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  1. TTM

    Using Spinx TTM at the moment. Pip is shocking! Swelled up everytime, unable to train. Diluted it 1:1 with a GSO carrier oil and solved the problem. Stuff works but you will need to dilute it
  2. Windows 7 vs Windows 10

    I use windows 10, you can set it back to Windows 7 look and feel, it takes a lot of fiddling about though I never ever use tiles, they are shite, and removed them all including the short cuts I think you should upgrade the security is better and you will need to upgrade eventually so might as well get used to it.
  3. I do this myself, ate till I am sick and think, s**t, this will take a week to get rid of. Same with holidays. I can eat 2-3k or more calories over maintenance a day for a week, but doesn't talk long afterwards to shift it Binge is definitely not the same as drip feeding a calorie surplus into you continually
  4. Ketogenic diet; be aware!

    Don't want to reread the thread and what I wrote but I don't remember saying that? I mentioned the Atkins diet which goes back to the 50's
  5. I don't have a lot of sympathy for people who won't control their own lives and have no reason not to. Needs to look at himself. Totally self inflicted I walk by poor bastards in China every day who have literally nothing. Saw an old lady in the street yesterday begging for money, her old husband lying on the ground, looked totally f**ked, some disease, pus coming out of his face. Unlikely to be a scam.
  6. 1g test

    I just used straight test for years and years. Only later in life did I start messing about. This TTM mix is good. Hardly any sides, leaness, solid gains on mod cals and little or no bloat. Only complaint I have is that liidio has tanked in last few weeks but that's probably high E. No other high E symptoms though
  7. Mental sides from tren

    Guess you need to ask yourself what kind of a person you were before cycle, e.g, naturally moody, calm, easy to fly off the handle etc. Gear rarely alters my frame of mind, and if so only for the better. On TTM now but dosage lowish so wouldn't expect and major changes in emotion.
  8. So where is everyone getting their DNP from now. I only ever used TM. shame he stopped selling it
  9. Not sure why you bother. You don't burn exact same calories every day so small variations of calories in and out wouldn't make much difference. As long as in deficit averaged over the week. But yeah some like to have "a detailed balence sheet" as it were, and find it quite satisfying. I'm much more relaxed about this now a days. OCD on other things though
  10. Only keep an eye of protein and calories. Protein often too low so top up with whey. Fats / carbs don't care, just keep diet sensible and healthy. Reality is that I consume lots more carbs than fats. Fats are healthy ones though.
  11. First DNP Run.

    Even at peak saturation, I found this. Just wears you down gradually. It is a poison after all. 3 weeks max I'd say. Can always have another run at it later on
  12. 1st Cutting Cycle

    Should be pretty easy to cut at that age without gear
  13. Depends, obviously there has to be a limit due to age. You any 40+yo olympic weightlifters. The average meddling winning age is 26 What I am referring to is an average linear progression over years and years. That is simply not possible, Age and the decline of the body will take effect Are you continually getting stronger and what age are you?