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  1. Swole Troll's Off Season Log

    Thanks for the informative post as always @Fadi65 Yes I am performing the dumbbell bench with a hammer grip (hands facing one another as illustrated on your post) As I reach the latter reps I'm find my elbows wants to flare a bit and hands twisting more toward a regular db bench to bring the bigger stronger muscles into play It's first time doing it in years though so as I get more accustomed to it the temptation will be easier to over ride
  2. i hate the whole like for X type pic or video on social media but this video i found satisfying to watch if the backstory is legit you know that s**t hurts if youre kicked so hard in the nuts your trousers drop
  3. gyno surgery

    get a new surgeon
  4. Swole Troll's Off Season Log

    Bench day Bench press Set 1 : 85kgx5 Set 2 : 97.5kgx5 Set 3 : 110kgx5 Slingshot Bench Set 1 : 100x8 Set 2 : 110x8 Set 3 : 110x6 Dumbbell Palms In Bench Press Set 1 : 28x7 Set 2 : 24x10 Set 3 : 24x9 Dips Set 1 : 0x9 Set 2 : 0x10 Set 3 : 0x10 Machine Fly Set 1 : 10x15 Set 2 : 10x14 Cable Rope Triceps Pushdown Set 1 : 45x8 Set 2 : 45x8 Set 3 : 45x8 Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extension Set 1 : 10x12 Set 2 : 10x14 done the high volume is kicking my balls but enjoying the pump and hitting exercises i wouldnt normally have room for on a higher freq routine my work capacity is dreadful as well atm, by the 3rd set of slingshot bench my tris and chest were fried hence the massive dip in weights and reps first time trying the slingshot, great piece of kit for accommodating resistance and overloading the triceps which is a major weak point in my bench (ill usually fail mid rep during the pec to tricep handover) set number 2: the db palms facing bench was rough, really hard to keep the elbows tucked and not let the pecs take over but again a good tricep builder advised to me by @Fadi65 overall good sesh, good pump, work capacity s**t but that will come back with time, strength not where id like it but that too will come back and i am holding back a bit on the AMRAP sets for now just whilst i let the caloric surplus start 'working' for want of a better word since going into a surplus doesnt mean immediate strength and recovery boost, it takes a little time might be a little hopeful but im certain medichecks must make their prepaid envelopes first class given the nature of the contents so hopefully it arrives there today and i get my results soon which i will of course post up and the results of which will dictate whether the blast continues
  5. First cycle mistake

    pin every whatever day you pick set a reoccuring reminder on your phone if youre a forgetful kent like i am 2ml once per week is absolutely fine with medium chain esters at 500mg dont sweat the 675mg shot, you wont notice fa, just carry on as normal
  6. Swole Troll's Off Season Log

    not sure ill keep doing these MFP screens as looks messy as s**t but here's todays menu wrapped up Monday, September 18, 2017 Meal 1 Calories kcal Carbs g Fat g Protein g Sodium mg Add Food Quick Tools Meal 2 ASDA - Italian Chicken Tagliatelle, 400 g 414 50 10 28 392 Asda - Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 10 ml 82 0 9 0 0 Add Food Quick Tools 496 50 19 28 392 Meal 3 Tesco - Roast Chicken Salad Sub, 1 Sub 547 63 19 29 0 Generic - Gala Apples Ww, 1 small apple 5.5oz 88 21 0 0 0 Generic - Conference Pear, 100 g 47 10 0 0 0 Add Food Quick Tools 682 94 19 29 0 Meal 4 Tesco - Carrot Cauliflower & Broccoli 370g, 400 G 136 18 2 6 160 Potatoes, white, flesh and skin, baked, 400 g 376 84 1 8 28 Asda - British Beef Meat Balls, 12 Balls (100G) 606 27 31 55 960 Chosen Foods - Avacado Oil, 1 tablespoon 130 0 14 0 0 Add Food Quick Tools 1,248 129 48 69 1,148 Meal 5 Soreen - Original Malt Loaf, 190 g 589 126 3 14 532 Add Food Quick Tools 589 126 3 14 532 Meal 6 My Protein - Impact Whey, 25 g 103 1 2 21 130 Asda - Cottage Cheese, 300 gr 180 14 2 28 0 Sunpat Crunchy - Peanut Butter, 20 g 122 3 10 5 80 Add Food Quick Tools 405 18 14 54 210 (i dont track pre, intra or post wo nutrition as its not something i change) this was meal number 4 planning on going gym tomorrow but i got a 4 hour slot at the tattoo parlor from a cancellation so need to get up at 0600 if i want hit gym pre tattoo sesh i popped a melatonin about 20 mins ago so hopefully i can get some shut eye soon and be up in time for the gym if i dont go tomorrow ill go weds and just do a 3 in a day in stead of the typical 2 on 1 off 2 on 2 off as long as the weekly work is done thats all that really matters
  7. JUICE Diaries Vol 1 - 5/3/1 Journal

