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  1. Are you a southerner or a northerner ?

    Rough arsed from all the bumming.
  2. HELP! GF visits in 3 days and no sex drive

    not necessarily he said no sex drive not ED. I'm just comin to the end of pct and my sex drive took a hit but I could still get a stonner.
  3. Gay couples adopting

    pretty sure you can't even adopt in NI if you're an open Celtic FC supporter @Tricky please confirm?
  4. Do you check your blood pressure ?

    hes in the bath give him a break, either that or its the poppers he had to sniff before his mrs took him from behind in the next pic
  5. Do you check your blood pressure ?

    240/160? What did you do before you went in, snort a kg of proper and inject a bargain bucket?
  6. Bank holiday

  7. hi muscle friends

    How gay is this but the other day I was thinking that I hadn't been on the forum much lately and then I thought of you and how you hadn't been on either.
  8. I recently went to the docs because of a high psa score from medichecks bloods, just to rule any nasties out. So while i was there i admitted gear use, and i s**t you not he googled steroids psa score right infront of me lol. He then booked me back in for another psa test just to confirm, and also some "general markers seeings as id been using aas" so im like great some free bloods that will save me 80 quid or whatever. Went in to see the nurse and asked out of curiosity what the tests were for, the only thing besides psa i was getting tested for was fuckin diabetes lol. Clueless!
  9. Any Plumbers on here? Opinion needed

    Do it yourself
  10. Asking for a pay rise?

    If youre that good at selling s**t go somewhere else and get at least 1.5x that plus commission/bonus, dont get down on your knees and beg for 22k, which is fuckin bin man money up here never mind that far down south lol.
  11. Women with high testosterone in athletics

    So just to clarify: - Born female but a bit too butch, has to compete with men. - man in frock, can compete against girls Surely somebody is just playing funny buggers here..
  12. Joe Rogan Podcast- Sleep expert, mind blown

    5/6 hours a night, take 100mg modafinil every day. Not good for gains or fat loss but by the time the kids are in bed and im squared away for work the next day its like 2100, am i f**k goin to bed at 2200. My mrs also currently stays up till 2 every night doing uni work so i go to bed before her every night id be celibate. Apparently making tea and doing the kids lunches and school clothes is foreplay now.
  13. Carrying others at work....

    In all serious id just have a word between the three of you, you two guys tell him straight youre shooting for the bonus hes either in or you can swap him out for some cvnt else no hard feelings, at the end of the day its a bonus for going over and above, some folk are happy just gettin through the day n goin home, same goes for OT some people just dont do it, aint interested in the extra coin.
  14. This, people go through phases of interests..music, hobbies etc.
  15. Carrying others at work....

    Jobsworth cvnts the pair of you