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  1. Nexus Test 300 cruising

    I literally couldn't walk from the pip off this, absolutely crippled me. I'm fine with their sust though, zero pip...
  2. What labs ?

    Yeah it's crazy, I think i'm actually getting quite good results. Which I never expected tbh. It was more of a TRT thing. But as you say i've been strangely good with my diet and training too. I'm begining to think on high test i'm just an erratic bastard and get carried away trying to bulk as much as possible. I generally end up looking fat and watery because I eat too much, eat too much of the wrong stuff and I can't tolerate ai's either so do get a bit puffy too. Think i've found my sweet spot! Another weird thing i've noticed is that my gyno has gone, I didn't have it badly, but at certain times my nips would just look a bit puffy, and get a moob on lol. Even when I was off everything. But now they have been fine... I guess maybe at this dose I get the right ratio between T and E or something.
  3. What labs ?

    I'm on 200mg Nexus sust at mo. It's honestly feeling great at this dose. Don't think I will go above 200/250pw of test ever again. I will occasionally add other things I think. Maybe give Anavar a go in the summer if all this lockdown has calmed down soon
  4. Nolva has made me feel a bit gloomy in the past, I also seem to get a bit impatient and snappy on it.
  5. Niceone thanks mate, i'm usually ok on 250pw of test. But 500 and I deffinately get e2 issues. Just always had a hard time getting my ai dose right as always end up crashing my e2 and feeling like s**t. I think the 250/400 would be the right choice, thanks
  6. I want to give Nandrolone another shot. I got terrible acne on npp last time, but I had been on test for a while and had let my estrogen get a little high and was a bit puffy before I added the npp, I think the high e was the problem. Thinking of either 250mg sust pw 400mg deca pw Or... 500mg sust pw 400mg deca pw I would also like to add proviron instead of masteron. Would 50mg pd be a good enough dose of dht?
  7. M1T

    With it affecting DHT, would jumping on trt and maybe adding proviron not help? I know you don't wanna play with your hormones anymore, but you sound pretty desperate to get back to your old self (I don't blame you) Sorry you're going through this mate.
  8. M1T

    I've heard loads of guys that have had the exact same experience. I looked into taking it myself but got warned well away. Can be devestating to some it seems.
  9. Deca - who rates it ?

    Yeah i'm pretty sure it was high estrogen levels, then adding the npp that triggered it. I'm going to start a 500mg pw sust cycle soon, so going to wait till the test is in full swing, make sure my estrogen is in control with minimal aromasin and add in 200mg deca pw. Might even split the shots into 100 twice pw with my sust shots. Hopefully if that goes ok I will up the dose of deca.
  10. Towels bulking log

    I'm 6'2 and 95kg and you look a good 10kg heavier than me lol How often are you pinning this tpp/npp?
  11. Deca - who rates it ?

    Yeah I was pretty bloated up off the test before hand, I dont mind high e levels tbh when i'm just running test. But maybe when you add the Nandrolone ontop of high t and high e it just has that reaction? I'm so so tempted to give it another try as it's the heaviest and best i've ever looked. Was blown away by the difference tbh. Might get on a 500 test cycle and add a tiny bit of aromasin, and only add the npp/deca if im not blowing up with water and have a neck as wide as my head haha Only trouble is, every time i've tried an ai I have totally crashed my estrogen and feel like absolute shite. Not used tren yet, it scares me a bit tbh. Plus i'm already a hot sweaty bastard all the time thats also prone to insomnia, so it would probably suck for me lol
  12. Deca - who rates it ?

    Started when I was on yeah, maybe after 3 weeks or something, but then dropped the npp and just kept the test. Honestly it wasn't good. Had a good amount of pimples all over my face and a few big bumps on my cheeks that were like dark purple/black Wondering if low dose deca would be any better, just worries with the long ester, if it happened again it would last even longer I was only doing 300mg pw of npp split into 2 shots.
  13. Deca - who rates it ?

    Just test at 500mg pw with no ai
  14. Deca - who rates it ?

    Anyone else get bad acne on Nandrolone? I've only used npp once for about 5 weeks. I absolutely loved the rapid changes in my physique... Gave me a much denser look and felt super strong. But as people have said I was kind of a moody douchebag and got horrific acne on my face, back, shoulders and arms. Probably took about 12 months to fully clear up too, it was pretty horrific. Anyone got any tips to avoid this side effect as I loved it other than that. I can only imagine the results if I could have stayed on 2 or 3 times longer. Could it have been estrogen related? I had been on test for a while first and maybe let my e get a bit high (didn't cause me many issues with just the test) but when I added npp, boom... Terrible acne
  15. Cycling on nebido

    Yeah but if you were just running dbol/tren or whatever else with no test, your natty test would be shutdown. But if you're on nebido/trt, then you will always have a good healthy test level, plus whatever you add.