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  1. Their oils are excellent no pip and orals hmmm 50 : 50 comparison with Pharmacom Dbol and Winstrol Pharmacom is def. g2g !
  2. I haven't been buying since February. They are always lazy to answer. I have to admit they are fair and honest too! Otherwise I buy throughout the year. In advance i like to have everything ready for the season without surprises. And now is f*** Covid virus.
  3. they changed their name . they are no longer RX labs. now they are R.E.X. Medicare Solutions
  4. Hello, guys. Please good lab for orals. I read the posts and don't see anyone writing about good orals . Am I old-fashioned or what? Former "Blue Hearts" Dbol's mother ,who didn't take them?
  5. Hi guys. I'm short with sources on the net and I'm interested are they still good Dimension Labs and Rx lab? If there is anyone with a good source please email the box. Thank you very much.
  6. Rx labs

    Experiences with this labs. Is that still good?
  7. Hi guys. I use Boldenone of Triumph. Immediately after application, I get a coughing attack within seconds. Coughing takes about 20 seconds. I'm afraid. Is that OK? Someone already had these problems? Is it ok or maybe a fake medicine? Thanx :-)
  8. TopGear Pharmaceuticals

    Hi guys. Please see the picture ,anyone used this? The box does not have a date, serial number and manufacturing but on the blister package yes.Someone used, fake or real. Left is winstrol -right Dianabol.Thanx