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  1. Coronavirus conspiracies

    Quite a number of old people in Croatia also believe that this virus is an engineered bioweapon released by Trump to sabotage China as part of USA-PRC trade war... and our Farage equivalent, Ivan Pernar has found a cure that the illuminati do not want you to know about. Its vitamin C. V-I-T-A-M-I-N C
  2. 1 egg v 4 Ferrero rocher

    It's not even a Cadbury creme egg.
  3. Racist

    ALLOWED. I won't even go over the rest of that sentence. Sexist, body shaming, vegan, racist... none of these is a good excuse to ignore proper spelling. --- Has anyone else noticed that all sort of prejudice these days gets labeled as racism? Whats wrong with nationalism, sectarianism, chauvinism/jingoism, political or linguistic or other prejudice and discrimination? There are so many ways to dislike people you know nothing about beyond the superficial.
  4. Astra 2016 plate 150k mileage

    Lada... so you admit your old man was a KGB agent?
  5. How to invest 20k for most return

    Buy coke for 20k and hide it in the woods. Place some cameras
  6. What's the best console?

    I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee... ...that explains why I cannot do a squat right.
  7. House buying question

    Does anybody in UK build their own house or do you just buy whats on the market?
  8. Dapoxetine

    Did you know that the Serbian term for 'pizza delivery boy' means 'c*nt destroyer' in Croatian and that Croatian term for 'cold drinks' means 'hungry pussy' in Czech and Slovak languages? Btw. is there anything with opposite effect from dapoxetine? I can go on indefinitely if I don't feel emotional connection, turns sex into sweaty cardio.
  9. He could try one from my early childhood... 'Bit će Amerika zemlja proleterska!' (America shall become land of the proleteriat!) We had same one for England also... and we were close... now we need a Corbyn MKII that can actually win some election.
  10. We (The Europeans) need a stronger EU that can articulate and protect European interests. The only way to limit European dependency on USA is to build and strengthen EU institutions through combined economic, diplomatic and defence policies. ... Oh right, Brexit... I for one support our great American overlords in whatever course they may take us. Donald, wow.
  11. Electronic money - no more paper money

    You know less than Jon Snow, EpicSquats. Gypsies... wonderful customers and reliable suppliers. They always pay and admire strong medicine like garage door transmitters, and you can be sure to get best price for counterfeit jeans or sunglasses when you do business with them. Sheep are not their thing. They like social security, iphones and EU money.
  12. Just saw A Scottish person outside on my street

    Erasmus students staying near my firm. Its a small town and you know pretty much who is who at local cafe. North Americanos here are pretty much second generation Croatian expats discovering their roots, grammar and pRopeR pRonounciation of letteR 'R'.
  13. Electronic money - no more paper money

    A cashless economy would cut my income by 50% and I would have to find new illegal activities to compensate. Sad.
  14. Just saw A Scottish person outside on my street

    I saw two this morning on the Spar parking lot waiting for the store to open. You can spot a hundred meter away. Short pants in the middle of December.