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  1. @kitsa needing a cuggle from his mummy after that post
  2. Radiation exposure similar to Corona symptoms

    You're a c**t too!
  3. Radiation exposure similar to Corona symptoms

    I'm a selfish c**t x
  4. Prince Charles out and recovered?!

    22 year old brother of someone I work with is sick with it Very ill. No previous known concerns. Probably won't die but having the whole respirator intensive care gubbins Was a surpise to me (and him I expext) as I thought only certain people were vulnerable
  5. Radiation exposure similar to Corona symptoms

    Some moron at work was litteraly saying this last night.. kept on about how it's the biggest conspiracy of our time I tried to keep a straight face Then had to pretend I didn't hear him
  6. Radiation exposure similar to Corona symptoms

    Was no covid19 before 5G Coincidence?
  7. Who's got a drone?

    I built a race style one Battery last 2 or 3 mins when you're ripping Carry more batteries Crash long before it runs out anyway
  8. The bumming gloves are off!

    LethgayUK literally typing like this
  9. The people saying its just a cold and a conspiracy etc are clearly the ones spreading it still... people are actually dying because of these ignorant morons
  10. Dinner nearly ready as soon as your home

    Bite marks can't be wiped