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  1. You don't need that much. It's the same reason I don't take 200mg of anavar a day I can achieve the same result with less of an impact on my health and wallet using less. It's banded about a lot but for good reason; make the most from the least.
  2. Pump products

    saw that lol yea no idea I've had the cherry cola not the uni pi55
  3. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    weirdly my entire hematology panel (bar white blood cell) has come back perfectly in range so it's back to the drawing board as to why I've been breathless on 900mg EQ i was sure it was blood viscosity issue but results were aokay
  4. Personally id say 50mg of anavar would do the trick for a first cycle 75mg for a greedy first 100mg too much
  5. Even from an mg to mg basis that's 700mg vs 400mg of hormone And with all things being equal / if you bump the prop to 700mg at that dose anavar still takes the biscuit for strength
  6. this is good advice singles are generally reserved for the end stages of the last block leading into a competition just to refine motor units as far as building strength they're detrimental. @Dannylets It's so blanket based off the information provided but instead of hammering away at the same weights deload the weight down to 180kg and work up to a set of 5, reduce the weight by 10% and hit a second set of 5, the following week do the same with 182.5kg and 162.5kg, the week after 185kg x5 followed by 165 x5...ect If you eat in a surplus, get enough rest and your overall volume is at a level that you can recover from I'm confident that by the time 200kg comes round again you will hit it
  7. Best quality UGL?

    @vs-Admin any idea why this might be happening?
  8. Best quality UGL?

    My mistake that's right it's 'ignore' not 'block' You should be able to click that and then you will no longer see posts from that member.
  9. Best quality UGL?

    @Dannylets you are able to block users you do not wish to see the posts of or if you feel they are breaching any of the forum rules you can report their posts for a moderator to review. threatening people is not the way to handle this and is against forum rules.
  10. Time to gain some lean mass

    hope you are gaining weight on this intake if your plan is to get (significantly) stronger? you should be aiming to gain 3-4lb per month protein at 150g is plenty for someone of your body weight, don't let the supplement industry (that sells protein powder) tell you otherwise
  11. Is this a good pct cycle

    the HCG dosing is weird, just run the HCG at 2000iu EOD for 16 days (8 shots in total) the rest is okay
  12. listed probably the top 3 worse steroids there are for smashing cholesterol to bits which generally is the slowest health marker after RBC to return to a more acceptable level it is also heavily dependent on lifestyle post cycle / blast; diet, cardio, cruise dose, supplementation and genetic predisposition if everything is in line you might have acceptable HDL LDL after 6 weeks but if it took 5 to rectify and you go back on soon as they're acceptable then it's very little time spent with healthy blood lipids which as we all know is the slow burner along with cardiac remodeling for shortening steroid users lives
  13. programming (by a country mile) > everything else you mentioned if you want the best possible chance of constructive advice toward breaking that plateau you should post a video of your deadlift form from the side and your entire routine inc your progression moving forward and up until this point this is of course assuming you are already eating in a surplus and getting plenty of rest
  14. Coming off HGH cycle

    Just stop when you're done All this ibutamoren or peptides as a 'PCT' isn't worth it unless you are bridging in between gh blasts and even then you'd probably be best served giving your body a break from constantly elevated igf. You'll recover just fine without any assistance It's not like recovering testosterone production
  15. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    I thought I'd spoke to you about this before Thanks for reply Is there any particular ingredient I should or shouldn't be looking out for in the nutritional info?