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  1. I'm assuming you lift weights? how did you manage to decipher what approach to take with this given the vast array of opinions out there. do you own a car? a lot of opinions as to which one to buy. even when you go to get a hair cut there is a broad variety of styles with differing opinions on which looks best. as @Youdontknowme and @stuey99 have said, you educate yourself and draw your own conclusions based on all the information you find. Of course these threads written by me reflect my opinion. Think about that sentence for a moment.
  2. Controlling E2... It's actually a little difficult

  3. Please read my threads linked above all Everything you need to be concerning yourself with is in those (proviron isn't mentioned in them).
  4. Read my threads for the answer The question you are asking is in these threads so now I know either you didn't read them or didn't pay attention so I won't continue to answer questions regarding the details of them. I made these threads to avoid having to answer the same things over and over.
  5. Then maybe consider another hobby as enhanced muscle building is not a cheap endeavour.
  6. Eddie halls new house

    He went to hell and back for what he achieved Huge sacrifice that really he's yet to actually pay for Which is why I think it's time for him to drop to a normal bodyweight. 300lb might seem small to him but he needs to drop a good 20-30kg still and get back on the swimming to try and do all he can for his CV health.
  7. Sex on steroids

    I wrote the "It's not that difficult series" first cycle management threads yes. Your questions havnt annoyed me nor been repetitive from what I've seen, I just don't think it's something you need to be concerning yourself with and all questions you should be concerned with or are possible to answer have already been answered in that series of threads I wrote.
  8. Nonsense It mimics LH that's it. Provided you take a normal amount (like the amount I'm advising) you will be perfectly fine and it would be to your benefit to use hcg the entire cycle.
  9. Sex on steroids

    what's the question, is sex better on steroids? no they don't answer that as that is a very subjective question and every responds differently to varying doses of hormones in regards to aromatization, conversion to dht, response to AIs, some people just simply don't get much of a libido boost from circumstances that would turn someone else into a fiend with identical exogenously influenced hormonal panels and libido has a huge psychological competent as well, it's a lot more complicated than simply looking at hormonal values
  10. 1) yes you can run proviron at a lower dosage but 75mg is not considered low I don't understand "or would it be better to leave it for the later stages of my cycle?" or what? can you run low dosages or leave it til the later stages of your cycle? it's a confusing question so I'm unsure how to answer that. 2) what damage will it do? and which drug in particular are you referring to when you say 'do more damage' as they're two different drugs with two entirely different actions what benefit would taking it on days when you inject testosterone have? you do realize this is an esterfied compound with a slow release and effect, its not a 24hr transient effect, there is a spike in oestrogen 24hrs post shot but prolonged exposure is where issues arise, you could take a birth control pill and nothing happen, its the chronic exposure to elevated oestrogen that causes problems. my advice is all in the OP I have no idea what you're taking proviron for, it wont lower your e2 it can help to balance the oestrogen androgen ratio but this can require some level of plate spinning I'm not about to try and explain to someone with so many other things on their plate in regard to managing a first cycle so it's easier to just go the more traditional route of e2 management via an AI which again is covered in the OP and the controlling e2 thread I made.
  11. It is advisable if you want a smooth a recovery of your natural testosterone as possible low T is not conducive to mental well being, healthy libido or anabolism so I'd assume this is something you'd want to rectify ASAP.
  12. Larry wheel's opens up about porn addiction

    His feats of strength are inhuman and incredibly impressive but as a person? no I'm not never really been a fan of blokes knocking women about to which the audio clips and claims from his ex seem to suggest he does the fobbing off of crappy cookie cutter programs sold off to gullible kids in the link of every one of his tren fueled PB videos isn't anything new but not a practice I'm particularly fond of either.
  13. Larry wheel's opens up about porn addiction

    When I hear about pedophiles or mass killings with the intent of inciting terror it does anger me and I feel strong contempt toward the person. I wasn't "genuinely angry" when I wrote about Larry Wheels but it certainly helped to bolster your point of confusion at my post to suggest that I was we're all different though, maybe you're just quite a placid person?
  14. Winnie oral vs injectable

    skip a pass of the liver which is good punch more holes in your skin which is bad
  15. Larry wheel's opens up about porn addiction

    Lol at not even having the spuds to look at his mrs whilst he told her. Larry's a complete shill anyway, selling all his bullshit Gaglione programs based off his genetic success, roughing women up and off behind her back shagging men and women alike John Gaglione had some dirt on him as well, can't quite remember what it was but something sordid IIRC, birds of a feather and all that f**k Larry.