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  1. Show us ya pre workouts

    Makes sense. It's typically used immediately pre lift but I can see how acutely blasting the cobwebs away without lingering stimulation could be beneficial in that scenario.
  2. Show us ya pre workouts

    You snort smelling salts before your workout
  3. Checking glucos levels?

    I wouldn't want to be going into PCT with heavy insulin resistance from bandaiding blood glucose issues.
  4. Checking glucos levels?

    The problem with fast acting is it's also short lived whereas the burden on your pancreas from elevated blood glucose is chronic. If you want to go the insulin route 0.2iu of lantus per kg of bodyweight would likely suffice but again you'd need to monitor bloodwork and the resistance will still be occurring, this is just a sloppy form of damage control. All this and you're likely to be extremely underwhelmed with ibutamoren
  5. Anyone bother with b12

    They often toot a lot of these products for energy and even have bus stop posters of a woman yawning next to a bottle of floradix but as you have stated they wont make a blind bit of difference if you are not deficient.
  6. this ^ and if excessive amounts are consumed (particularly whey) then you will get just as drastic a spike as you would from eating straight carbs through a process called gluconeogenesis. Carbs are the main driver of performance, fullness, glycogen retention and they're protein sparing. People value protein way too much, 1-1.5g per lb of body weight is more than enough, the only exceptions to this are when you are consuming such a high amount of total calories that you need a higher protein intake to insure that you are getting enough from direct sources, IE not 25% from rice for example. once EFAs are met, fat is by far the most expendable macronutrient where performance, muscle building and retention is concerned. I advise people to set their protein using the above ratio, keep fats around 15-30% of total calories depending on overall caloric intake and satiety levels and then eat as many carbs as possible and make them the adjustable macro since you already have your baseline on the other two (eeking the fats closer to the lower end of the % as kcals really start to drop) but this should still see you eating a decent amount even at the tail end of a cut (peaking to step on stage of course being a possible exception depending on approach)
  7. Clothing

    Sleeveless flannel shirt and bleached jeans or that aqua suit Ronnie Coleman wore to the NPC usa. Whatever I find comfortable; like a loose fitted vest, oversized T and cotton shorts and or local spit n sawdust gym's clothing line as I like to support independent gyms now more than ever.
  8. Checking glucos levels?

    Once weekly fasted is adequate to keep an eye on fasted blood glucose. If it starts to raise you will need to either stop the mk677 or start up one or a combination of; * Basal insulin (if you have experience) * fasted cardio * low carb diet * otc GDA * metformin * fasting (24-72hrs) You can use several of the above depending on your blood glucose level and I would up your testing of it including a postprandial testing to keep an eye on sensitivity. Insulin I would use on it's own as it can become troublesome when combined with GDAs and metformin (both gdas but metformin works to deplete liver glycogen)
  9. You can use if year round no problem but yes an effective time would certainly be whilst on gh to lower blood glucose or after insulin usage to resensitize. Personally I wouldn't use it in conjunction with insulin as it will make it a lot more complicated to control blood glucose and not go hypo, plus it's unnecessary since the insulin is already controlling your bg and lowering sensitivity regardless. So better to do what you want with the gh and insulin and then look to rectify after with blood glucose control techniques (fasting, cardio, low carb, metformin and GDAs ect)
  10. Recommended high stim pre WO?

    No I didn't try it but I did hear that Amphetamine is what I'd heard, wouldn't put it past them Supplement companies have been known to spike their supps with pro hormones back when they were grey area.
  11. Gyms allowed to re-open after lockdown

    Without a doubt as well as people turning back to alcohol or drugs that had filled that void with exercise. Which reminds me to add another to the above list of 'accepted collateral' treatment centers and half way houses have seen a tremendous drop off of patients / gone back using due to shitty emotionless zoom calls replacing AA and NA meetings and of course just being unable to cope with early recovery whilst all social and stress relieving activities are prohibited.
  12. Gyms allowed to re-open after lockdown

    Two good sources often on talk radio are Mike Yeardon and Desmond Swayne They both nutshell the ineffectiveness of lockdowns as well as the monumental physical, mental and economic cost. You know there's some s**t awry when Theresa May starts making sense... (recently spoke out in the commons and Boris left the room) Even white said Fred are speaking out against it with really compelling arguments But to name some of the 'accepted collateral' for delaying covid: * 20,000 preventable cancer deaths due to missed screenings * 5000 preventable heart disease deaths due to missed screenings (I personally know someone fighting for life with a burst aneurysm that went unnoticed due to his routine screening being delayed) * suicide rates at a 20 year high and due to increase once the economic damage really kicks in * mind boggling amounts of debt * small business' across the UK going out of business * airlines at their biggest loss in history (which they'll need to reclaim) * 3,000,000 self employed rejected from the business relief and furlough scheme earning absolutely nothing as their business goes under On a personal level I know of a young lad that tore his ACL that resorted to a private op out of his savings due to the NHS quoting him 4 years! before he'd be considered and this kid is in his early twenties. All of this is to slow the rate of covid infection. Covid is dangerous to some like many respiratory conditions and many have lost friends, family and loved ones. But the last time I checked (few months ago) it was 24th on the most common causes of death in the UK To me this doesn't warrant all of the above cost to slow the spread.
  13. Anyone bother with b12

    Year round, but only because I also use metformin year round which depletes b12. If I wasn't using metformin, I wouldn't supplement b12.
  14. Gyms allowed to re-open after lockdown

    Suicides are up 200% from the last lockdown and at a 20 year high and that was due to recession which is quite clearly on the horizon again. These lockdowns are awful! for people's mental health.