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  1. A family member of mine is doing front line work in an ICU specifically created and waiting to treat severe cases of covid-19 and they've been briefed that if the water accumulation on the lungs is too great to 'dry them out' at a cost to the kidneys ie permanent kidney damage as collateral for saving their life. I don't remember the means by which they do 'dry you out' (I'd assume IV diuretics) this was just the terminology this person used in their description but we were having a lengthy conversation at the time so it kind of got glossed over. Anyway the point I'm making is by the time you are in an intensive care unit, you are dead without them, which is always the case with IC, you are dependent on the staff and machines to stay alive so again declining test really wont be at the forefront of your mind. I say to you and to everyone reading this, whether you take this all seriously or not, your number one goal right now should be staying healthy and doing your part to minimize the strain on the NHS. EDIT - it was an IV of furosemide and they'll be put on dialysis if needed, the kidneys will still take a hit but as I said there comes a point where life is the only remaining goal at a cost to anything else.
  2. .

    awful. 19nor in first cycle test dose too low proactive dosing of tamoxifen and finasteride tamoxifen under dosed clomiphene under dosed for latter 50% of PCT d-aspartic acid is junk not even worth trying to fix this, just read and absorb this:
  3. Who else is missing the gym?

    true but the ones that do nothing will lose much more and take much longer to regain. So even though it can feel a bit in vain doing sub optimal home workouts, it'll pay dividends in the long run. I can't complain too much as I've got a decent little routine going with the kit I have but when I ruptured my pec and had subsequent surgery and could only train one side of my body for months, I still did knowing that it'd make the come back all the easier at the time however motivation was extremely low
  4. Covid 19 2 weeks isolation here we come

    Just deleted more crap from this thread, warnings issued and will continue moving forward if you want to flirt with one another do so via DM. I don't care if it's serious or a joke. Stop derailing threads with blatantly unrelated and potentially offensive nonsense.
  5. Covid 19 2 weeks isolation here we come

    @LethweiUK stop derailing threads with homosexual comments. it's getting tiresome and can be deemed as offensive.
  6. You wont find many people in an intensive care unit complaining about their declining testosterone levels. just stick to a true TRT protocol of what ever ester you'd normally use and if you do end up in an ICU for 2 weeks or more with covid-19 then as above your low end of the range levels of test wont even be something in the back of your mind.
  7. get extremely lean (sub 10%) hold it there for 4-6 weeks whatever you're left with can only be removed surgically.
  8. without stimulus muscles will atrophy without adequate calories muscles will atrophy and you want to combine both entirely your call but you are making the best possible environment for muscle loss by going into a caloric deficit in the absence of training.
  9. looking at around 2 months of dieting to reach your goals, what amount of muscle loss can you expect? a lot.
  10. The Covid-19 first hand experience thread

    that's him. how you getting on @Ekcabe ?
  11. The Covid-19 first hand experience thread

    could someone tag in the member who had a thread about being a confirmed case I've forgotten his name, he had a picture of a female reporter wearing a surgical mask as his avatar.
  12. Now I realize these coronavirus threads are a dime a dozen right now and this might not take off because AFAIK we only have one member that is currently infected. However I'd like this thread to be used to discuss onset, symptoms, management, length of time and finally recovery from Covid-19 from those that have either directly had it or cared for / in contact with someone that has suffered or is suffering from this virus. I don't want this to be used for media stories we all already have access to. (near to or) first hand reports of coronvirus only.
  13. Dumbbells no bench

    I use a foam roll works fine and gives your core a bit of extra work just pre fatigue with some dips, press ups, flyes ect so that you're not using really heavy weights I did weighted press ups, dips and then dumbbell foam roll press yesterday with just 30kg per hand and got some good sets in, on a flat DB bench fresh I've benched the 65s for reps just to give some perspective of the benefit of pre fatigue during this situation of limited kit I can actually load my current dumbbells up to 60kg each so this wasn't a weight related issue, 30kg per hand was just enough to hit failure once I was a few exercises deep. perform them in this fashion
  14. The immune system stack?

    from a supplemental perspective though, since you asked Vitamin D: 5000iu - most are deficient and this plays a significant role in immune function KSM-66: 600mg - lowers cortisol which although in the short term a spike in cortisol can increase immune function, chronic exposure will cause an adaptive response that can actually lower immune function Zinc: 20mg - zine deficiency will lower immune function, personally I like a ZMA supplement on an empty stomach pre bed as for me I also get a notable improvement in sleep quality that will of course improve overall health and immune function this is what I use in general but all have a direct carry over to immune function again though can't stress this enough nutrition, quality sleep, doing a healthy amount of exercise, remaining as low stress as possible and staying hydrated are unquestionably the most important aspects and all of us should be a making 100% effort to having all these ducks in line before even contemplating any supplemental assistance.
  15. I think no matter what clutching onto your cycle and looking for a means to continue is a poor approach to being in the healthiest possible position if you are one that contracts this virus being on cycle does stress your body, impact respiratory function and is potentially immunosuppressive even if only by a negligible amount one would think you'd want everything in your favor to tackle the relatively unknown. that and the majority of gyms are closed and food choices can be somewhat limited at the moment.