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  1. I mean you're not just going to be able to take a compound and suddenly have an aesthetic physique. It's mainly down to your genetics. Whether that be your muscle bellies, proportions, symmetry or skin. You can take all the Tren in the world but if you've got a naturally blocky waist, high bicep insertions and your skin flares up with acne after every pin then you're pretty much destined to look like s**t forever. That being said, if you do have decent genetics, you're probably going to be better off with dry compounds. A bit of Tren/Mast/Var.
  2. Me and my current Mrs are both decent looking. My ex was a 4/10 and friends/family used to tell me she’s punching. I think girls can date up and most guys have to date down because women have pickings of the market nowadays.
  3. Ditching office job for bar work?

    It’s it office work in general that you don’t like, this particular office job or this particular office job now you’re skating on thin ice? I don’t think I could be bothered with bar work myself, the money is on the lower end and you’ll likely miss your weekends.
  4. Yep I was enjoying wrestling and felt like it was improving my cardio massively but it caused a new injury every week. Anything that involves more than one person on a stationary piece of equipment is miles more enjoyable.
  5. It’s hard to stick to cardio consistently. I tried using the prowler for cardio yesterday rather than sitting on a stationary bike bored out of my mind for half an hour, it was decent. Had me gasping for breath within minutes and hit my upper legs really well.
  6. Cheers mate. I’m only two pins deep in to the amber nectar so far so I’m hoping to improve a fair bit over the next couple of months. You definitely look better when you’re leaner. Just find a balance between looking good and feeling good.
  7. Cheers fam. Should improve massively within the next few weeks when the Skittles kick in properly.
  8. Started lifting weights and consuming protein again a few weeks ago.
  9. No. It might earn you more respect from forum-posting steroid users but girls don't really care. In fact, most girls think that guys who spend hours upon hours in the gym and count their calories are losers.
  10. My journey to 5% body fat

    He's probably 10-12% in that picture. With the amount of muscle you have at the moment, you'd end up looking like Christian Bale in The Machinist at 5% body fat.
  11. My journey to 5% body fat

    I understand trying to get a lean base prior to bulking but do you have any idea how lean 5% body fat is and how awful you'd feel mentally and physically as a natural at that level of leanness?
  12. Naan means bread so you're actually saying bread bread when you're calling it naan bread.
  13. AestheticManlet's New Log

    Better safe than sorry, our kid. Good luck with the mini cycle. I’ll be watching from afar.
  14. AestheticManlet's New Log

    Thought your doses/usage was getting a bit overboard when I skimmed through one of your other logs recently, good thing you're reigning it in a bit. Being healthy is way more important than having a few pounds of extra muscle mass. What were the health issues?