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  1. Galenika test e

    16.3nmol 36hrs post 125mg shot.
  2. Elbow sleeves?

    Bear grip 5mm neoprene's are the best value for money. You don't want Cerberus or SBD as they're 7mm+ and offer assistance to the lift (plus cost much more)
  3. Nootropic discussion

    Since the question is pertaining to a potential side effect of modafinil it'd be most appropriately categorised in the PED section of the forum https://www.uk-muscle.co.uk/forum/163-performance-enhancing-drugs/
  4. Nootropic discussion

    I'm afraid not. I've not a great deal of experience with nootropics myself having only recently starting to dabble in a wider variety. Modafinil I used once many years back and can't say I suffered this side effect which by your description would suggest some sort of diuretic effect.
  5. To masteron or to not masteron

    You might find some useful information in there ^
  6. Dangers of cruising

    Could drop dead in your 30s or possibly your 70s, 80s or beyond. It's like asking how dangerous it is to drink a certain amount of booze or smoke a certain amount of cigarettes per day. The answer will simply be 'more so than if you didn't'
  7. 300mg primo worth it

    Why not just run 450mg for 14 weeks? 20 weeks is a long time to keep your bloods shitty, especially since there is a point of diminished returns from being on. Yes you could argue primo is mild but you've said you're going to be running orals intermittently throughout which completely negates the mild nature of the proposed cycle. Personally I think you'd be better served using a higher dose for a shorter period of time, same for the orals, either something to tie you over whilst you wait for the injectables to take off or a short blast on the tail end for when gains start to slow.
  8. Proviron and Estrogen

    As far as I'm aware proviron has a two fold approach to (subtle) oestrogen management and that is balancing the androgen to oestrogen ratio which although doesn't lower total e2 it does balance it with circulating androgens mitigating certain side effects of high oest. Also I'm pretty sure proviron can bind directly to the aromatase enzyme and being a DHT of course not able to convert to oestrogen but still occupying that enzyme hindering it from converting testosterone. That said I've never known the results to be very profound in lowering e2 and always better used with lower aromtazing compounds or in those not that susceptible to aromatizing. Out of interest have you had your lipids looked at on this dose of prov and test? I've always liked proviron for the feel good factor as well as freeing up more test but never had bloods on it without large doses of other compounds in the mix to see how badly it effects cholesterol.
  9. The idea is to keep these PED discussion threads going, that's why they're stickied in the PED section. To answer your question yes, it's covered in here:
  10. Training every other day?

    provided you recover and follow basic progressive overload principles then any method works until it doesn't. Try a style, adjust it so that it works for you, run it until results stagnate (this can take many years) then switch to another and repeat. You don't even need to change the entire approach, sometimes just a few exercises here n there, a change in rep ranges, increase or decrease the frequency of training days ect but to blanket answer the thread title yes training every other day is great for going in fresh to each session. Even if it's a different body part you use the same CNS every session and having a full days rest between each allows for added recovery.
  11. Person dependent. I think I hit a 4 plate squat first, then a 3 plate bench and then a 5 plate deadlift. Some people are natural pullers, some benchers and some may have just had an athletic background that built their legs and mobility up so they took to squatting faster than say pressing. Arm, torso and leg length play a huge roll in which lift you will naturally excel at.
  12. Skin or fat

    You have no visible skin damage like stretch marks and you have recently had child which will have stretched the skin but not necessarily to the point of damage. Despite healthy skin being elastic it still takes time for it to snap back as tight as it is able to. Judging by the picture I'd be very confident in saying you could diet down extremely lean and not notice any visible loose skin.
  13. Cruise amount

    I'm perfectly calm buddy, you're the one that has resorted to goading comments like 'frothing at the mouth' when I'm merely correcting someone below the natural limit, using steroids and in need of educating by your own admission as you're still on the forum: "If you're above natural limit then you've been on gear and training long enough to know what works for you to hold onto your gains when cruising and you don't need advice from here" So yes you are welcome to disagree and continue to use the terms incorrectly but myself and others will continue to correct those that do so for the benefit of others.
  14. Home blood dump kits

    Fainting with a needle in your arm that your blood is hemorrhaging out of.
  15. Home blood dump kits

    Yep, successfully, but I don't any more And I don't reccomend it.