a litre bottle of water and drink throughout the day in between meals, do this every day for the duration of your pct and also sip a EAA drink during training and if you havnt already been using it on cycle now would be a good time to start using creatine during pct your body will happily dispose of all that hard earned muscle if you don't make the environment perfect for it to justify holding onto it, do this by keeping intensity high but sessions slightly shorter, train no more than 4 days per week ideally 3 with a days rest in between each session, drop cardio for the duration of pct, eat in a very slight surplus, keep your protein high and get plenty of sleep (ideally sleep without setting an alarm and wake up naturally) Dave Crosland's take on PCT - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEOfjebN1qs Dr Michael Scally radio talk - http://www.rxmuscle.com/2013-01-11-01-57-36/blue-collar-muscle/10119-blue-collar-radio-with-shelby-starnes-john-meadows-01-31-14-this-week-john-and-shelby-talk-to-michael-scally-an-expert-on-anabolic-steroid-side-effects.html if you are are unsure on how to run your first cycle (dosages, compounds, timing ect) then please see my "first steroid cycle... it's not that difficult" thread -
  4. I’ve messed up need help

    Stickied in the steroid and testosterone information section
  5. ROHM pct tabs

    I'd imagine that the numbers listed are what 4 tabs equate to rather than each tab containing the listed compound dosages.
  6. ROHM pct tabs

    Nothing. Unless you're trying to recover hpta function, in which case it's mildly suppressive.
  7. ROHM pct tabs

    Buy the standalone serms. Proviron has no place in PCT.
  8. Gross veins

    Oh yea but this niche community is f**ked To normal people it's disgusting inc most gym goers.
  9. Ibutamoren works great for sleep and appetite but jacks up blood sugars. It's a really messy drug. Have some berberine and or metformin to hand and probably best off just running them straight out the gate since an increase in insulin sensitivity is only a good thing and mk677 is the worse compound I've ever used for increasing BG.
  10. Gross veins

    This too ^ Wait till they start cobwebbing across your quads That's when it actually starts to get gross.
  11. You can use as little as 2iu and experience the sleep benefits. Personally I tend to float around the 2-5iu range otherwise I get sluggish and my grip starts going. That and I think it's pretty low on the list of muscle builders and performance enhancers which at higher doses even has a detriment to PE as insulin sens goes to s**t, then you bring in slin and it becomes a plate spin. Definitley has it's place but I do feel the price tag and name is half the allure. (I've just wrote all this out and realized it just echoes what I've already wrote ITT Never mind, still stand by it )
  12. What T dose starts impacting lipids?

    As above Any is better than none but there is a point of diminished return That is, there is a point where you need to balance gaining maximal muscle mass (recovery) and what minimal effect pushing cardio any further will have on your general health. For most 3x 30mins of medium intensity cardio or 4-5x 20mins LISS cardio per week strikes a nice balance of improving: cardiovascular health, blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, lipid profile and blood glucose whilst minimally affecting recovery and in some cases even benefiting it through waste product clearance, blood flow to damaged tissue, decrease in DOMs ect. This amount of cardio should be kept in as a basal level year round for health, particularly if enhanced And increasing frequency and duration during cutting periods if needed.
  13. What T dose starts impacting lipids?

    Person dependant with external factors playing a role that would make it hard to translate to anyone else on surface values. What I mean by that is even with genetic factors aside (which play a big role) you could have one person taking 125mg test with lots of crap food in their diet (trans fats, sugar and fat combined treats ect) with poor lipids and another person taking 250mg with all the other variables in check and doing regular cardio, likely leaving the former with an inferior lipid panel despite the 100% increase of test in the latter Age, body fat percentage, supplementation and cardiovascular activity also plays a signifcant factor into this.
  14. What is the contrary evidence that the body can't absorb 30g protein per serving? This is not necessarily my view I just don't see why posting a picture of Jamie Johal and his meal plan proves anything? I mean this is about as much evidence as if you were to say eating a banana for breakfast builds supraphysiologcal amounts of muscle and using this picture as proof. I don't think anyone was arguing that it was catabolic to eat masses of protein in a sitting, more that the excess will be converted to glucose by gluconeogenesis and subsequently be an inefficient use of calories.
  15. Add mast to npp test cycle?

