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  1. Who doesn't trust themselves at an all-inclusive hotel?

    Sex 24/7 and mackarel food poisoning.
  2. Who doesn't trust themselves at an all-inclusive hotel?

    All inclusive does not fit my macros. Too much carbohydrates. Haven't been to sn all inclusive since 2011.
  3. First time I used tren was without caber... it gave me better understanding of the female mind by being able to experience first hand a never ending PMS. Occasional ED, was just the icing on the cake. Second time, 0,5mg caber E3,5D, felt fantastic throughout the cycle and being a sex pest counts as cardio. I don't think I will ever touch a 19-nor without Caber
  4. Taking Steroids to Saudi Arabia

    When four mother in laws come to visit at same time You need all four at once to bring about the End ot times and Final judgement.
  5. Taking Steroids to Saudi Arabia

    Just one wife? Just one mother in law? Amateur.
  6. Taking Steroids to Saudi Arabia

    No, I buy the 2500ml tub.
  7. Taking Steroids to Saudi Arabia

    @Sasnak, you might find this handy for when you come back: Anal tightening cream 50ml
  8. Just injected for first time

    Mate, get Aromasin, use at least 12,5mg Aromasin E3.5D, basically on days you inject. If you feel anything that might be estrogen related increase dosage. I used to go with 12,5mg Aromasin ED, but the last month and a half I cut the dosage to 12,5mg twice per week, on days I Inject 250mg test. Seems to be sufficient. Keep Tamoxifen for PCT, use it only if you suspect you are about to develop gyno issues, as interventionary measure, do not use it on daily basis unless you really have to. Also get Clomid before you come anywhere near PCT, there is enough time.
  9. Good labs right now

    Quite happy with RX Labs. Might try SG oils next cycle in 2018, might go again with RX. Plenty of time to think it over.
  10. A reminisce of members gone by

    @banzi is the Anabolic Jesus. I shall never forget all that I have had the honor to learn from him.
  11. Recommend me a book

  12. Shagging apps

    This, or even a church choir. Lots of desperate b1cthes to meet.
  13. A few weeks back there was a nice joke in general discussion: Whats the difference between a vitamine and,a hormone? You can't make a vitamine. ... Let's say I did not have a moment to think about vitamines in Bulgaria. Hormones and things phonetically similar, I seem to have a reputation here in being excessive when handling them.
  14. Yohimbine HCL, not really feeling much?

    Get RX Labs "The Burn" 25mg dmaa 10mg yohimbine 10mg sibutramine 100mg caffeine Take one when you wake up, and another before workout.
  15. Anadrol 100mg vs 150mg

    50mg of anadrol ED, turned me into a rock star in three weeks time. My urine went orange. Take that Ozzy Osborne!