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  1. ECA stacks

    Kaizen always been my go to. I think it's still sold otc in Canada. 3 of them and 200mg of caffeine will make you entirely devoid of appetite.
  2. Anyone into hand grippers

    Yea kind of like the super arch wide grip bench pressers Anything to not actually strengthen the muscles involved, rather just exploit the movement.
  3. Moderating moderators panel

    1. There was more to your post than what I quoted above and yes it was in breach of the rules which can result in warning points. 2. If it's comical banter between members it's often let slide, reported or blatantly offensive posting is not. 3. Moot point, it's not your forum to decide what is acceptable or not as per the rules. If you post the screens yes you will be banned (I'd strongly advise you read the rules) this thread is already skirting on grounds for a warning but since you're quite clearly upset and there seems to be some general confusion about the rules I thought I'd let it run through (can't promise it won't be locked the way it's going so be sure to keep screenshotting for your case) if you feel this is truly a case of innapropriate moderation you should DM the admin and present your screenshots and concerns. Lastly this thread, as mentioned, is already well within grounds for deletion given the topic If you wish to continue this discussion my DM box is open, moderater decisions arnt to be publically discussed (see the rules, really throwing you a life line here).
  4. Anyone into hand grippers

    I wasn't aware of this In fairness I only briefly looked into it But remembering the guy I can't believe that about the squat for a minute Anyone on earth for that matter lol.
  5. Moderating moderators panel

    For someone that claimed the other day "I don't care if you ban me" you've clearly taken your warnings to heart. I'll try to explain it since there is evidently some confusion of what moderators are here to do. Put simply: enforce the rules of the forum See thread - Now what's applicable to you @safc49 is rule number one 1. We will not tolerate bullying, personal attacks, racism or purposeless inflammatory posts. Do you see now why this played out the way it did based on the posts in discussion? Your offensive post was reported and the mod team reacted accordingly If you feel another member is breaching the rules you are welcome to file the same reports. If you don't want to receive warnings don't breach the rules and then get upset when you are held to account for it. That aside your comment about control obsessed mods is laughable if the alternative is members needlessly insulting one another and facing no repercussion when reported, doesn't exactly make for a very welcoming forum does it.
  6. Anyone into hand grippers

    I use to have a set of CoC 1.5s and 2s I think it was As others have said I used it for a bit and then lost interest. The gains are only really to be shown when performing a crush exercise Ie crushers There is also a difference between your grip stamina and ability to crush things and if using grippers to improve say deadlift grip I'd say there is much better choices for greater carryover than crush training. There was a guy years back I looked into when I first got my grippers, called Joe Kinney, and he was one of the few people to close the 5s Made a whole documentary about his training leading up to it, he was like the Ronnie Coleman of the grip crowd. I remember seeing someone totally idolizing this bloke in the comments of one of his videos saying "the grip world will never be the same again" Weird how even these niche endeavours like grip training can have such a devout following.
  7. Anyone into hand grippers

    Really enjoyed this. Guy had a crazy life leading up to that point.
  8. Calories

    Start having a pre bed monster shake. Eat 'clean' for want of a better term all day and then right before bed drink a shake consisting of: Full fat milk Vanilla ice cream (less ingredients the better so don't cheap out) Some sort of nut oil (macadamia is good but I used to use walnut oil at a push) And a bit of granola but not so much that the shake becomes excessively thick and hard to get down Throw it all in a blender and drink it as fast as you can. Absolute bro science but I do find for legitimate 'hard gainers' once they get the scale moving it generally does become easier in future to gain weight. Probably age related also but I've seen this happen several times in the past with guys that "can't gain any weight" once they do actually start to put on weight it seemingly becomes easier during future mass gains.
  9. DHB and Primo

    I'd be willing to bet it's unnecessary to include. 600 / 800 is already a generous stack, Personally when I run primo I like to let it shine on its own Generally keep test lower and no other compounds.
  10. First Steroid Cycle Journal

    I'd probably lean more toward a very slight surplus You're new to AAS and on 10x testosterone that someone might produce naturally. If you gain slowly (very small surplus) most of what you put on will be glycogen, muscle and some water This alone will skew the muscle to fat ratio making you a lower body fat percentage. I say this because it would be a shame to waste your fresh androgen receptors not building muscle Your first cycle is always one of the most productive. Just my 2cents anyway
  11. First Steroid Cycle Journal

    Let's not derail it with back n forths this forum is in dire need of some current training journals.
  12. Physique with and without HGH

    Bit random. Why do you recommend this? Also where did he mention that he was not currently running test cypionate.
  13. Physique with and without HGH

    Arguably so yes, Since you will be more deficient in it as you age.
  14. Physique with and without HGH

    I find it allows for me to use less anabolics and get a similar result to if I were to use more. All the other benefits also; Sleep improvement Recovery between sessions Slight recomposition That slight sheath of subq water retention and gh fullness If gh was free I'd say it was a pretty good PED (pales in comparison to aas for muscle growth) but given the price tag I don't think it's a worthy investment for most given how subtle it actually is.
  15. sibutramine... oh man

    Ephedrine and caffeine is my personal favourite for appetite suppression, I actually have to remind myself to eat otherwise I'll go 6-7 hours without so much as a grumble. Got nothing from sibutramine And not what you're describing, literally nothing at all.