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  1. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Explain how to do them correctly please?
  2. Where do you buy your sups ?

    Any pics of him?
  3. Are you gay if you like trans?

    But would she approve of a she male more or less than you banging or being banged by a he male
  4. Other forums for men

  5. What's the best gym you've ever been to, and why?

    My lockdown home gym of some stretchy bands and couple of chairs to dips on is serving me well, with the added bonus of being able to poo or wank whenever i need to. Toilet is only across the hallway too
  6. LEGIT natties only

    My understanding,he said at the time that he couldn't lift the weight properly.. proceeded to litteraly not lift the weight properly No lie No fake Would still suck his natty dick
  7. Fragrance

    Go to a shop that sells some fragrances Smell some fragrances and see which ones you like Buy the one/s you like
  8. How much would you pay for this motorbike?

    Curvy/carby sv was my first bike. Would love another, they are so much fun One for sale I'd pay 800 - 1000 for that at a guess
  9. I (one) legged it from a bar once due to a very sore knee.. got a bit freaked out by the working woman who was paying me more attention than I am used to
  10. Aubrey's been getting about

    How are Brian and Amber getting on, I've been been dying to ask you that btw
  11. Or... they've spent some time as someone's girlfriend in prison
  12. Adult meltdowns you've seen....

    I've had to restrain a woman before several times, had a knife intended for me first and then herself. She made sure to scream load enough for the neighbours to believe I was the aggressor, knowing full well the police would take her side too Eventually she'd give up and go to sleep. Also had to barricade doors to srop her playing in traffic, hide knives and dangerous items when in that mood There's no limit to the crazy once it starts. Knowledge a man won't strike back, society and law is on their side
  13. Back to gym or stick to home workout?

    Oh no I'll be pinned down helpless and vulnerable
  14. Back to gym or stick to home workout?

    I reckon if a slot booking or even queuing system is in place it'll be a total pain and not worthwhile even trying to go unless you're happy to turn up between say 2am and 5am Which fits in fine around my shifts so that's what I'll do
  15. BLM Riots in the UK

    No need for statue.. just stand the manlet on a box (doesn't he stand on one anyway?) near a river.. people will flock to pay their respects
  16. Noticed a lot of racists on here..

    There has never ever been a lesser need for a gay version of a site than this one sweetheart
  17. Hallucinating from vape

    Agreed Only drug I've ever only done once and thrown the rest away
  18. 2020 worst year ever ?

    Strong AF username to post correlation
  19. Grow calves

    Don't be black
  20. White Shaming

    Maybe brick work will be a bit s**t but just imagine how good the sandwiches will be