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  1. Laser eye surgery

    I had it done ten years ago. Best decision ever. 100% no regrets. No deterioration. I know at least 8 or 9 who had it done too. Everyone totally satisfied. f**k being a specky 4eyes nerd. I guess you could take the cheaper route and it most likely would be fine but it's your eyes. Personally I would do a Thai whore bareback rather than take the chance of a cheap foreign operation.
  2. What’s happening in China now

    No, pretty much back to normal now. You need the "health app " to get in to many places and travel from city to city. All foreign immigration banned. They put in harsh rules early on and it worked ,..... while Britain fannyed about.
  3. Did anyone try short term trading?

    @IronJohnDoe cheers man, yeah I don't mean that day trading is a mugs game end of, its more that its unwise for the inexperienced to start messing around with it as you have to think fast and be sitting in front of you computer all day. I have come across a lot of folks that tried it and every one lost a lot, then start chasing after losses and compounded the problem . I think its for the experienced traders only I was OK thus far but my losses have been silly and basically due to lack of discipline and emotional trading . . Mind you my portfolios is basically investing rather than trading however I want to run about 30% of it on actually trading (days to weeks, i.e. swing trades), using no more that 2% on any one position using trailing stops and modest profit targets My plan is to portfolio optimization for long term investing with infrequent re-balencing. I use Matlab for that Trading: fundamental and technical analysis. I have come around to the idea that TA is an important tool and shouldn't be dismissed, especially after reading Dr. Alexander Elder book, "The new trading for a living". Its a pretty good book and has some excellent advice. H'es pretty clear its not an easy job and you have to study and work hard at it/ Some opportunities seem to be ripe like zoom. Its got an P/E ratio of 2000, compared to Amazon of 114. To me that's represents a big shorting opportunity. Q: Whats the best dealers for shorting stocks anyway? CFD / spread bet. I use IG but like dealers I can find, their overnight charges are BS and really eat into profits over weeks cheers man. websites I use are Marketwatch.com (for company info), tipranks.com (for potential opportunities ). I have trading view bookmarked but not spend much time at it. The problem I find with most of this stuff is that there are a million signals showing opportunities but when they don't pan out they are quickly forgotten about and everyone looks to the next one Will look for a copy of John J Murphy book, My aim is very modest, that is simply to break even by the end of the year, but learned a whole lot.
  4. Did anyone try short term trading?

