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  1. Worlds strongest man 2021

    Ortmayer?! Jesus he must be worn out by now, not seen him since ifsa days. At a glance I'd say the stand outs based on the events would be Tom stoltman for loading, stones, maaaybe the fingers. His overhead, squat and dead need work for the world's standard. JF caron will be right up there on the dead, overall a contender even, he's at that tipping point though, if he doesn't pull something out the bag soon he'll be too old to. Luke stoltman and hixy will be a good battle for the overhead but neither are world contenders for the comp. Pritchett again is always a solid contender, be a good DL showdown between him and JF, if it's high rep then can't always rule out mark Felix although I feel the age is starting to catch up at 50 odd. Luke Richardson has a very promising future but still going through anabolic puberty. Shaw is too beat up, he may do well but the big performances are very limited for him now and he's always risking injury. Isn't Bilton the Welsh guard ? About 450lb with a humongous belly, can't remember if he was even that dominant in UKs let alone world's. Just spotted shivlakov and bishop too, this will be a good DL event this year, hopefully it's conventional and not some goofy variation. Although they have realised the popularity of keeping that relatively clean over the famous old barrel loaded Smith contraption. I'll be interested to watch as always, I've actually seen every final since the show started and the vast majority of the heats since the early 90s.
  2. Swole Troll's anabolic lockdown rebound

    07/05/21 Seated press 90kg x7, 60kg x21 Side laterals x15, x12, x10 DB rolling tri ext x16, x14 Alt DB curl x10, x16 Dual cable tri ext x10, x11 Cable curl x15, x12 Machine skull crusher x9, x13 Preacher machine x10, x10 LISS x15 mins The press is looking promising this early on, I think I should be able to get a double with 120 by the end of this if all goes to plan. Left the gym hypo, drove home and had 4 eggs laid fresh yesterday morning, 2 piece toast, porridge oats, cinnamon and blueberries all washed down with a pint of black coffee. Feeling good, no niggles, food is utterly flying down, hydration on point, added in 3 units of gh per wo and will likely include some humolog post wo over the coming weeks. Will of course update any change and grab some pics or vids when I have something worthy.
  3. Swole Troll's anabolic lockdown rebound

    I have posted about primo before, although I don't commonly use it, this is far from the first time. I tend to favour it during a cut as it has excellent nitrogen retention properties, gives a nice full look, is mild on health markers and doesn't jack your strength up which contrary to what one might think isn't always ideal during a cut when body fat is low, recovery is impaired and joints can subsequently become overused and more susceptible to injury, which leads me into another perk of primobolan, it's been linked to enhanced collagen synthesis. For bulking there's better drugs imo but then when I'm gaining I like to stack on, I'm not too concerned with being pretty as I am getting as big and as strong as possible. If you're beach ready year round sort then it'd be a safe bet for bulking but as mentioned that's not me. 400-600mg is the sweet spot for me, I didn't find much benefit going to 750mg over 600, it's never going to pile strength or tissue on you so once the cosmetic and recovery affect is achieved I see little point in pushing higher. Noopept is okay.. But I'm just a caffeine fiend and I just don't feel any of these other nootropics can come close. Can't remember the brand off the top of my head, I'm sat in a service station at the moment writing this so can't check either. Feel free to ask me again tomorrow when I'll be back home and I'll let you know. But overall, I'd save your money.
  4. Swole Troll's anabolic lockdown rebound

    06/05/21 Deadlift 220kg x2, 180kg x6 DB Row 50kg 2x13, 2x11 Iso pulldown x8, x11 Low cable row 2x12, x9 WG lat pulldown x12, x11, x6 Rear delts fly x12, x11 LISS x15 mins Deadlift starting to feel bit better First time pulling 5 plates since tearing my hamstring over 2 years ago, took the better part of 18 months off deadlifting all together during that time. Gained far too much water too quick, as I said before it's just the dianabol but I'm getting some breathing issues from the rapid weight gain. It'll level out soon enough. Training as normal this week, then I'm condensing next weeks training into 2 sessions (halving the volume) by way of a squat and bench day and a deadlift and press day Then I will take 5 days off the gym as a deload and once back I expect to see things start to really take off.
  5. Inone and pharmaqo

