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  1. Have any of you ever been in international business or actually educated in business ? All this naysayer stuff is complete nonsense, but like the virus issue everyone has now become experts I worked in international banking for 15+ years and teach it now, companies work around restrictions , trade policies change . When countries wants to trade with each other they find ways do it, governmental bodies co-operate . We have had no issues dealing with non EU countries with differing laws, banking systems legal frameworks, compliance issues and so on. We are already completely with familiar with EU law and compliance regulations etrc, This is a piece of piss compared to dealing with the middle east and Asia Its been a few weeks and a step change,naturally there will be teething problem, straight thru process disrupted. software systems need to be altered and a mountain of paperwork , It's like moving house, takes awhile to get settled All of you that predicted empty supermarket shelves like 90s Russia and no medicine for the UK are going to look like right tit-heads in a while. The virus situation is causing more disruption not the BREXIT . Read the Financial Times and the economist , not idiot facebook posts . None of the predicted fallout is happening anything like it was predicted 6 months ago
  2. Athlean X

    like all them, they spend 10% of the time on the basics and 90% of the fluff exercises Some of the stuff is spot on but again like most of them they try reinvent the wheel and start telling you about all these exercises you should never do, e.g. flys - dickhead, was a bread and butter exercises for Arnie and many a bodybuilder over the years . Never once in 30 years had any issues with flys. His 3D cable crossover is a pointless exercise Same with behind the neck shoulder press, he says never do them, again its a bread and butter exercise for olympic powerlifters. Never do leg extensions? Its the primary movement of the quad No idea if he is on gear, I can't see it to be honest , That physique is definitely attainable natty (from some with good genes) and he's whole lively hood is based on him being lean and muscular so he's motivated . I can see him being in TRT though being 44 Fake Weights? some of the design of the plates look suspect indeed . That transgender simpleton Greg Doucette is calling him out on it I see
  3. Hair Transplant members here

    what happens if you transplant hairs from the back of your head to the front fringes , and start going grey. Does it look patchy as usually the color of the back holds on a lot longer Also does anyone know roughly what age you stop going losing hair , e.g. are you finished by 50 or is it a gradual shedding until old age?
  4. National Lockdown

    I wonder why people don't heed your warnings, your arguments seem so balanced and well thought out .......
  5. I like getting out of the house Fancy commercial gym only that has a few members , clean showers that don't smell of piss, weights tidying up after use and no knob heads . e.g. polar opposite to PureGym Downside is you pay a lot for it After 30 years at it, gym is not that important to me any more, not bothered if I miss a session and I'm just trying to maintain strength, decent cardio and have visible abs . I don't need the old style gyms
  6. before Brexit nearly half of all UK imports were from outside EU. How they manage? Paper work will bring streamlined in time as it suits both sides of the trade. It's only been two weeks
  7. Horror "Short Films"

    Not a short film but I recently watched the exorcist . still creeps the shite out of me Maybe you have to be around in the 70's / 80s to get the full impact of it, looks dated now . Going to a hard core catholic school where the Jesuits terrified the life out of kids preaching hell and damnation, didn't help .
  8. Allpros progression question

    just use the simple notepad app on your phone to keep track I find all these forward planning routine to be complete shite anyway and they never go to plan anyway. They are made up by knobheads. One look at that and you can see its crap 52 weeks a year or 10 times increasing by 10% , so that's starting weight x 1.1^10. Assume you're doing 80kg bench for 4sets x 8reps. By year end you have 80kg x 1.1^10 = 207kg repping 4sets x 8. Sure 52weeks is an exaggeration but you see the point . No one is increasing 10% in 5 weeks constantly unless it's your first time in the gym or running a steroid cycle
  9. National Lockdown

    You also say that the virus does not exist, so why need a vaccine? I genuinely don't get how dumb you have to be to take the word of a bunch of uneducated unqualified facebook poster halfwit who are claiming to know more that the virologists worldwide. I like looking ted talks (or smart people on youtube) and when I listen to Brian Greene ,Michio Kaku, Jordan Peterson etc talk I feel like a idiot but when I compare myself to you I think I'm pretty ok , thanks for that dude!
  10. Jogging - what's the best option?

    I have run outside far more have run on threadmill, only bought one due to lockdown this year. Its very easy to compensate the easier conditions by increasing speed and incline. My time for 10km out side is 51min, on threadmill its 47, Many factors for and against , where you live (inner city, country etc), weather etc I live in a place with down to -20C winters and 40deg summer, time of day Saying it does very little to improve cardvasiclar health is not correct mate, you can whack the speed uo to 20km/h and see what happens. But yeah its not going to be the same calories burnt if on a zero degree inlcine
  11. Attention lazy bastards

    Not as if the country wasn't full of fatties before the lockdown. Now they just have an extra excuse
  12. TRUMPS fate

    Also stood up to China and Iran Because the average fuckwit voter can't separate the man from his policies . It was like Nixon , he achieved a LOT as president but people just remember watergate . Obama great orator but didn't do a lot as president .
  13. he was ahead of his time that guy, it's a very underrated exercise in my view that's excellent service, I guess it's hard to balance the the business financial aspect with the requirements of members . If a gym is oriented towards both men and women then some requirements will be different for both sexes. If 0.5% of members are using 60kg+ dumbbells its hard to justify buying them that's how the make the money though, due in there 5 days a week means more cost for hot water , wear and tear on equipment and so on, makes the place look full etc.
  14. TRUMPS fate

    Waste of time , no chance of getting a 2/3 vote in the 50/50 split Senate
  15. Can I get help with a routine?

    My knees are knackered after 30 years of training , however I am convinced some from of mobility training , e.g. stretching yoga, and proper warm ups are essential . You don't have to do them on your training days , your days off are fine and probably better anyway. The 10 min stretching before a weight session is pretty ineffective anyway, you are far better off starting low weight , e.g. body weight With weight training sometime always gives at some point, your quad may be tight but often it can be the vastus lateralis muscle that is pulling the pulling the kneecap off center and you start feeling it in the outer tendons , so its important in my experience anyway not to ignore this especially as you have bad knees Big heavy weights is not necessary, you can still build a lot of muscle with higher reps, lower rest and encourage hypertrophy. Legs are especially suited. If load up the leg press and do say 8 reps to failure, its guaranteed to aggravate a tendon in my knee and put me off for weeks.