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  1. list of chavvy foods (not saying I don't eat them)

    Rustlers burgers. Such a guilty pleasure though. Supermarket brand coco pops, space invaders, spam fritters, any supermarket brand corn based snack (cheese puffs etc) and reluctantly custard creams.
  2. Hi all, after some help and advice. I'll spare the sob story and details but my bipolar disorder has had me on a huge downward spiral for along time, and after a large sequence of bad luck and events I have hit rock bottom and lost everything that I worked so hard for. I'm 23and have worked since I left school, at the beginning of all of this I had a 34k a year job, degree and a fiancee who I adored. Without going too deep into it I struggled to manage my emotions and ended up occasionally using cocaine as an escape,this snowballed into a serious addiction where I was using upward of four grams DAILY. I have spanked all my savings and everything valuable I own, I dont want sympathy I just need help badly. I have kept enoughto get me into rehab. What is the fastest route into private residential rehab? I don't care about cost I just cant bare living like this and need admission as a matter of urgency. Anyone reading this with mental health issues please get help and do not make my mistakes!
  3. Long story short I developed a nasty coke habit as I was using it as an escape from various problems. I'm off to Thailand in a couple of days to get fompletelyv clean of the stupid habit. I haven't trained for around 8 weeks, how long will my gains take to return? Bear in mind I wil be lucky at a gym so will be training twice a day and have access to any gear
  4. Employer verification

    Just my Standard credit card, I use it for fuel etc so would rather not lose it.
  5. Employer verification

    Sweet sounds legit. I just want my credit to remain active and to do this I need verbal verification from a manager.
  6. Employer verification

    Recently left my job and one of my accounts wants employer verification, if I give current details I will likely be decline due to the short length of employment. Is there any way of getting round this like fake verification?
  7. Any recommendations? I went for 2 week in Feb 16 but didn't plan it very well.
  8. Thai training camps

    You live there I take it?
  9. Thai training camps

    I'm on about live in gyms where you pay a set price and get accommodation with gym membership etc
  10. Thai training camps

    Has anyone done one? Quite a few places in Phuket offer 3 month packages including accommodation?
  11. AMA, I've tried a large number of labs

    Been away a while as split from the mrs. Any more reviews?
  12. Finally sacked the mrs in

    Pretty much what I've done.
  13. Finally sacked the mrs in

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed and helpful reply mate, genuinely. It's posts like this that keep the forum going.
  14. Finally sacked the mrs in

    Thanks for the genuine responses lads.
  15. Finally sacked the mrs in

    It's 100% the right decision. She had BPD and was slowly destroying my life. I know it sounds f*cking gay but it is an awful experience to go through. I sit in the house and just see constant memories. I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.