    It's in - one I was corrected on this a while back in a thread where I was saying I thought it was 'eye-none'
  6. Inone and pharmaqo

    I wouldn't say so. And a lot of nandrolone sides can be managed by taking an androgen to prioritise dht over dhn binding. People often state the 2:1 test to 19nor but if that's not adequate 1:1:1 test:mast:deca is certainly worth a shot.
  7. Switch to low volume high frequency

    An ounce of practice is worth a pound of theory and given you are "really am interested in giving this a go." why not just see how it treats you and be adaptive as needed. I find it harder and harder to give much advice outside this on training plans and proposed cycles since it's so person dependent. I for instance do just find on between 8-14 working sets per body part per week and find that if I go beyond that it just ends up junk volume that I eventually start impeding recovery with. Others can almost double that range for sets. We don't know your strength, training years, hormonal status, dietary adherence and layout, training history and what worked in the past, how much sleep you're getting, what training style you've previously enjoyed and will subsequently put the most effort into. I mean could 'someone' make progress on the above routine?... yes for what that's worth.
  8. re-using barrels is it safe ?

    Not as safe as using a fresh one each time. Hygienic requirements are overstated by n large but you are at greater risk of infection the further you loosen practice.
  9. Inone and pharmaqo

    I always thought it was phonetically pronounced I-know-knee
  10. If every time you bench pressed your shoulders were f**ked but if you dumbbell pressed they were fine, would you continue to bench ? Just drop the nandrolone if it doesn't agree with you. You might be surprised to hear that in terms of actual muscle mass accrual all AAS are fairly similar once all the water and mineral retention is lost.
  11. Inone and pharmaqo

    Used inone and no complaints. Surprised more labs havn't cottoned on to nandrolone cyp, great idea for those that hate pinning (like me) but cba with waiting half the cycle for the deca to kick (I'd rather not discuss the semantics of the term 'kick in' ITT). Pharmaqo I've heard about fair bit on here lately, not used myself but if you search the lab I'm sure you'll turn up a fair bit.
  12. Roid Rage Realisation

    It will require tweaking down to the individual's needs and response. If you are lacking fullness from the stack, up the nandrolone, if you arnt quite as dry and vascular maybe more anavar or less nandrolone or testosterone. This is also dependant on the diet and body fat of the individual. Drug stacks are seldom a straight forward 'insert this to obtain that'. It's easier just to take tren but it won't nuke your insides the same and it won't affect your mental health the same (assuming you suffer this side). Tren is a superb drug in those that don't suffer the sides and arnt too concerned with health. I personally get very few sides from any PEDs inc tren but even I won't overly use tren just because of how badly it does hammer your internal health and has even been linked to Alzheimer's disease. Edit - I actually have stated this stack on more than one occasion on here Superdrol would also get an honourable mention as a decent tren mimic but it just can't be ran for the same length of time by most, nor should it be.
  13. First ports of call for libido issues are: Are you taking a nandrolone derivative? Yes Are you using an AI? Yes Are you using adequate test and or a DHT? No There is a caveat to the last one, the 2:1 for 19nors did kind of get pulled out the gym bro's ass but for good reason, taking say 400mg test to 200mg tren is generally enough DHT and aromatase conversion to maintain a healthy libido Try to flip the answer to the above 3 questions and you will likely solve your libido issues. And as above, leave the letro, that stuff is very aggressive in terms of aromatase suppression, I'd sooner see a milder AI and inclusion of SERM than the use of letro in the pursuit of gyno prevention. If you use tamoxifen with arimidex you will get a 27% reduction in efficacy, if you use aromasin it will have no bearing. If you use raloxifene it will have no bearing on any of the AIs rate of metabolism.
  14. Roid Rage Realisation

    In fairness taking trenbolone knowing that it turns you into a asshole just makes you a bit of an asshole period. I guess you need to ask yourself what's more important to you, the sports performance enhancing benefits of trenbolone or not throwing your temper and weight around a woman. A 200-300mg dose of trenbolone could be mimicked with the right dosing of anavar, nandrolone and masteron and it will be far less likely to negatively affect your mood and subsequently those around you.
  15. back on hgh. which lab?

    Of the three you have access to I'd personally go for the hyge. But if you are able to obtain ansomone then I would favour that.