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  1. My next cycle

    See bold. That's ballocks. I've pinned tren a 3x pw and it was no different to ed or eod
  2. Injectable Anavar

    Im sure it'll be decent. Just bang it in and report back if you survive lol
  3. Injectable Anavar

    At least there is some hormone in there then
  4. Injectable Anavar

    Ye probably be the best idea. You could mix .5ml with some test and then maybe try 1ml with test, then 1ml with less test than the shot before, and so on, to give you an idea how you'll react.
  5. Injectable Anavar

    Ah i see. Ive tried an injectable winni and that was smooth, but, im not not sure on the solvent used. It only says solvent content-medium.
  6. Injectable Anavar

    Which lab you using?
  7. Dbal

    Sorry op but @Abc987 can you pm me please mate.
  8. Homebrew ba/bb amounts

    Think the standard is 18% bb and 2%ba
  9. Rohm Labs TTM. Real of Fake?

    Hmm, tough one from the pic you've uploaded. But from my limited knowledge of rhom, then there should only be an expiry date, which should be made up from really tiny dots to make the actual writing and numbers of which ever month and year it expires.
  10. Not tried pre workout, will defo try it next time.
  11. Ye i liked the winni inject a while back, a lot less stomach problems for me using the injectable version, costs more but worth it if you ask me.
  12. Icon Labs - Photos

    Cool. Good result none the less.
  13. Southern ghost and dark ghost (the old southern ghost) not sure if any other labs are currently producing injectable orals.
  14. Icon Labs - Photos

    Are you using ai at for that dose?
  15. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    Narcos Narcos mexico Shooter (not the film) The impossible (true story) That's about it at the moment, need to find somethings good to watch now though, as I've nearly finished the above.