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  1. Dallas Mccarver

    What's the point in speculating why he died? Just wait until an official announcement comes out and stop gossiping like a girl.
  2. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    A bit, depends how sensitive you are to stimulants. Some days I felt overly buzzed.
  3. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    Yeah it's intense mate. Just for energy and appetite suppression on low calorie days that's all.
  4. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    RS3 mate. Old school is too grindy for my short attention span.
  5. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    I used to play when I was a kid and passed my account on to my little brother who still plays and is the highest level possible and has about £3,000 worth of gold on the account. I just bash it casually in between jobs and emails, the nostalgia value alone is great.
  6. Windows 7 vs Windows 10

    I'm on Windows 10 now, not too keen on it. I miss Windows XP to be honest, that was the GOAT operating system IMO.
  7. Arnold still the best

    Men's physique and classic physique are more in line with that kind of look if that's what you prefer. Open BB and 212 is just as much size as possible with striated glutes, I doubt many people aspire to look like that themselves, they probably just like it for the freak factor.
  8. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    Been doing a bit of Runescape lately, proper blast from the past.
  9. Arnold still the best

    Arnold wouldn't even nearly qualify for the Olympia open class today, never mind placing. Was quality in his day though.
  10. Looks alright to me, good luck with it mate.
  11. FelonE Year Long Bulk Log.

    Don't you think it's mad how the recommended serving size for Krave cereal is 30g and we can easily see off 5-7 times that in one go without batting an eyelid..
  12. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    Average around 191lbs in decent nick at 5'6 at the moment, no shows done or planned mate I just do it for fun really TBH.
  13. Ross1991's Bulking Log

    Man like Ross!