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  1. if so what brands did you try? And how did the effects turn out for you? I see some preworkout supplements contain it but they also contain caffeine which I want to avoid, so I planned on getting a pure form instead
  2. the listing says its 250grams, does that mean 250 grams of DMAA or 250 grams which includes the DMAA along with the other ingredients? If it’s the later, roughly how much of it is DMAA? Heres the listing https://i.imgur.com/NThtBDd.png it doesn’t mention how much there is in the ingredient list https://i.imgur.com/Z7d53G5.png heres a picture of the front of the carton https://i.imgur.com/5SQErew.png
  3. eg your real name & address or use a fake name & get it sent to an address who forwards it on to you or a Post office box - Im wondering if thered be any good reasons not to use your personal details or if its perfectly safe to use them?=