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  1. Thats what i thought, ive been using 25g cluster dextrin and 15g peptopro. Probably just going to get bog standard dextrose next time round though.
  2. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    Im gona say runescape marathons?
  3. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    For a free game it was class
  4. Less fats on cycle?

    Im like that with any cereals, just been getting the kids ones recently: frosted wheats, frosted shreddies, cocopops lol its pure nostalgia.
  5. Less fats on cycle?

    Same, only really start upping fat sources when i start to struggle to get the carbs in.
  6. Sphinkter's time to get swole

    Thats a recent change for me. I actually end up doing less total sets now though. Also my end goal is more like 50lbs in the next 18 months or so. I want to get big lol.
  7. Sphinkter's time to get swole

    Mixed bag upper session in an E4L yesterday was something like Flat bench working up to 100kg x 4 then a couple of forced reps, then 80kg x 11 then forced reps Flat hammer strength style chest press 3 plates a side x 5 then 2 plates x 12 T bar row working up to 4 plates x 7 then drop sets to failure down to 1 plate Unilateral pulldown machine 3 plates x 10 then 1 plate x 30 Dips with the chain x 4 then bodyweight x 16 Upright rows with the 45kg ez bar rest pause style 3/4 goes at it then cable side raises, then machine lateral raises Machine flyes Ez bar curls with fat grips 30kg x 8 then 20kg x 12 Bumping kcals up to 2800. Weight 169.2lbs this morning but ive eaten quite alot over the weekend.
  8. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    f**k me mind that lol never had you down as much of a geek mate. My wee brother had a decent account im pretty sure he sold it on ebay for a tonne or something haha. Just remember spending hours clicking on a rock collecting iron ore.
  9. Id run an AI but youll probably be fine with just nolva over a 10 week cycle. Standard pct is hcg at tail end of cycle then 4-6 weeks clomid & nolva. Clomid seems to really mess some guys up though, my brother struggled with it and had to drop it. Havent PCTd myself though.
  10. Sphinkter's time to get swole

    Got my scales yesterday, 165.2lbs dry this morning. Im going to shoot (initially) for a 2lbs weight gain per week because before january i was a reasonably lean 175-180lbs (my avi) so i hopefully should have some muscle memory and ive been cruising since january. Ill pull back the food if and when required though, not interested in blowing up with water and fat. Training at a different gym with a couple of mates today then getting a munch.
  11. Hardgainer

    Got this one lol https://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=161809003
  12. Hardgainer

    26kg on his face lol Fuk me he looks like s**t