    thanks guys, I worked in the trading floor for 15+ years and (or was)I regulated by FCA to do controlled functions (i.e. clients portfolios), Passed exams. I am pretty strong on quantitative finance , portfolio optimization, derivatives, hedging etc Fundamental analysis I could improve on admittedly As for short term equity trading I am not entirely convinced but open minded but would like to see real feedback. No one wants to ever admit they lost cash and wasted year trying it and quit. Its seems like a lot is stacked against you, from commissions, spreads, margin, especially on options and derivatives. @IronJohnDoe Cheers man, agree on your thoughts, you can join mentor programs from real traders from banks who do check out (I recognize the names from my time) but they charge around 15k for a few Skype lessons and the odd look in at your portfolio to see if you are making errors so not cheap. Honesty hour boys, can you make money at it.? No shame in saying you don't, Most of us in banking all copped it big time when the markets in 2008 and that was including the Traders. My boss lost 500K that year from banking stocks, he came from Merrill Lynch, I lost about 60k myself, Banks portfolios got f**ked aswell, I remember well when the traders were asked to liquidate their portfolios due to margin calls ,trading floor was silent. Not daily trading. I think that's a mugs game and certainly all the decent gurus suggest its. I mean 10-20 trades a month , short term holdings, looking at correlation, volatility ,15 stocks portfolio I am hit or miss thus far to be honest but not at it long enough to develop a decent pattern
  5. Now being UKM I know this will attract all the bull-shitters claiming they sit on a beach making millions, so leaving that aside, has anyone tried this for a living or a serious hobby? (Not talking about investing , i.e. buying stock in expectation they will grow ) Its hard to get to the bottom of the all the crap by youtube hipsters claiming they have some strategy and you can buy it for 100 quid, or people trying to sound smart rhyming off pointless catchphrases like "by the dip", "don't catch a falling knife", "set up a trading plan" without any concrete details or proof . Its like saying " If you want to learn to fly a plane, make sure you don't crash into a mountain" Real feedback most appreciated dudes
  6. They give you loads of fittings including the gel type ones so should be no issues. I suppose the down side is they they big and some people think they are ugly, but doesn't bother me. Not knocking them, we tested both on her phone (Iphone) and mine (Huawei P20) even after fiddling about with the settings, and mine had the edge in the noise cancelling. Sound quality I can't really tell much difference I wouldn't say their is much in the difference overall just Sony seem to have the edge over apple in noise cancelling. The review website seems to suggest that too. The case though is a big lump of a thing to carry around though so if you're out in summer without a jacket it may be an issue. Although they have about a 6 hour battery life (outside the case)
  7. yeah I don't like apple but I admit the airpods are good. My gf bought a pair recently Airpods Pro Having said that I bought the Sony Noise cancelling ones WF-1000XM3 a week later and they are clearly better though. Longer charge but case is a lot bigger Noise cancelling is a gimmick on cheap ones, you need to pay up for it
  8. every time its the same with you! Seriously how many years did you go to school 2? You never once can debate a topic with persuasive arguments, facts, logic etc but end up dismissing an alternative view just based on either your personal dislike for the person who makes it, or is annoyed that someone points out other contributing factors to teh debate at hand. Come back on the main topic of the most accepted reason why 21m accounts are in no longer in use is due to economic situation, not people being silenced as the crux of your and his argument. what are you on about support the CCP, am I getting paid by them now? In all the time I have been on UKM, its been a ruse in waiting for this vefry moment just push the party agenda? Did I do the same when I went to the middle east? Iran was paying me too? even this is BS, no he wasn't the first, provide a link that is the case! No you don't always need a government ID , I have one as to the 100,000+ other foreigners that are living here, we have no ID (called a shenfenzheng). Chinese do need one but all Chinese have a ID card as do many countries around the world, Irrespective of our opinions, why does it need investigating, its their country and their laws? will you come back be a 12yo reponse " you're a commie shill!!" and somehow negates all the points I made in this thread? But as you said in another thread all "The chinese are a disgusting race" <- The epitome of your ignorance and stupidity All arabs are terrorist too I suppose?
  9. the problem is with this clown that he cannot put up a intelligent argument. Its all clickbait stuff. Yes I am not suggesting for one minute that you only look at one side of the argument but are much better people that can argue the anti chinese side but are crowded out by this bloke. For example this phone subscriptions is a total non starter, and it make him look like a low IQ twit Within a minute its easy to see the schoolboy story . I haven't see the full video as I can tell where he is going with it 1. If he is trying to link suppression of information by switching off cell phones? well has he ever heard of wifi? 2. A huge part of the work force is migrants from the country to cities, since january they have not been able to return to work so their work phones have been cut off. 3. 21m accounts? Has he mentioned that total subscriptions in China is 1.6bn with a population of 1.4bn and then take out kids, babies etc who don't have an account and its very clear that a lot of people have more than subscription . This idiot needs to step aside and let other people put more convincing arguments. For example he could say under state law the government can cut off your subscription should they deem it fit, they can legally detain you on release information "spreading of misinformation act" related to the virus that has not been authorised (recently passed law) . These are far more convincing arguments and are right there printed in black and white. The reason is this tit cannot speak chinese and cannot read the text, so doesn't know where to find them. He has jumped on the mobile phone theory as its already been covered in English by many news sources (e.g. Bloomberg 23rd March) before he posted his video (26th March) . He says he noticed it "a couple of weeks before", that was a great trick given the data was only released on 21st March , and that's when all the news feeds reported on it
  10. Coronavirus tracking app