    Thats what the amraps are for If you are feeling particularly amped as your gear is taking off then just hammer the amrap and smash rep PBs Also you can hit the assistance hard, particularly if you are running once per week frequency since you won't be effecting a core lift as you have a full week to recover
  8. JUICE Diaries Vol 1 - 5/3/1 Journal

    Yes mate Tick off every set in each day even warm ups And once you complete the 4th week it will restart and add 5kg to lower body lifts and 2.5kg to lower body lifts (maxes)
  9. Swole Troll's Off Season Log

    it could very well be bogus mate like i said i was swayed by that article alone and the price tag i figured its under £5 to see for myself im doing higher volume than i have been lately so felt like the mental masturbation of some crazy pumps to boot
  10. Swole Troll's Off Season Log

    the article was about combining the 2 here's a quote from the section on glutathione Increase glutathione levels to stabilize NO in the blood stream Having solved the delivery issue by taking L-citrulline, we still have a problem to overcome to maximize the potential of NO: it breaks down real fast in the blood stream. If there was a way to extend the life of NO even by a little bit, this could help to augment cGMP production and increase blood flow. Recent research has suggested that supplementing glutathione alongside citrulline may help to do just that, potentiating NO synthesis. Glutathione is a tripeptide consisting of the amino acids cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. It is also major cellular antioxidant that plays a role in detoxification of toxic reactive oxygen molecules such as peroxides. GSH has a connection to NO synthesis, as some cells can’t make NO in the absence of GSH. GSH also increases the activity of NOS, the enzyme that makes NO from arginine. In a human trial, 200mg/day glutathione (GSH) alongside 2 g/day L-citrulline showed a non-significant trend toward increasing plasma cGMP levels. Although the observed increases in cGMP levels didn’t quite reach statistical significance, citrulline and GSH in combination also increased nitrate and nitrite levels more than citrulline alone. Since nitrate and nitrite also are substrates for NO synthesis, this work suggests that the overall effect of L-citrulline and glutathione supplementation may support NO production to a greater extent than L-citrulline alone.
  11. Swole Troll's Off Season Log

    right so i just took my bloods and it took me a good 10 - 15 mins to fill 2 tiny sample vials 5 weeks ago i came off 100mg anadrol per day so be interested to see how RBC is i'm booked in to give blood on friday but might not be enough and may have to sack off the blast if the results are concerning hopefully its just because its such a tiny pin pr**k the lancet does but cant f**k about with hyperviscosity, that s**t's a killer will post up the results when they get back to me, going to post off the medichecks now
  12. Swole Troll's Off Season Log

    woke up, glutathione 500mg plus 3g of fish oil and 200ug MK 7 (vitamin k2) all washed down with 70g of myprotein weight gain which is just blended oats and whey, followed up with 200mg caffeine in the way of a bulk powder pre wo mixed up with 10g of cit malate and here's today's workout in a nutshell, ill list weight, reps n sets below i squatted up to 200kg for a double yesterday just pissing about so todays workout was somewhat hampered Squat day Squat Set 1 : 130x5 Set 2 : 150x5 Set 3 : 170x5 Leg Press Set 1 : 260x8 Set 2 : 260x8 Set 3 : 260x8 Leg Extensions Set 1 : 56x12 Set 2 : 56x12 Set 3 : 56x13 failure Seated Leg Curl Set 1 : 77x8 Set 2 : 77x8 Set 3 : 77x8 Lying Leg Curls Set 1 : 60x12 Set 2 : 60x12 Set 3 : 60x11 failure Ab Crunch Machine Set 1 : 20x12 Set 2 : 20x12 Set 3 : 20x12 Knee Hip Raise On Parallel Bars Set 1 : 0x15 Set 2: 0x9 failure done intra wo was 25g dextrose, 1g unrefined pink Himalayan salt, 5g BCAA and 5g creatine post wo was 30g impact whey protein and 25g caster sugar drove home and ate this chicken tagliatelle arabiatta with 10ml extra virgin olive oil. I've just sank a coffee and im about to take my bloods then post them off to medichecks. overall pleased with todays wo, strength a fair way off where id like it to be but im coming off an aggressive cut as the gear kicks in ill shoot back up again since im just a little detrained and glycogen depleted. Bench day tomorrow, see you's then
  13. Swole Troll's Off Season Log

    tbh mate i was swayed pretty easily by just one article lol so i could be wrong but i dont need a great deal of convincing if the product is sub £5 for my entire cycles worth of pre wo, particularly if its not a pimped up product and rather just a health supp https://examine.com/nutrition/citrulline-pump-up/ the citruline malate at 10g pre was a tip i picked up from @Ross1991
  14. if all other variables are equal more gear generally will mean more gains, there is a point of diminished return though