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  1. Hello Lads, Where in the world can you buy pharmaceutical HGH over the counter?
  2. Testing supplements

    It'll be worth it mate as it's for a business venture.I only wanna be getting the best stuff
  3. Feel good supplements

  4. Feel good supplements

    Is it safe to take L dopa and 5 htp together? Also,does anyone have any recommendations on good brands?
  5. Testing supplements

    Is there anywhere you can send a supplement off to get tested see the quality of it? Not steroids,things like glucosamine or cissus?
  6. Vitamins

    Cheers lads
  7. Vitamins

    Cheers mate
  8. Vitamins

    Is it best to take Vitamins before or after exercise? I take b6,b12,magnesium vit d, cod liver oil,vit c, cbd oil,zinc. Cheers
  9. Vitamin injections

    How much do they cost MOMO?
  10. Alright lads, Any recommendations on the best brand of Anavar? I used AS labs some time ago and I'm sure it was winstrol labelled as Anavar as my joints were killing me
  11. I might re think then lads,might get my bloods done and maybe up the dose too.Cheers for the advice
  12. I suffer with bad water retention if I ever touch testosterone,even just a little bit,even if my diet is clean,I don't see the point if my face gets all bloated,the point is to look good.When I have done a bit in the past prop has been the best for less water
  13. Cheers for the replies,reason I'm asking is I'm thinking of just doing half a ml of test prop e.o.d and wear wondering if it will be worth it,I'm guessing it will as half a ml is 50mg of test,want it to just give me a little boost that's all
  14. Hello Lads/ladies How many mg of test does the average 40 odd year old produce daily?
  15. Ostarine questions

    Cheers mate,have you used this at all Sasnak?