    The problem you have is immediately China is mentioned it must be sinister. The pantomime villain has appeared again We all have that app, its a heck of a great idea. It doesn't track you like a GPS mapping your every movements but every time you go into a building you scan the QR code on the door, that way if you became sick they can let people who were in the vicinity at the time know, that you might have been infected, My neighbouring building had a case and everyone in the building knew immediately so to be extra vigilant. The nearby shopping mall also had a case so people got a text message or an alert that gave this infected persons movements where about in the last few days. This personal information was not disclosed, it just said that he at 3:48pm entered into XYZ supermarket and so on. As for reporting it for personal gain is law is very strict on that, and also there is no option on the app for changing your own status, not that I can see anyway It is overwhelming accepted by the population as a good measure. People believe that if they can potentially help someone else, they should. I do too . If I can in some way help prevent the death of an old person I'll do it and believe it morally the right thing to do For travelling to a different city it would say that you have a health check (with health cert ID uploaded) so the cops on the road borders would know about it Western people have in ingrained in them not be be tracked or ID with is perfectly understandable request but the reality is that its a different world now. The population has grown, people intermix far more that ever before, and our actions invariably affect others so civil liberties cannot be the great beacon everyone once thought it was. Korea do it too
  11. Come on mate you are you 8 , its not about being on a side. If people want to have a proper discussion its needs to be a sensible one and not about them and us . I am in a unique position here to see both sides of the coin, I'm not your average 21yo halfwit you tuber who spend six months in China and has no clue about the language culture, politics, and starts make a pro or against China video. Its a lot more complicated that and not like trying to yell out at the pantomime villain. Its not trying to justify anything they have done Yes of course the numbers should not be taken as gospel, given the history but people need to stop reading shite ass YouTube videos and bait click titles for the info and you will never get a sensible overview of whats going on. Everyone needs to try and see both sides of the argument.
  12. I followed this story from day one, we are all talking about it here back in January with loads of people of people reporting form Wuhan via social media . As being as unbiased as I can it seems like that when the virus started spreading, wuhan government let the ball drop, they were talking about pneumonia, eventually reported it to the provincial government and they finally reported up to central government. They realised what was going on and took direct control (20th Jan). During that same time their team and WHO were analysing samples trying to get the full picture, but by that stage half the country have moved for new year Coupled with the nature of the virus, its infection rate and a modern easily accessible world, the task to deal with it was monumental. I don't believe there was anything particularly sinister going on, ineffectual procedures, shear size of population and style of governance of the country. I think it could have easily happened in Europe just as fast, we probably would have information quicker and more transparent than the Chinese but then less effective at trying to contain it. I don't believe the WHO are involved in a cover up. They are made up by people who have dedicated their lives and careers to trying to make the world a better place, heal sick people, help poor regions throughout the world deal with disease. Their directors and scientists are on about a 75k. They are not in it for the big bucks . 10x more in banks Element of Incompetence and too much political correctness, sure.
  13. Occams razor is prevalent here, live animals and fresh produce keep under highly unsanitary conditions is the most probable causes of this, with a high degree of probability But every loves a conspiracy theory
  14. I didn't refer to China's numbers at all, (and yes in a country where media and information is controlled it would be silly to deny that information could have been covered up) I am referred to neighbouring countries and how they are vastly different to EU and USA.Trump and many others are just looking for a scapegoat with the WHO to cover up their own failures in dealing with this properly at the start
  15. Prove it then, it was live on state TV here (China) in December. The reality is many, not all, countries did bugger all at the start and it got out of hand and are now looking for someone to blame. If people think that china was involved in some great conspiracy then they are going to have to come up with a pretty good explaination as to why deaths in Japan 190, Korea 230, Singapore 10, New Zealand 11 and even Taiwan 6 (who are on bad terms with China) have far far less deaths than UK 13,722 and USA 34,617 All the countries are near China have a big Chinese immigration. Yet the difference it they ask locked down hard at the start. ...... by the way which most people on the forum where all criticising then for doing so, taking about human rights abuse and so on.