    How so? Just surprised at the dosages so nonchalantly thrown about with the accompanying questions as stuey mentioned. We spoke about this in a thread the other day, about the 'need' to up the dose in tandem with training and food as the years and body weight goes by if you wish to continue to grow. If you're already at 1650mg just four cycles in, well where does that leave you 5 years down the line? It's your choice, I was just voicing my opinion on a public post. Maybe I'm wrong.. maybe you do require such dosages so early on What's your bodyweight, est body fat and strength levels just out of interest (can be what ever rep sets you were last doing) ?
  16. Gross veins

    Heroin would sort it out, junkies are pretty lean but very unvascular due to all the collapsed veins. No but really it's just part of getting lean and having large amounts of nutrient and oxygen hungry muscle tissue. I think higher volume training does lend itself to this adaptation even further but either way as you gain more muscle and cut down you will have more surface veins on display. Some more so than others for the above mentioned reasons and also a genetic factor.
  17. Add mast to npp test cycle?

    Why are you looking to add it in if you're not even sure what the drug does? "what would be the benefits of this?" Masteron is usually ran with tren as it's a dht derivative and as such a low water retentive compound making it a good drug to not 'cloud' definition during a cutting phase, which is also a popular time to use trenbolone due to its effect on lipolysis, strength and also being low water retentive whilst having the fullness benefits of the nandrolone derivatives. Don't take this the wrong way but someone that is running 1300mg of total hormones AND is considering haphazardly upping to 1650mg should already know all of this. In fact someone requiring such dosages should probably need very little cycle structure advice whatsoever imo.
  18. Fake Merck I didn’t order!

    Sorry lads, the rules are final. Buying drugs from the black market can be a troublesome game..
  19. Nexus Turinabol

    Oh it does work I personally prefer other compounds for the job but it's still an effective ped at the end of the day. Have a read about it ITT
  20. Nexus Turinabol

    Yea I mean I don't really see what need tbol fills It's more watery than anavar and weaker than dbol.
  21. Nexus Turinabol

    Personally not a huge fan of tbol myself but the nexus tbol is what it says on the tin.
  22. Arm day

    I mean it does do some 'harm' or rather it's not free You have a finite amount of recovery capability both in your ability to get mentally zoned in, your tendon health and muscular fatigue. ANYTHING you add in regards to resistance training builds fatigue which comes out of your 'recovery pot'
  23. Arm day

    I think arm days are okay for those with genuinely lagging arms that have exhausted all other avenues and still come up short. I'm part of this camp, my lower body out shadows my upper body in upper to lower body proportion and my arms are disproportionately smaller than my chest and delts. I did implement an arm day during lockdown since I had more free time on my hands and can honestly say after 4 months I did see minimal improvement outside of that which I would have got from tailing them on the back end of upper or push, pull days. That said 'minimal improvement' year round does add up to something a bit more significant. For me personally all this translates to periods of the year doing arm days but if I'm seriously trying to grow then big muscles like back and hamstrings get a second seeing to rather than arms. I do need to reiterate though, be brutally honest with yourself if your arms actually do lag, many simply do not possess the overall development to warrant / match massive arms. In my case they're genuinely lagging in both aesthetic and performance.
  24. You liken it to food, one of the other cornerstones for growing large amounts of muscle. 4000kcal will only get you so far Sure little variables can be tweaked (same as with gear dosages) and you can grow a bit more but you're not going to be able to get to 140kg if you cap out at 120kg eating 4000kcal, the food simply has to increase for you to get heavier at a certain point. Everything has to be progressive; food, training and drugs eventually Drugs should be the last variable to up but they most certainly will need to go up in the end if you want to continue to grow muscle. And with those saying they've grown off less than they have before should refer back to the food analogy If you can maintain on 4000kcal and you jump to 6000 then you will grow, but if you were to drop back to 5000 you'd still be growing even though you're eating less because it's still a surplus. I'd honestly think this was all quite obvious? You lifted more to get bigger You ate more to get bigger And when they stopped working you increased your hormonal profile to get bigger (started taking steroids) This equation for getting massive only stops when it's no longer feasible to increase and or your health becomes of concern.
  25. Red blood count reading

    Donating should bring you back into range with those values I've seen positive results from supplementing grape seed extract as well I always thought it was bullshit but now it's certainly something I'd consider for mild elevations like yours, whilst of course still keeping a close eye on hematology.